Exploring the Defence Club Lahore 

Defence Club Lahore

Located in the heart of Lahore’s vibrant Defence Housing Authority, the Defence Clubs stand as a testament to the community’s commitment to enriching the lives of its residents. Sprouting across various phases of the housing authority, these clubs not only cater to the diverse needs of the resident community but also serve as vibrant spaces for social engagement and interaction.

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Join Graana.com as we embark on a journey to explore the multifaceted offerings of the Defence Clubs, where every visit promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. 


The Defence Club J-sec Lahore


The Defence Club J-sec (Phase-I)


Nestled within an expansive area of 74 Kanals, The Defence Club J-sec Lahore is a premier establishment that has been an integral part of the community since its inauguration in 1992. This distinguished club offers an array of facilities, combining leisure, dining, and entertainment in an exclusive setting. 



The culinary experience at the Defence Club J-sec Lahore is diverse and enticing. Members can indulge in a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Italian, and Moroccan dishes. The addition of a BBQ Lawn and a new BBQ Restaurant enhances the outdoor dining experience. For those seeking a more casual setting, there is a cosy Coffee Shop and a delightful Pastry Shop. 



Fitness enthusiasts will find an impressive array of sports facilities catering to various interests. The club features well-equipped Gyms for both Men and Ladies, inviting members to maintain an active lifestyle. Additionally, there are Swimming Pools for both genders, Squash Courts, a Badminton Court, a Card Room, and a Billiard Room. Outdoor sports lovers can enjoy 6 Grass and 2 Hard Courts for Lawn Tennis, as well as a challenging 9-Hole Mini Golf Course. 


Party Halls

The Defence Club J-sec (Phase-I) offers exceptional venues for hosting events and celebrations. The Golf View Hall accommodates up to 110 persons, providing a picturesque setting for special occasions. The Banquet Hall, with a capacity for 70 persons, is an elegant choice for intimate gatherings. The executive lounge on the 1st Floor can host 60 persons, while the sitting lounge on the Ground Floor comfortably accommodates 80-90 persons. 



Members can unwind and socialise in stylish and comfortable Lobbies, creating an inviting atmosphere. The library adds an intellectual touch, providing a quiet space for reading and study. Community Halls facilitate group activities and events, fostering a sense of community within the club. 


Guest Rooms

For those seeking a home away from home, The Defence Club J-sec (Phase-I) offers comfortable Guest Rooms. These well-appointed spaces ensure that visitors have a pleasant and relaxing stay. 



For inquiries, reservations, or membership information, please contact The Defence Club J-sec (Phase-I) at +924235723984 or +924235723985. 


The Def Club R-sec Lahore

Situated on a charming expanse of 19.25 Kanals, The Def Club R-sec (Phase-II) has been a beacon of refined entertainment since its establishment in 1995. After a strategic reorganisation and renaming in 2008, the club has continued to evolve, offering a blend of sophistication and recreation to its esteemed members. 



Indulge your palate in a delightful culinary journey at the Def Club R-sec (Phase-II). The Continental Restaurant promises a diverse menu catering to discerning tastes. The Coffee Shop provides a cosy atmosphere for casual get-togethers, while the BBQ Lawn adds a touch of outdoor charm to dining experiences. For those with a sweet tooth, the Pastry Shop and Pizza Shop offer delectable treats to satisfy every craving. 



Maintaining a commitment to health and fitness, The Def Club R-sec (Phase-II) provides state-of-the-art sports facilities. The Gym is equipped to meet the diverse needs of members, ensuring a well-rounded fitness experience. A Swimming Pool invites members to take a refreshing dip, while Squash Courts and Lawn Tennis (featuring 1 Hard Court and 2 Grass Courts) cater to racquet sports enthusiasts. 


Banquet Hall 

The Def Club R-Sec boasts a versatile Banquet Hall with a capacity of 80-90 persons, creating a perfect venue for celebrations, events, and social gatherings. The ambiance is tastefully designed to suit various occasions, ensuring a memorable experience for both hosts and guests. 


