Blue Area, Islamabad: Perks and Amenities

Blue Area Islamabad is a well-known central commercial and business district in the heart of the capital. Initially established in 1965 as part of an expansion project for the city, the area comprises a commercial centre, diplomatic enclave, and government buildings.

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The Blue Area has no residential areas, which makes it entirely a commercial and corporate hub. The area is known as the “Blue Area” since it was depicted in blue in the city’s original design (master plan)., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features perks and amenities you need to know about Blue Area, Islamabad.


Location of Blue Area Islamabad

The Blue area, Islamabad runs alongside a 2-kilometre long road, known as Jinnah Avenue, an arterial road leading to the D-chowk and the central government buildings. The area is dispersed on Jinnah Avenue and covers key areas of the city, including the F6, F7, F8, G6, G7, and G8 sectors.

Jinnah Avenue is the primary arterial road of the capital, with several metro stations making Blue Area the perfect location for commercial activities.

Important buildings include the Saudi Pak tower, the Islamabad Stock exchange, and countless other crucial organisations. In addition, the area features the Centaurus Mall at one end and key government buildings at the other.

It is distinguished by clean, broad roadways and tall structures set against a backdrop of panoramic greenery. There are also a number of restaurants, bakeries, corporate offices, schools, hospitals, and clinics in the Blue Area.


Distance to other localities

The distance to other localities from Blue Area is mentioned below.

  • 4 minutes drive from Sector F-7 to Blue Area, Islamabad
  • 5-minute drive to reach Sector F-6 from Blue Area, Islamabad 
  • 6-minutes drive to reach G-6, Islamabad 
  • 8-minute drive to Saidpur from Blue Area, Islamabad
  • 9-minutes drive to reach Faisal Mosque from Blue Area, Islamabad
  • 10- minutes drive to reach G-8 from Blue Area, Islamabad 
  • 11 minutes drive to reach F-8 from Blue Area, Islamabad
  • 14 minutes drive from F-10 to the blue area, Islamabad
  • 15 minutes drive to get to Lake View Park from Blue Area, Islamabad 

Blue Area Islamabad Directions: Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Property Trends in Blue Area

Since Blue Area is a commercial hub, it doesn’t comprise residential properties. The area attracts a lot of visitors due to its well-designed infrastructure of commercial spaces.

Blue area cates several shops from electronics to clothing stores. The area was met by several developments after foreign direct investments were made by investors.

The price trends of properties in this area are quite expensive. Below are the prices of commercial properties in the blue area:


Offices and shops Prices in Blue Area

SizeSale Price 
160 Square Feet Rs  65 Lakh – 65 Lakh
200 Square FeetRs 1.65 Crore – 1.65 Crore
258 Square FeetRs 1.1 Crore – 1.1 Crore

SizeRent  Price 
250 Square FeetRs  70 Thousand – 75 Thousand
500 Square FeetRs 40 Thousand – 45 Thousand
600 Square FeetRs 1 Lakh – 1.50 Lakh

Buildings Prices in Blue Area

SizeRent Price 
1 KanalRs 10 Lakh – 15 Lakh
3 KanalRs 13 Lakh – 15 Lakh
5 KanalRs  90 Lakh – 94 Lakh
8 KanalRs 4.20 Crore – 4.38 Crore


Buildings Prices in Blue Area

SizeSale Price 
1 KanalRs 1.3 Billon – 3 Billion
3 KanalRs 8.4 Crore – 8.5 Crore
5 KanalRs 6.7 Crore – 6.9 Crore
8 KanalRs 14 Crore – 15 Crore

Perks and Amenities in Blue Area


Mall in Blue area


Blue Area remains a popular shopping hub because of the variety that it offers, along with the added convenience of being located in the centre of many key sectors of the city. Furthermore, some outdoor sports and adventure sports complexes can also be found in the vicinity.

