Cricket Super League: Propsure Panthers roar victory

The Propsure Panthers emerged victorious in the final cricket match, grabbing the ‘champions’ title of the Cricket Super League, organised by Graana Cricket Club.

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The tournament,  under the Graana Clubs initiative, was being played at National Cricket Ground, F-7 Islamabad.

The tournament kicked off with a match between the Graana Warriors and Propsure Panthers, where the latter emerged victorious, beating the Graana warriors in the first match.

The second match of the tournament was played between Imarat Hawks and Agency Gladiators. While batting first, Agency Gladiators set the target of 83, which was achieved by the Imarat Hawks, qualifying for the finals.

In the final match, Imarat Hawks gave a target of 92 runs in the first innings of the tournament. PropSure Panthers chased the target in a nerve-wracking match to lift the title of the tournament.

The panthers lifted the trophy for winning the tournament while Imarat Hawks were awarded the runner-ups trophy of the tournament.

This was followed by awards being handed out to the best performers of the tournament.

The closed company tournament witnessed a massive turnout of employees, who rooted till the end of the tournament, hyping their respective teams to win.


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