List of Top Call Centres in Lahore

Top Call Centres in Lahore

Lahore, a bustling city in Pakistan, hosts a dynamic landscape of businesses, and within its vibrant market, numerous call centres have established their presence. These call centres in Lahore serve a diverse range of industries, encompassing customer support, telemarketing, and IT support. Fuelled by a large and skilled workforce, Lahore has become an appealing hub for businesses looking to operate efficient and effective call centre operations.  

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These call centres in Lahore aren’t confined to a singular industry; instead, they span a diverse range, catering to needs in customer support, telemarketing, and IT support. The city has evolved into a hub for businesses seeking efficient and effective call centre operations. It draws strength from its vast and highly skilled workforce. has compiled a blog about call centres in Lahore, where it uncovers the interconnected web of businesses, services, and the city’s pivotal role in shaping the future of call centre operations. Whether you’re a business enthusiast, a professional seeking opportunity, or simply curious about the city’s economic dynamics, there’s much to discover within Lahore’s business realm. 


Services Provided by Call Centers in Lahore 


Services Provided by Call Centers in Lahore 

Call centres in Lahore play a crucial role in providing a diverse array of services across industries. These service offerings are designed to enhance customer experience, streamline business operations, and foster efficient communication. Here are some key services commonly provided by call centres in Lahore: 


Customer Support 

  • Addressing customer queries and concerns. 
  • Helping with product or service-related issues. 
  • Offering technical support and troubleshooting. 


  • Conducting outbound calls for sales and promotional purposes. 
  • Generating leads and acquiring new customers. 
  • Conducting surveys and market research. 

Inbound Sales 

Inbound Sales 
  • Handling incoming calls for product or service inquiries. 
  • Processing orders and facilitating sales transactions. 
  • Cross-selling or upselling additional products or services. 

IT Support 

  • Resolving technical issues and providing IT help desk support. 
  • Assisting with software and hardware-related problems. 
  • Offering remote troubleshooting and solutions. 

Virtual Receptionist Services 

  • Managing incoming calls and directing them to the appropriate departments. 
  • Offering personalized and professional greetings. 
  • Handling basic inquiries to streamline communication flow. 

These services showcase the versatility of call centres in meeting the varied needs of businesses and their customers. From resolving issues to driving sales, call centres play a pivotal role in fostering positive interactions and ensuring operational efficiency. 


Top Call Centers in Lahore 

The following are the top 6 call centres in Lahore: 

Company NameLocationServices Provided
Swift Tech BPOMM Alam Road, Lahore, Punjab, PakistanList building, lead generation, appointment setting, sales, direct email marketing, chat support
iConceptsPakistan, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, WorldwideVoice, Email, Live Chat support, sales pitching, customer support
Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLCDelaware, USLive Chat, Phone, Email Support, Virtual Assistant services
Trans Global ServicesLahore, PakistanCustomer Support, Digital Marketing, IT Support, Web Development, Telemarketing, Live Chat Support, Appointment Setting, Email Support
Ibex GlobalGlobal presence with 34 facilitiesBPO, digital marketing, customer engagement solutions, leveraging Wave X platform
Collab BPOUSA, CanadaChat support, virtual assistant services, web development


Swift Tech BPO 

Swift Tech BPO, a thriving business process optimization company headquartered at MM Alam Road, Lahore, Punjab, is making waves in the Information Technology & Services industry. With a global reach, the company specialises in a range of professional services. It includes list building, lead generation, appointment setting, sales, direct email marketing, and chat support. 

Guided by the core principles of trust, quality, and responsibility, Swift Tech BPO is on a mission to redefine the business experience. The company envisions transforming the challenges of entrepreneurship into a source of pleasure. It is ensuring that running a business not only brings financial success but also joy. With an ambitious goal of helping businesses join the coveted 10% that succeed, Swift Tech BPO emphasises the importance of quality over quantity.

Established in 2014 as a partnership, Swift Tech BPO boasts a team of 11-50 dedicated employees. The company’s specialties encompass a wide array of services, including acquisition specialists, e-mail and chat support, real estate virtual assistants, cold callers, virtual assistants, social media page handlers, software house services, call centre operations, call support, communications, telemarketing, and digital marketing. 

Prospective clients and partners can explore Swift Tech BPO’s offerings and discover how the company’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction sets it apart.  





iConcepts is a distinguished call centre specialising in comprehensive before, during, and after-sale services. It helps in managing customer interactions across various communication channels such as Voice, Email, and Live Chat. As a direct-to-consumer service provider, iConceps excels in pitching sales and providing steadfast customer support to businesses of all sizes. 

