Digitising Real Estate Rental Services: Graana x IIPS

Digitising Real Estate Rental Services: Graana x IIPS

Tired of searching for your dream rental but coming up empty-handed? Finding the perfect place can be a struggle, especially with the recent rise in rental costs and the tiring traditional process. This is where digitising real estate rental services comes in handy!

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In this blog, Graana.com has teamed up with the Imarat Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS) to explore the potential of the digital future of rentals in Pakistan. This guide will help many who are hesitant to rely on online rental services and educate tenants and property owners on their benefits. 


What is Digitising Real Estate Rental Services?


Digital rental services in Pakistan

According to a Household Integrated Economic Survey (HIES), the average rental price for houses increased by 6.13% in 2022. With a growing market, renting property became tedious, involving a lot of legwork, paperwork, and uncertainty.  

Digitising real estate rental services transforms the renting experience by leveraging technology. It involves virtual property search, exploration, and application processes for renting real estate. But what exactly is digitising real estate rental services? Launching a digital transformation in the real estate sector of Pakistan helps property owners and tenants alike. Let’s break it down.


What do Digitising Real Estate Rental Services Entail for Tenants?

In Pakistan, digitising real estate rental services is helping many trying to rent a space. These are some of the things online renting services entail for tenants. 


Online Listings and Search


listing of rental property online

Most people who are looking to rent a property conduct their search via newspapers, ads, and word-of-mouth. Digitising real estate rental services, like digital land records, introduces comprehensive online listings, including: 

  • Detailed descriptions
  • High-quality pictures
  • Virtual tours of available properties.

This allows tenants to search for their ideal place based on specific criteria. These criteria can include location, price range, amenities, and property type, all from the comfort of their couch.


Streamlined Applications and Screening

Digital platforms offer a convenient way to submit applications and supporting documents electronically. This can even include features like: 

  • Online background checks
  • Reference verification
  • Streamlining the screening process for both tenants and landlords.


Transparent Agreements and Secure Signatures


Agreements for property rent

Gone are the days of printing, signing, and scanning bulky paper contracts. Countries like Germany, UAE, the USA, and India are digitizing real estate rental services. Because of the rapid availability of online services, rental agreements are readily available. These agreements are ready to review and can be electronically signed by all parties, ensuring a secure and efficient process.


Effortless Rent Payments

Say goodbye to the hassle of cash or checks. Digital rental services offer secure online payment options via apps or dedicated platforms. Tenants can set up automatic transfers for rent payments, eliminating the risk of lost or misplaced checks and ensuring timely payments for landlords. 


Improved Communication and Management Tools

Secure online messaging systems become the new norm for communication between tenants and landlords. This allows tenants to submit maintenance requests, track repair progress, and access important property documents electronically, creating a more transparent and responsive communication channel.


For Property Owners: Enhanced Management and Wider Reach


benefits of digitsiing rental services

Digitising real estate rental services entails the following benefits for landlords.


Efficient Property Management

Landlords gain access to digital tools that simplify property management. This can include features for tenant screening, online application tracking, communication tools, and online rent collection systems, saving them valuable time and resources.


Wider Pool of Potential Tenants

Furthermore, digital platforms allow landlords to reach a much wider pool of potential tenants. These people actively search online for rental properties, maximising the chances of finding qualified renters quickly. This eliminates the limitations of traditional methods like newspaper ads or local agents.


Data-Driven Decisions

Additionally, access to data and analytics on rental trends in their area becomes a powerful asset for landlords. This information can help them set competitive rental prices, understand market demand, and make informed decisions about their properties.


Reduced Paperwork

Digital tools eliminate the need for mountains of paper applications, agreements, and documents. Everything is stored and managed electronically, saving time and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced paperwork. 

Digitising real estate rental services offers a glimpse into a future where finding a rental property is no longer daunting. It streamlines the entire process for tenants and landlords, promoting efficiency, transparency, and convenience.  


Challenges of Conventional Rental Services


Stress of finding the right place the conventional way

Before we discuss how digitising real estate rental services can revolutionise renting in Pakistan, let’s consider some challenges of the traditional process. 


