How To Use Chatbots For a Better Customer Experience

chatbots help with better customer experience

Artificial intelligence, or AI, may appear to be a far-off phenomenon of the future, but according to common studies, 63 percent of individuals are unaware that they are currently utilising Artificial intelligence.

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Chatbots, which are rudimentary AIs with branching logic that can be programmed to answer client requests, are a popular kind of AI that people have started utilising – both as customers and as companies.

If it appears that using robots would drive customers away, remember that 48 percent of customers are already comfortable with bot-assisted interactions, and 71 percent say they would be willing to use a bot if it meant a better customer experience. This blog tries to highlight how to use chatbots for a better customer experience.

How Chatbots Help With Customer Experience


chatbots can help automate business


Chatbots are a revolutionary piece of tech that can help with automating customer service. In the real estate industry, customer service often has to face redundant questions – something which automation can help reduce the burden on customer service. Listed below are ways in which chatbots can help with customer experience.

Speedy Customer Support

Chatbots can help deliver high-quality customer service for a fraction of the cost. Chatbots have pre-programmed responses for commonly asked questions. Since these responses are machine-generated they are incredibly quick. When someone asks a question that is commonly asked, it’s almost as fast as a google search.

They offer an alternative to other methods of customer service like a call centre or shopfront. Most customers these days expect businesses to offer messaging support that is instantaneous.

Instantaneous Response

Chatbots have the advantage of instant responses. Chatbots, due to the nature of their programming, respond as soon as the question is typed since they are generated by a neural engine or a repository of information that is stored in memory.

Customers these days want quick responses. Chatbots help alleviate that problem by handling frequently asked questions and reducing the burden on the main support team. Chatbots can handle multiple customers simultaneously. This reduces customer wait times and customer satisfaction goes up.

Reduced Wait Times

The average customer demands a wait time of fewer than 5 seconds. Long wait times are well-known as a common source of customer annoyance since customers want quick answers.

Chatbots for a better customer experience can help with this component of the client’s journey. Regardless of the sort of query, a chatbot is always present to help clients right away, whether it’s by providing a quick solution or redirecting them to a human agent who is better prepared to assist them.

Alleviate Customer Service Pressures

Customer Support Staff are alleviated the anxiety that comes with juggling low priority issues and higher-priority issues that require more attention. When chatbots are taught to answer typical customer enquiries and deliver speedy solutions. In fact, 43% of firms said they implemented chatbots to save time by providing automated customer assistance.

Customer service reps may then focus on high-impact, time-sensitive issues, while chatbots handle common everyday queries like stating your business’s hours of operation.

Detailed Business Insights


business analytics are provided by chatbots for a better customer experience


A chatbot can provide valuable data regarding the user experience that can help with strategic decisions. They can help identify bottlenecks and which queries are asked the most to help you update your FAQ more accurately. It can also help you redesign the user experience to be more in tune with your customers.

Chatbots can also offer valuable foresight into the future so customer issues can be resolved before they arise as chatbot data can help you see issues when they are building in real-time.

Customer Service Is Always Ready

Customer service is available round the clock. If a customer wants to ask at what time you operate late at night, you do not have to dedicate a staff member for the night. A chatbot is available all the time for common queries making sure that every customer has the relevant information. The chatbot also notifies the support staff to get back to you if it could not completely resolve your issue.

Lead Generation

Chatbots can collect and store data. This can help with lead generation. Chatbots for a better customer experience can help with storing data and analysing why customers leave and also generate leads on customers acquiring their services. Chatbots can help store data and maintain a repository of likes and dislikes; this helps gauge audiences better.

Chatbots can ask questions from the prospective clients and then based on the responses direct them to a closer that can close the lead effectively. AI will continue to get better. These bots will eventually get more personal and descriptive in terms of their responses.

Programming a Chatbot

A chatbot can be made for WhatsApp or Facebook and many other popular platforms. Chatbots do not require programming and can be created on Chatcompose which is a chatbot creating platform. These feature templates can then be programmed to be scripted according to how a customer usually responds to your business.

A number is assigned to the chatbot and then it is hosted on a database and then it is ready to go. Usually, WhatsApp chatbots are common and there is a wealth of knowledge online to help you curate your bot according to your specific needs. Then you can monitor your chatbot and fine-tune it to better suit your needs.

You don’t need to hire a programmer, instead, you can dedicate a weekend to learning how chatbots work and design one yourself. This will help you understand how your chatbot works and you can save yourself some money.

Chatbots for a better customer experience are a great way to automate customer service that can help lift the burden of your team. It is a great way to salvage customer data for useful insights. This technology will continue to get better. It will eventually learn to automate the normal responses to a degree that no human interaction will be required.

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