Drawing on years of experience in customer service, iConcepts integrates customer care ethics into its facility. It makes it the go-to expert for those seeking communication-related BPO services. Established in 2008, our 60-seat call centre is a powerhouse in BPO, KPO, RPO, and IT-enabled services. It is offering outsourcing processes driven by information technology. 

Serving companies in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and worldwide, it blends process expertise, BPO, KPO, RPO, IT, and analytical capabilities across industries to deliver a wide range of services. 

In the Call Center industry, their primary focus includes Data Validation, Data Analysis, Marketing, Promotions, Surveys, and Inbound/Outbound Call Centre services in the Energy, Telecom, and Utilities sectors.  


Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLC 


Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLC 


Established in 2010, it is a reputable BPO service provider based in Delaware, US. With a core mission to alleviate the administrative burden for clients globally, the company has built a strong track record of reliability and efficiency. Operating as a Limited Liability Company, Digitech is committed to delivering services in compliance with international ISO standards and various legal regulations. 

Having collaborated with over 200 clients and currently managing 35 projects, Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLC is consistently achieving 100% productive results. The company offers a range of outsourcing solutions, including Live Chat, Phone, Email Support, and Virtual Assistant services.

These services make it a versatile partner for businesses seeking streamlined and efficient processes. With over 100 agents available to handle additional traffic, Digitech is poised to continue its dedication to client success and satisfaction. 


Trans Global Services

Trans Global Services

Trans Global Services is a leading global customer services provider, specializing in outsourcing non-revenue generating departments. The team of qualified professionals offers a range of services, including Customer Support, Digital Marketing, IT Support, Web Development, and Telemarketing. Clients worldwide trust Trans Global Services for its unwavering commitment to quality, security, and 24/7 customer satisfaction.

The diverse portfolio of services includes Inbound and Outbound Call Support, Live Chat Support, Appointment Setting, Email Support, Telemarketing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and IT Support. Additionally, Trans Global Services operates a cutting-edge Call Center in Lahore, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Positioned as a reliable partner for outsourcing needs, Trans Global Services delivers top-notch services, playing a crucial role in propelling businesses forward. 


Ibex Global 


Ibex Global 

Ibex stands as a top provider of BPO, digital marketing, and customer engagement solutions. With a focus on facilitating businesses in acquiring and retaining customers, Ibex has a global presence with 34 facilities. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, including the Wave X platform, the company enhances customer experiences across diverse industries such as retail, e-commerce, healthcare, fintech, utilities, and logistics.

Ibex is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the business process outsourcing landscape. With a dedication to smart solutions, Ibex continues to play a crucial role in reshaping customer engagement strategies globally.

Boasting a global workforce exceeding 35,000 employees, Ibex strategically manages nearly 200 million critical customer interactions annually, contributing over $2.2 billion in lifetime customer revenue. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its significant impact in the outsourcing and offshoring consulting industry. Explore their offerings and expertise on for a deeper understanding of their global impact. 


Collab BPO 

Collab BPO, an innovative outsourcing firm, emerged from humble beginnings on a rooftop corner with a visionary commitment to excellence. This dynamic company has swiftly expanded its influence beyond borders, establishing a reputation for outstanding services in the USA and Canada.

Operating from a dedicated office space today, Collab BPO embodies a journey rooted in passion, dedication, and trust. The company’s in-house team, marked by expertise and creativity, specialises in delivering exceptional chat support, virtual assistant services, and web development. 

Collab BPO’s service portfolio spans a spectrum of offerings. It includes top-notch chat support, comprehensive virtual assistant services, and cutting-edge web development. Clients benefit from the company’s commitment to excellence, underlining Collab BPO as a reliable partner in outsourcing solutions. 



Lahore’s business landscape thrives with the presence of dynamic call centres. These call centres are offering a diverse range of services from customer support to telemarketing and IT assistance. Fuelled by a robust and skilled workforce, these call centres have transformed Lahore into an attractive destination for businesses seeking efficient and effective operations.  

Lahore’s top call centers, including Swift Tech BPO, iConcepts, and Collab BPO, showcase global expertise. They handle tasks from process optimization to customer service, highlighting Lahore’s adaptability. In the evolving business landscape, Lahore emerges as an innovative hub for call center solutions.

The city promises a fertile ground for exploration and growth in this dynamic sector. With industry leaders at the helm, Lahore stands poised for continued excellence in the global business arena.

This is all about top call centres in Lahore, for more information visit Graana blog. 

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