Embassies in Islamabad: Contact Information, Address & More

Islamabad is home to numerous embassies that serve as a representation of their respective countries and provide a variety of services to the local citizens. 

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These embassies play a crucial role in boosting political, economic, and cultural ties between Pakistan and the countries they represent. Whether you’re a citizen of Pakistan or just visiting the country, these embassies are available to provide you with the assistance and support you need.

Graana.com has outlined a  list of some of the major embassies in Islamabad.

An Overview of the Diplomatic Enclave


Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad entrance


Located in the capital city, the Diplomatic Enclave houses the diplomatic missions of several countries. It was established in the 1980s as a secure and centralised location for foreign missions, and it is now considered one of the most prestigious addresses in the city.

The Diplomatic Enclave provides easy access to the city’s many cultural and business centres. It offers its residents a range of amenities and services, including supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and other facilities. It is also known for its high level of security to ensure the safety of the diplomats and their families.

The streets are lined with high walls, and outside access is strictly controlled for the citizens’ privacy. Its central location, high level of security, and amenities make it a sought-after destination for diplomats.

The Function of Embassies

Embassies perform a variety of functions to support their citizens and promote their interests abroad. Some of these include:

Consular Services

Embassies provide a range of consular services to their citizens, such as issuing visas, renewing passports, providing notary services, and helping with emergencies such as the loss of a passport or arrest.

Political Representation

They serve as the primary channel of communication between the host country and their home country, and they provide political representation by advocating for their country’s interests, promoting bilateral relations, and reporting on political and economic developments in the host country.

Cultural Promotion

Embassies promote their country’s culture and heritage by organising cultural events, exhibitions, and language classes. This helps foster understanding and goodwill between the two countries and promotes cultural exchange.

Economic Cooperation

They also promote economic cooperation between their home country and the host country by providing information about trade and investment opportunities, helping businesses establish partnerships, and organising trade fairs and exhibitions.

Consular Protection

Embassies provide protection and assistance to their citizens in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, civil unrest, or a personal crisis. This can include assistance in obtaining medical treatment, evacuation from a crisis-stricken area, or assistance in repatriating a deceased citizen.

These are just some of the many functions performed by embassies in Islamabad and other cities around the world. By working to support their citizens and promote their interests abroad, embassies play a critical role in maintaining strong and positive relationships between nations.


List of Major Embassies in Islamabad


flags of Embassies in Islamabad


There are 87 embassies and high commissions in Pakistan, along with 75 consulates. A total of 79 embassies and high commissions are located in Islamabad.

Following is the list of embassies in Islamabad, with their contact details:


Embassy of the United States of America

The U.S. embassy in Islamabad is one of the largest and most significant embassies in the city. It offers a wide range of services, including visa services, and consular assistance. Additionally, they organise cultural events.

Contact Details

Address: Ramna 5, Diplomatic Enclave 

Phone: +92-51-2080000 

Email: islamabadconsular@state.gov

Embassy of China

The Chinese embassy in Islamabad serves as a cornerstone of the relationship between China and Pakistan, working to enhance cooperation and understanding between the two nations. In addition, it promotes Chinese culture through different cultural events and exhibitions. 

Contact Details

Address:  Ramna 4, Diplomatic Enclave

Phone: +92-51-2829800 

Email: chinaemb_pk@mfa.gov.cn

Embassy of the United Kingdom

The British embassy in Islamabad, one of the most significant embassies in the city, is committed to serving the people of Pakistan and supporting their needs. It works to foster and strengthen business relationships between the two countries.

Contact Details

Address: Ramna 5, Diplomatic Enclave

Phone: +92-51-2012300 

Email: islamabad.enquiries@fco.gov.uk


Embassy of France

From providing consular assistance to processing visas, the embassy offers a range of services to individuals and organisations. It also promotes French culture through traditional events and exhibitions, helping to deepen the relationship between the two nations.

Contact Details

Address: Diplomatic Enclave, G-5

Phone: +92-51-2827880 

Email: info.islamabad-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr


Embassy of Russia

In Islamabad, the Russian embassy provides a range of services, including visa services, consular assistance. The embassy also plays a significant role in promoting economic and cultural ties between Russia and Pakistan.

Contact Details

Address: Diplomatic Enclave, Sector G-5

Phone: +92-51-2278134 

Email: rusembisb@hotmail.com

Embassy of Japan

The Japanese embassy in Islamabad is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between Japan and Pakistan. It offers visa processing and consular services to support this goal, and hosts traditional events and exhibitions to promote Japanese culture in Pakistan. 

Contact Details

Address: Plot No. 38, Diplomatic Enclave 2

Phone: +92-51-2600980

Email: info@islamabad.emb-japan.go.jp

Embassy of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Islamabad is committed to fostering strong ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in multiple fields, including economics and culture.

As the official representative of the Saudi government in Pakistan, the embassy provides a variety of services, such as visa processing and consular assistance, to facilitate these relationships. 

Contact Details

Address: Diplomatic Enclave, G-5

Phone: +92-51-2823796

Email: pakistanto@mofa.gov.sa

Embassy of Turkey

The Turkish embassy in Islamabad provides visa services as well as consular assistance. Cultural programs are also organised by the embassy. Additionally, it works closely with Turkish businesses to help them establish a presence in Pakistan and promote economic and cultural ties between the two countries.

Contact Details

Address: Diplomatic Enclave, G-5

Phone: +92-51-2827737

Email: islamabad.be@mfa.gov.tr

Embassy of Iran

The embassy of Iran in Islamabad plays a crucial role in fostering the relationship between Iran and Pakistan. As the official representative of the Iranian government, the embassy offers a wide range of services including consular assistance, and visa processing.

These program aim to promote the ties between the two countries in various fields including politics, economics, and culture.

Contact Details

Address: No. 40, Diplomatic Enclave 2

Phone: +92-51-2827112

Email: info@iranembassy.org.pk

Embassy of South Korea

The embassy of South Korea in Islamabad is dedicated to fostering economic and traditional relations between South Korea and Pakistan. It offers visa services, consular aid and unite with South Korean businesses to help them expand into the Pakistani market.

Contact Details

Address: No. 3, Mauve Area, Diplomatic Enclave 1

Phone: +92-51-2273366

Email: pakistan@mofa.go.kr

Embassy of Sweden

The embassy of Sweden in Islamabad is the official representative office of the Swedish government in Pakistan. It provides consular services to Swedish citizens, promotes bilateral relations between the two countries, and supports Swedish interests and values such as human rights and sustainable development in the region. 

Contact Details

Address: House No. 6, Street No. 84, F-6/3

Phone: +92 51 207 26 00

Email: ambassaden.islamabad@gov.se

Embassy of Italy

The embassy of Italy acts as the official representative of the Italian government in a foreign nation. Its main duties include protecting the interests of Italy and its citizens, offering consular services to Italian citizens, and giving visas to non-Italian citizens in the host country.

Contact Details

Address: Plot 196/208, Street 17, G-5, Diplomatic Enclave

Phone: (+92) 51 283 3183 to 87

Email: urp.islamabad@esteri.it, amb.islamabad@cert.esteri.it


Embassies & High Commissions In Pakistan

The table below lists the embassies and high commissions located in Islamabad.


Sr. No.Country
11Bosnia and Herzegovina
18Czech Republic
25Holy See
36Korea (Democratic Republic)
37Korea (Republic)
41Libya – Islamabad
59Saudi Arabia
61South Africa 
63Sri Lanka 
74United Arab Emirates 
75United Kingdom
76United States


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