CDA Allots 157 Government Accommodations in Islamabad Through Balloting

Capital Development Authority Building

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allotted 157 government accommodations. These allotments were made based on the General Waiting List. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) services were also enlisted to ensure transparency in the process. According to the General Waiting List, this was the fifth round of allotment for government accommodations.

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Details reveal that in the computerized balloting, 57 accommodations of Category A, 38 of Category B, 25 of Category C, and 17 of Category D were allotted, while 20 government accommodations of Category E were also allotted. These government accommodations have been distributed across sectors G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, G-10, G-11, including F-6. In total, 157 government accommodations have been allotted.

The administrative department of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) allotted all government accommodations according to the General Waiting List. Prior to this, the list of all categories was uploaded on the CDA website to ensure transparency. To address objections raised against the General Waiting List, a committee was formed under the supervision of Director-General, which included Directors HRD-I, HRD-II, and DF-II.

They thoroughly scrutinized objections raised on this General Waiting List and provided affected employees and officers with an opportunity to be heard. After a thorough investigation, the General Waiting List was finalized. This balloting was held at CDA headquarters on Wednesday.

The balloting was conducted under the supervision of experts from NADRA. On this occasion, a large number of CDA officials, including representatives from the CBA, were present.

The Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) stated that such initiatives will continue for the welfare and well-being of the officers and employees working in the organization, and providing them with the best facilities remains a top priority for the current administration.

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