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Browsing through the real estate market of Pakistan had never been made easier. – Pakistan’s first online marketplace is unfolding convenience for the people looking for a hassle-free real estate experience. What people used to achieve through tedious and tiring conventional methods of selling, buying, and renting a property is now reduced to few taps on mobile –courtesy Graana App.  

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Graana App

Graana App is creating ripples in the real estate sector of Pakistan by providing avenues of convenience for the individuals looking to Sell, Buy, Rent or Rent Out their properties with zero effort anywhere in Pakistan. The users can easily download Graana App from Google Play Store, or App Store and browse through the real estate market of Pakistan.

Once downloaded, the Graana App becomes self-explanatory because of its user-friendly interface. At very first sight, the Graana app displays the categories of services offered by Each category is divided into ‘Sell’, ‘Buy’, ‘Rent’, and ‘Rent Out’ services for fast business transactions. Once a category is selected, either for buying, selling, or renting a property a window will be displayed with various filters from which various specifications depending on one’s need can be selected.


Buy and Rent

Since Graana App covers the real estate market of the whole of Pakistan, a user will have to select different filters depending on its search. When a user wants to ‘Buy’ or ‘Rent’ a property he/she will have to enter information related to the city and the location he/she is searching for. Similarly, an individual will have to enter the price range and ‘property type’ for narrowing down the research. Moreover, the size of the property is also to be entered for further filtering the search. The users can select dwellings for ‘buying’ and ‘renting’ by reviewing the images, price specifications, and making a decision based on its requirements based on market variations and new happenings, on daily basis update listings for the satisfaction of the customers and keeps them updated about the changing prices of the dwellings.

Moreover, for further assistance ‘Graana Guru’ will contact the property to seek to provide the proper guidance and assistance which will enable the seller to grab a better insight into the prevailing market conditions. Graana Gurus are the professionals of the real estate sector who have a complete insight into the real estate market and based on their analysis they provide the best advice to sellers to get maximum returns on their returns.


Sell and Rent Out

Furthermore, another unique feature of the Graana App is that it allows users to Sell, and Rent Out the properties by connecting with millions of purchasers and tenants through a simplified procedure. All the user has to do is log in to the Graana App by providing credentials and enter the details of the property with clear images along with a contact number for giving a unique input to millions of browsers. 

The services of ‘Graana Gurus’ are also extended to this feature so that the seller can have a complete outlook of the real estate market which in return would help him to gauge the potential of its asset and the returns which he will get on its asset in the future. 



Furthermore, Graana App also provides numerous opportunities to investors looking to invest in mega projects of Pakistan. The megaprojects offered on the Graana App pass through the ‘OADD’ criteria set by to increase the credibility and provide the investors with a secure platform for their investments. Investors can invest in major projects like Amazon Outlet Mall, Golf Floras, Mall of Arabia, and Imarat Builders Mall.


The ‘Wanted’ Feature

The ‘Wanted’ feature of the Graana App is a more direct and quick way to tap the real estate sector of Pakistan. A user can easily pave its way to searching the property by filling in the form in accordance with one’s needs. Once filled and submitted, the experts of the real estate sector from will once again approach the user and provide comprehensive assistance. 

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