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Rawalpindi District Administration retrieves 4 kanal land worth Rs80mn

November 29, 2021

RAWALPINDI: While campaigning against encroachments, the Rawalpindi District Administration recovered four kanals of state-owned land worth Rs80 million. Under the supervision of the Assistant Commissioner and the relevant Revenue officers, the authority took action against illegal constructions on HMC Road in Taxila. Intensifying the campaign against illegal constructions, DC Rawalpindi[...]
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The Cost of Land Encroachments and anti-encroachment drives in Pakistan

November 25, 2021

Introduction Anti-encroachment drives against illegal housing and development projects have recently been making headlines in Pakistan. Land encroachment occurs when a property owner trespasses onto the nearby property by building or extending structures beyond its boundary. Land encroachment is common in Pakistan due to outdated physical surveys and demarcation of[...]
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The Role of Cadastral Mapping in identifying Encroachments and Illegal projects

November 22, 2021

Transforming real estate practices, ‘Cadastral Mapping’ is defined as a comprehensive system to highlights the boundaries of subdivisions of land, helps determine the property’s location, indicates its size and shape, and reveals geographic relationships that affect property valuation. This Digital technology was recently launched in three major Pakistan cities -[...]
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Cadastral mapping reveals land worth Rs5.59tr encroached; PM vows action

November 22, 2021

ISLAMABAD: After completing the first phase of cadastral mapping, Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed that state land worth around Rs5.59 trillion is encroached in a series of tweets.  In addition, the authorities have been directed to take strict action against the land mafia and all those involved.    The data[...]