Lounge & Library 


Book shelves at British council library Karachi

The Sitting Lounge and Lobby areas provide a relaxed setting for members to unwind and socialise. Whether enjoying a quiet conversation or engaging in group activities, these spaces contribute to the club’s vibrant community atmosphere. The library adds an intellectual touch, providing a haven for book lovers and those seeking a tranquil environment for study or contemplation.


Contact Details 

For reservations, membership inquiries, or any additional information, please contact the Def Club R-sec (Phase-II) at +924235892143 or +924235746559. 


The Def Club F- Sec Lahore


The Def Club F- Sec (Phase-iv) 

Nestled on a sprawling 171 Kanals, The Def Club FF-Sec (Phase-IV) is a vision in progress, currently undergoing construction to become an epitome of luxury and leisure. This upcoming establishment promises to redefine recreational experiences for its members. 



Spanning an expansive 171 Kanals, The Def Club FF-Sec (Phase-IV) signifies a commitment to providing ample space for a wide range of recreational activities and facilities. 


Functioning Status 

As of now, The Def Club FF-Sec (Phase-IV) is under construction, gearing up to unveil a world-class recreational haven in the near future. 



The culinary offerings at The Def Club FF-Sec (Phase-IV) are set to be diverse and exquisite. Four distinct restaurants will cater to various tastes, complemented by the sizzling delights of a BBQ. A Coffee Shop and Pastry Shop will provide cosy spaces for members to unwind and enjoy delightful treats. 



The Def Club FF-Sec (Phase-IV) is committed to fostering an active and healthy lifestyle. The sports facilities include dedicated Gyms for both Ladies and Gents, Spa & Jacuzzi areas for relaxation, Swimming Pools for both genders, a specially designed Kids Pool, a Bowling Alley for recreational fun, a Card/Games Room for socialising, Squash Courts, Badminton Courts, and Tennis Courts. A Jogging Track ensures members can stay fit while enjoying the serene surroundings. 



For inquiries, updates, or membership information, feel free to reach The Def Club FF-Sec (Phase-IV) at +923108887024 or +923108887025. 


Defence Lemniscate Club Lahore

Nestled on a lush expanse of 24 Kanals, the Defence Lemniscate Club in Ex-Park View Phase-VIII is an upcoming haven for recreation and leisure. Currently under construction, this ambitious project aims to set new standards for club experiences in the region. 



Spread across 24 Kanals, the Defence Lemniscate Club promises a generous space to accommodate a wide array of facilities and activities. 


Start Function 

As of now, the club is under construction, eagerly anticipating its grand opening to introduce a world-class recreational environment. 



Indulge your culinary desires at Defence Lemniscate Club, where an array of dining options awaits. With a Restaurant boasting a seating capacity of 150, a cosy Coffee Shop for 35 patrons, a sizzling BBQ area for 150 guests, and a delightful Bakery/Pastry Shop, members are in for a treat. 



Stay active and engaged with the diverse sports facilities at the club. Equipped with Gyms for both Ladies and Gents, an Aerobic Studio for Ladies, a Billiards Room for those seeking a more relaxed pace, Tennis Courts featuring 1 Hard and 1 Grass court, a Football field for enthusiasts, a Jogging Track for fitness enthusiasts, and a Ladies Spa for relaxation. The Swimming Pool, catering to both Ladies and Gents, completes the comprehensive sports offerings. 


DHA Event Halls PH-V 

Welcome to the DHA Event Halls in Phase-V, a premier venue designed to elevate your events to new heights. With a strategic location in the heart of DHA, these event halls are set to redefine your celebration experience. 


Banquet Halls 

Experience grandeur in one of our three Banquet Halls, each with a capacity to accommodate up to 500 guests. These halls are meticulously designed to provide a perfect setting for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other special occasions. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of sophistication and seamless service, making your event truly memorable. 


Parking Facilities 

Your convenience is our priority. The DHA Event Halls offer extensive parking options to accommodate your guests. The underground parking facility can house up to 300 vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free arrival and departure experience. Additionally, an open space for 200 vehicles is available, offering flexibility for various event sizes. 



For inquiries, reservations, or to discuss your event requirements, please reach out to us at: 

Phone: +924237183123 

Phone: +924237183124 

This was all about Defence Clubs Lahore. For more information on other clubs like Golf Raya Cub Lahore, visit Graana.com. 

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