List of Embassies and Consulates in Karachi

With evolving global relationships, embassies and consulates play a major role in strengthening ties between any two countries. 

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An embassy is the representative of a particular country in a foreign country. Working under a diplomatic mission, the embassy aims at achieving certain goals in the host country. The following are important functions of an embassy:


  • Protect its citizens and the interest of its country
  • Support prosperity 
  • Arrange socialising events
  • Work for educational scholarships
  • Maintain development and cooperation between two states
  • Help to maintain political, social, and economic ties
  • Provide visa and passport renewal facilities

Pakistan has developed key relationships with all the countries of the world except Israel. For that reason, Pakistan hosts several ambassadors and consulate generals from all over the world. Embassies are located in Islamabad; however, consulate generals are also present in the major cities of Pakistan, such as Karachi and Lahore., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, presents the list of embassies and consulates in Karachi with their addresses and contacts.

List of Embassies and Consulates in Karachi


Collection of Flags of Countries


Karachi, being the metropolitan city of Pakistan, has many consulate offices. The following is a list of all the consulate offices located there:








Afghanistan 35821261
USA Consulate-General (021) 520.4200

INTERNATIONAL: +92.21.520.4200

Bahrain (021) 5342971

INTERNATIONAL: +92215342971

British Deputy High Commission (021) 5827000

INTERNATIONAL: +92215827000

China (021) 5874266

INTERNATIONAL: +92215874266

Denmark Consulate-GeneralLOCAL: (021) 5873732

INTERNATIONAL: +92215873732

France (021) 5873797

INTERNATIONAL: +92215873797

Germany (021) 5873782

INTERNATIONAL: +92215873782

Indonesia LOCAL: (021) 5874619

INTERNATIONAL: +92215874619

Iran Consulate-GeneralLOCAL: (021) 5874371

INTERNATIONAL: +92.215874371

Italy Consulate-Generalsegreteria.karachi@esteri.itLOCAL: (021) 5870031

INTERNATIONAL: +92215870031

Japan Consulate-GeneralLOCAL: (021) 5220800

INTERNATIONAL: +92215220800

Kuwait Consulate-GeneralLOCAL: (021) 5369230

INTERNATIONAL: +92215369230

Kyrgyzstan ConsulateLOCAL: (021) 5374447

INTERNATIONAL: +92215374447

Oman (021) 35309795

INTERNATIONAL: +922135309795

Qatar (021) 5862171

INTERNATIONAL: +92215862171



LOCAL: (021) 5860265

INTERNATIONAL: +92215860265

Saudi Arabia Consulate-GeneralLOCAL: (021) 5841154

INTERNATIONAL: +92215841154

Sri Lanka (021) 5346576

INTERNATIONAL: +92215346576

Switzerland Consulate-Generalkar.vertretung@eda.admin.chLOCAL: (021) 5873987

INTERNATIONAL: +92215873987

Thailand Consulate-Generalthaikhi@mfa.go.thLOCAL: (021) 5874417

INTERNATIONAL: +92215874417

Turkey (021) 35874334

INTERNATIONAL: +922135874334


Afghanistan Consulate-General

Playing an important role in the peace mission of Afghanistan, the consulate in Karachi has been vital in conducting meetings of official delegates of several countries. Moreover, to help ease problems for Afghan migrants across the country, especially in Karachi, the Afghanistan consulate has been providing financial and social aid.

Address: ST-26, Block 5 Clifton, Karachi, Sindh 75600


The Consulate General of the United States


U.S Consulate Compound Karachi


“The Consulate General of the United States is the diplomatic mission of the United States in Sindh and Balochistan provinces.”  

To ensure strong relationships between Pakistan and the United States, the consulate coordinates directly with the U.S embassy in Islamabad, as well as in Peshawar and Lahore.

Since the start of the Afghan war, the U.S Consulate in Karachi has played an important role. From providing aid to the victims of war and arranging official sessions for peace talks to maintaining positive relations between Afghanistan and the United States of America, this consulate has been crucial.

Moreover, it is providing visa facilities to the citizens of Pakistan who want to travel to the United States of America.