Challenges For Tenants

  • Time-Consuming: Finding a suitable property often involves visiting numerous locations, attending open houses, and meeting landlords multiple times. This can be a huge time commitment, especially for busy individuals.
  • Limited Options: Finding the perfect place can be difficult with limited list access. Traditionally, people rely on word-of-mouth, local agents, or newspaper ads, which might not offer a comprehensive view of the rental market.
  • Lack of Transparency: Information about properties might be incomplete or inaccurate. Tenants may not have access to details crucial for making an informed decision, like rental history, maintenance responsibilities, or neighbourhood amenities.
  • Inefficient Communication: Communication with landlords can be slow and frustrating, often requiring phone calls, texts, or in-person meetings to address questions or concerns.
  • Paperwork Hassle: Moreover, the rental process typically involves a lot of physical paperwork, which can be easily lost or damaged.


Challenges For Landlords


Gain potential tenants with the help of digitizing real estate rental services
  • Finding Reliable Tenants: Screening potential tenants can be challenging, leading to the risk of bad renters who damage property or don’t pay rent on time.
  • Limited Marketing Reach: Relying on traditional methods like newspaper ads or local agents may not reach a wide enough pool of potential tenants, making it challenging to find qualified renters quickly.
  • Time-consuming Management: Managing applications, scheduling viewings, and collecting rent can be time-consuming, especially for landlords with multiple properties.
  • Difficulty Tracking Applications and Documents: Tracking paper applications, reference checks, and other documents can be disorganised and prone to errors.


Overall Drawbacks

  • Lack of Security: Cash payments and paper agreements leave room for fraud or misunderstandings.
  • Inefficiency: The whole process is slow and inefficient, wasting time and resources for both parties.
  • Limited Flexibility: Scheduling viewings and managing the rental process can be inflexible, especially for people with busy schedules.

These drawbacks highlight the need for digitising real estate rental services in Pakistan.


Digitising Real Estate Rental Services: Revolutionising Pakistan


online property rental services in Pakistan

The Pakistani rental market is growing, but the traditional methods of finding a place to live can be slow, frustrating, and sometimes risky. This is where digital rental services come in! Imagine a world where finding your dream apartment or managing your rental property is just a few clicks away.

Let’s explore ways the government can use digital tools to create a more transparent and efficient rental experience for everyone.


Online Tenancy Contracts: Protecting Rights

Gone are the days of worrying about lost paperwork or unclear lease terms. Digital rental services can access online tenancy contracts through government websites or mobile apps. These standardised agreements will clearly outline the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, helping prevent disputes and ensure a smooth rental experience.


Here’s how it works

  • Tenants, landlords, or property management companies can easily complete the online form. The form will collect key information such as tenant details, property details, and contract terms (rental period, rent amount, payment method).
  • Both parties can review and electronically sign the agreement, ensuring a secure and documented process.
  • Renewing a lease is now easy! Tenants can fill out a renewal form and electronically submit any necessary documents.



  • Reduced Disputes: Clear and standardised agreements minimise confusion and disagreements.
  • Improved Transparency: Both parties have easy access to the contract terms.
  • Enhanced Security: Electronically signed documents provide a reliable record of the agreement.


Efficient Contract Cancellation

Moving out? Digital rental services can simplify the contract cancellation process. When a tenant vacates the property, the landlord or property management company can cancel the contract electronically. This allows the property to be re-advertised quickly and ensures a smooth transition for everyone involved.


Here’s a look at the advantages

  • Faster Turnaround: Quicker cancellation frees up the property for new tenants.
  • Reduced Risk: Clear documentation protects both parties from future claims.
  • Improved Efficiency: Online cancellation saves time and eliminates unnecessary paperwork.


Comparison with the Current System

Currently, cancelling a tenancy contract often relies on the tenant taking the initiative, potentially delaying the process for the landlord. Digital services streamline this process and ensure clear communication for both parties.


Property Valuation at Your Fingertips


Man handling a house prop in hand

Finding the right rental price can be tricky. Digital services can offer online property valuation tools that help determine a property’s fair market value. This information empowers both tenants and landlords to make informed decisions.