The well-constructed roads running across Blue Area, and Islamabad are covered with trees on both sides. Moreover, several upscale parks are also located nearby, adding more value to the contemporary area.


Transportation Availability

Metro station blue area


Metro bus service is the most preferred way of commuting amongst the working class, especially the ones residing in the far-flung areas and suburbs of Islamabad.

As mentioned earlier, Blue Area is home to numerous corporate offices. Therefore, during daylight hours, metro buses are crowded with office workers. 

There are three metro stations in the Blue Area: 

  1. Stock Exchange
  2. 7th Avenue
  3. Shaheed-e-Millat

There are few others in the surrounding areas, including PIMS, Katchery, Parade Ground, and Pak Secretariat. 

Restaurants in Blue Area, Islamabad


Jahangir Restaurant in blue area


Blue Area Islamabad is a place that is known for its corporate offices and IT companies. With that being said, the place also has some of the best restaurants in Islamabad

The list of restaurants in Blue Area Islamabad includes all kinds of foods. Many international franchises have opened their shops in Blue Area Islamabad. At the same time, you can also find local eateries that provide quality food at affordable prices.

Here is a list of top restaurants in Blue Area Islamabad:

  • Savour Foods
  • Tehzeeb Bakers
  • Bravo Foods
  • Salt n Pepper
  • Khoka Khola
  • Meraki
  • Asian Wok
  • Usmania Restaurant
  • Dragon City Chinese Restaurant
  • Bolan Saltish Sajji

Hospitals & Clinics in Blue Area, Islamabad


kulsum-international-hospital blue area


Access to medical facilities is important near your residency, and residents of the surrounding sectors have access to such amenities in the blue area. Many hospitals and clinics in this area provide high-quality medical services and treatments to their patients.

Following is the list of hospitals and clinics in the Blue Area:

  • Kulsum International Hospital
  • Polyclinic Hospital
  • Abid Hospital
  • Dr. Zarina Khan & Dr. Naeem Khan Clinic
  • Capital Diagnostic Clinics Blue Area
  • Jahangir Eye Hospital
  • CDA Hospital 
  • Ali Medical Center 

Mosques in Blue Area, Islamabad

Mosques are often the focal point of Muslim communities and provide a space for people to come together to offer prayer. 

Blue Area is home to several mosques that serve the local population’s needs. Some of these mosques are:

  • Jamia Masjid Al-Rehman
  • Masjid Syedna Siddiq-e-Akbar
  • Beverly Centre Mosque
  • Jamia Madni Mosque
  • Usman-e-Ghani Masjid

Educational Institutes in Blue Area, Islamabad

Blue Area is mainly a commercial area, majorly occupied by corporate offices and restaurants. Therefore, there are not many educational institutes in this area.

However, the area is still home to some prestigious and well-known schools and colleges in Islamabad. Punjab Colleges, the largest education network in Pakistan, has its branch in Blue Area.

Following are some of the well-known educational institutes in the Blue Area:

  • Punjab College of Science
  • School of Business and Management
  • Mentorus
  • Al-Karam International
  • ICD & SCS
  • Punjab College of Science on Fazl-Ul-Haq Road in Category G-6/2
  • Indus Group of Colleges in Blue Area G-7/3
  • Federal Medical Dental College for Women in G-7/3
  • FG Margalla College for Women in -Street 62 near F-7/4
  • Federal Government College for women F-7/2 on College Road on F-7/2

Gyms in Blue Area, Islamabad

If you are one of those people who exercise regularly, then this place is perfect for you, as there are a lot of Gyms in this area. Some of the well-known gyms in the Blue Area are,

  • Fitness Lounge – Blue Area
  • Studio 8
  • The Gym
  • VIP Fitness

Given the above-mentioned perks and amenities in blue area Islamabad, you can find the finest range of shops and plazas available in this sector as per your needs.

If you’re looking for more information on Islamabad and its best sectors, follow our blog at Graana Blog.

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