CDA and Various NGOs Organize Seminar and Walk for Earth Day

CDA on Earth Day 2024

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) collaborated with various city welfare organizations to hold a seminar and awareness walk in G-8 Markaz for Earth Day.

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Representatives from CDA, Pak Mission Society (PMS), and Full Gospel Assembly Church Islamabad provided awareness on energy conservation, environmental pollution, and mitigation strategies. Sector G-8 traders also participated and pledged their cooperation.

The seminar aimed to raise public awareness about energy saving and reducing unnecessary plastic use to combat environmental pollution. Earth Day is celebrated worldwide, including in Pakistan, where lights are often switched off for an hour during peak hours. The day’s purpose is to raise awareness about environmental pollution and encourage energy conservation.

According to details, during the seminar held on Monday, the CDA’s Senior Directorate of Sanitation, along with relevant officials, provided information about CDA’s initiatives to keep the city clean and urged citizens to cooperate. The CDA’s Director of Public Relations also expressed full cooperation. During the seminar, representatives of PMS and EPA informed about research and actions related to controlling environmental pollution.

Many citizens were present at the occasion. The importance of green areas and tree plantation to combat environmental pollution was highlighted. Similarly, emphasis was placed on the importance of disposing waste in designated places and utilizing garbage trucks to keep the city clean and beautiful. In order to control environmental pollution, tree plantation was also carried out by the participants at the event.

After the conclusion of the seminar, a special event was organized to encourage energy conservation, cleanliness, and to eliminate environmental pollution. A large number of citizens enthusiastically participated, collecting garbage on designated routes and disposing it in garbage trucks, sending a message to the public on how environmental pollution can be controlled.

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