How it works

  • Tenants can use the online tool to compare rental prices of similar properties in their desired area. This helps them determine if the rent they are considering is fair.
  • Landlords can also use the tool to estimate their property’s rental value accurately. This information can help them set competitive rental rates to attract qualified tenants.



  • Fair Market Value: Tenants can avoid overpaying for rent, and landlords can maximise their rental income.
  • Informed Decisions: Both parties have access to data-driven insights for better negotiation.
  • Increased Transparency: Rental prices become more transparent based on market conditions.

All in all, digitising real estate rental services has the potential to revolutionise the Pakistani rental market by promoting transparency, efficiency, and security. By implementing these innovative solutions, the government can create a win-win situation for tenants and landlords, making the rental process smoother and more secure for everyone.


Advantages of Digitising Real Estate Rental Services


property technology

The world is going digital, and the real estate sector is no exception. Digitising rental services benefits tenants and landlords, making the entire process smoother, faster, and more secure. Here’s how:


Goodbye Paperwork, Hello Efficiency

Forget endless forms and piles of documents! Online applications allow tenants to submit their information electronically, often with the option for integrated background checks or reference verification. Landlords can review applications quickly and efficiently, saving everyone time and hassle.


Effortless Rent Payments

Say goodbye to late payments and scrambling for checks. Digital rental services offer secure online payment options via apps or dedicated platforms. Tenants can set up automatic transfers for rent, ensuring timely payments and peace of mind for landlords. No more worrying about lost checks or delayed transfers.


A Wider Net for Both Sides

Finding the perfect rental can be a challenge. Digital platforms offer a vast online marketplace with detailed property listings featuring photos, virtual tours, and specific search filters. Tenants can find their dream home based on location, price range, amenities, and more, all from the comfort of their couch. Landlords can reach a much wider pool of potential tenants actively searching online, quickly increasing their chances of finding qualified renters.


Increased Transparency and Communication


How to Hire a Property Manager in Pakistan

Communication breakdowns can frustrate both tenants and landlords. Digital platforms provide secure online messaging systems that facilitate easy communication. Tenants can submit maintenance requests, track repair progress, and access important property documents electronically. Landlords can respond to inquiries promptly and address issues efficiently.


Data-Driven Decisions for Landlords

Digital platforms offer valuable data and analytics on rental trends in specific areas. Landlords can use this information to set competitive rental prices, understand market demand, and make informed decisions about their properties. This data empowers landlords to maximise their rental income and attract the right tenants.

The benefits of digitising real estate rental services go beyond convenience. Digital platforms can enhance security by streamlining processes and reducing reliance on cash payments. Additionally, they can help reduce fraud and ensure a more transparent rental market for everyone. As the real estate sector embraces digital solutions, the rental journey will become more efficient and stress-free for tenants and landlords.


Digitising Real Estate Rental Services With IIPS



The Pakistani real estate market is transforming significantly, particularly the rental sector. The increasing popularity of digital solutions drives this change, and a key player in this evolution is the Imarat Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS). Let’s explore how this non-profit organisation is helping to digitise rental services in Pakistan.


A Foundation of Research and Analysis

IIPS isn’t just jumping on the digital bandwagon. They bring a strong foundation of research and analysis to the table. Recognising the importance of effective policy design for national progress, IIPS focuses on evidence-based solutions tailored to Pakistan’s specific needs. One of their areas of focus is the real estate sector, which plays a crucial role in the country’s economy.


Revolutionising Rental Agreements:

One of the biggest hurdles in digitising real estate rental services is ensuring fair and secure tenancy contracts. IIPS takes the lead in this area by:

  • Researching and Creating Clear Tenant-Landlord Contracts: The institute conducts thorough research to understand the needs of both tenants and landlords. This research develops clear, comprehensive, and fair tenancy contracts.
  • Closing Loopholes for a Secure Future: Traditional contracts often contain loopholes that can lead to disputes. IIPS works to create watertight contracts that protect the rights of both parties and minimise the risk of misunderstandings.
  • Data-Driven Solutions for Balanced Agreements: The institute leverages data analysis to ensure contracts are balanced and reflect current market trends. This approach helps to establish fair rental prices and set realistic expectations for tenants and landlords alike.