Address: Consulate General of the United States of America, 3,4,5 New TPX Area, Mai Kolachi Road, Karachi


Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China

China has been a strategic partner of Pakistan since 1947. Working with the Chinese diplomatic mission under the Chinese ambassador, the Chinese consulate has helped strengthen the ties between Pakistan and China. Moreover, with the arrival of more Chinese nationals in Pakistan due to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the consulate has extended its domain of services.

From passport renewal and visa services to arranging diplomatic sessions between the delegates of two countries, the consulate is vital to the long-standing ties between Pakistan and China.

Address: St. 20, Block 4, Clifton Karachi, Pakistan


British Deputy High Commission

The British Deputy High Commission in Karachi works under the British Diplomatic Mission to maintain the bilateral ties between the two countries. It arranges educational conferences and helps Pakistani students in getting sponsored by British universities.

It hosts delegates from various countries around the world and plays its role in maintaining peace and cooperation. The British Deputy High Commission also arranges a number of important documents for Pakistani and British nationals.

Address: R29H+27W, Block 5 Clifton, Karachi, Sindh 75600


Consulate General of France

As part of their diplomatic mission, the Consulate General of France takes a major part in educational activities across Pakistan. With a major focus on strengthening ties between the two countries, it works closely with the foreign ministry of Pakistan.

Address: R2MJ+Q5Q, Bath Island, Karachi, Sindh 75600


Turkish Consulate General

Pakistan and Turkey share a common culture and enjoy healthy ties. Turkey is considered one of the best tourist destinations and that is why thousands of Pakistanis visit Turkey each year. Moreover, Turkey has some of the best universities in the world. Pakistani students seeking higher education also go to Turkey on student visas.

The Turkish Consulate General in Karachi helps Pakistani nationals with visa services and also helps them in the scholarship process. It arranges various educational activities and hosts official delegates.

Address: Turkish Consulate General 29-A Khayaban-e-Hafiz, Phase 5 DHA, Karachi


Other Embassies and Consulates in Karachi

Apart from the consulate generals, many countries have honorary consulates in Pakistan. These consulates do not perform typical duties but represent their country. The following is a list of countries that have honorary consulates in Pakistan:

Country Consulate E-Mail Contact
Austria Honorary Consulateislamabad-ob@bmeia.gv.atLOCAL: (021) 5877128

INTERNATIONAL: +92215877128

Belgium Honorary (021) 5872941

INTERNATIONAL: +92215872941

Canada Honorary Consulatehoncon@avari.comLOCAL: (021) 5610685

INTERNATIONAL: +92215610685

Netherlands Honorary (021) 35839623

INTERNATIONAL: +922135839623

Ecuador Honorary (021) 5833322

INTERNATIONAL: +92215833322

Finland Honorary ConsulateLOCAL: (021) 2428485

INTERNATIONAL: +92212428485

Latvia Honorary (021) 4548403

INTERNATIONAL: +92214548403

Madagascar Honorary Consulatemadagascarconsul@aol.comLOCAL: (021) 4983540

INTERNATIONAL: +92214983540

Malaysia (021) 5295618

INTERNATIONAL: +92215295618

Maldives Honorary (021) 2627945

INTERNATIONAL: +92212627945

Malta Honorary Consulatemaltaconsul.karachi@gov.mtLOCAL: (021) 5611005

INTERNATIONAL: +92215611005

Monaco Honorary (021) 5694987

INTERNATIONAL: +92215694987

Mozambique Honorary Consulates-tawab@cybernett.comLOCAL: (021) 34381014

INTERNATIONAL: +922134381014

New Zealand Honorary Consulatenzcgpk@fudda.orgLOCAL: (021) 35644740

INTERNATIONAL: +922135644740

Seychelles Honorary (021) 454.5912

INTERNATIONAL: +92214545912

Singapore Honorary (021) 5686419

INTERNATIONAL: +92215686419

Slovenia Honorary ConsulateLOCAL: (021) 5877457

INTERNATIONAL: +92215877457

Suriname Honorary ConsulateLOCAL: (021) 5867771

INTERNATIONAL: +92215867771


For more information about embassies and consulates in Karachi, visit Graana Blog


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