Beyond Contracts: Building a Digital Ecosystem

While creating fair contracts is crucial, IIPS recognises the need for a broader digital ecosystem. Here’s how they are contributing:

  • Policy Advocacy for Digital Adoption: By advocating for government policies that support digitalising rental services, IIPS is helping to create an enabling environment for technological innovation in the real estate sector.
  • Data Sharing and Transparency: The institute plays a vital role in collecting and analysing data on rental trends. They share this data with stakeholders, promoting transparency and enabling informed decision-making.
  • Collaboration with Private and Public Entities: IIPS collaborates with private companies and government agencies to develop and implement digital rental solutions. This approach ensures that solutions are practical, user-friendly, and address real-world needs.


The Ripple Effect: Benefits for Everyone


IMARAT Advisory Services

Digitising rental services, supported by IIPS’s efforts, offers a wave of benefits for everyone involved:

  • Tenants: They gain access to a broader range of rental options through online platforms. Digital contracts ensure clarity and security, and online applications and payments streamline the process.
  • Landlords: They can reach a larger pool of potential tenants by listing their properties online. Digital tools help manage applications, collect rent efficiently, and track maintenance requests.
  • Market Stability: Transparency and data-driven approaches contribute to a more stable rental market with predictable trends and fair pricing.

Digitising real estate rental services in Pakistan is a game-changer, and IIPS is at the forefront of this movement. By promoting fair contracts, advocating for supportive policies, and fostering data-driven solutions, IIPS is helping to create a more transparent, efficient, and secure rental environment for all stakeholders. This, in turn, contributes to the overall growth and development of Pakistan’s real estate sector.



The global shift towards digital solutions is revolutionising the real estate sector, and Pakistan’s rental market stands to gain significantly. Digitising real estate rentals services offers efficient property management for landlords and enhances transparency and security for tenants. 

Technology provides tenants with detailed property information and aids in property valuation. Moreover, the ongoing digital transformation promises a more efficient, transparent, and secure rental experience. Organisations like the Imarat Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS), are paving the way for a prosperous rental market.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Digitising Rental Services in Pakistan


What are the biggest challenges of the traditional rental process in Pakistan?

Traditional methods involve time-consuming searches, limited options, unclear communication, and a reliance on paper, which can be inefficient and prone to errors.


What are the core benefits of digitising rental services?

For tenants, it means more comprehensive options, online applications, secure contracts, and effortless rent payments. Landlords benefit from a larger pool of potential tenants, efficient management tools, and data-driven decision-making.


How does IIPS contribute to digitising rental services?

IIPS conducts research, creates fair tenancy contracts, advocates for supportive policies, and promotes data sharing and transparency in the market.


What role do online platforms play in the digital rental experience?

These platforms provide online listings, search filters, communication channels, and secure payment options, streamlining the entire process for both parties.


How do digital rental services ensure secure transactions?

Digital contracts with electronic signatures provide a secure record of agreements. Online payment methods eliminate the risk of lost checks or cash handling.


Will digitising rentals eliminate the need for real estate agents?

Not necessarily. While digital platforms offer greater convenience, some may still prefer the personalised assistance of agents for negotiations or specific needs.


What are the potential drawbacks of digitising the rental market?

Unequal access to technology could create a digital divide, and robust cybersecurity measures are crucial to protect user data.


How can tenants ensure they are using reputable digital rental platforms?

Look for platforms with a strong track record, secure payment gateways, and clear user reviews. Be cautious of unrealistic listings or deals that seem too good to be true.


What are some additional benefits of digitising the rental market?

It can potentially reduce fraud, improve access to rental history data, and create a more standardised and efficient rental ecosystem.


What does the future hold for digital rental services in Pakistan?

As technology evolves, we can expect even more innovative solutions, including integrating smart home devices, virtual reality tours, and AI-powered recommendations for ideal properties.

For more information on digitising real estate rental services, visit  Graana blog.  

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