Famous Chairlifts in Pakistan

chair lift in Pakistan

Chairlifts in Pakistan are a popular option preferred to view the mountainous landscapes in the country. Since Pakistan is home to many scenic landscapes which are the centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world, chairlifts enable tourists to get a bird’s eye view of these mesmerising and scenic areas.

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Chairlifts are typically installed in mountainous areas with a fair elevation to get a complete view from above. This allows tourists to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Because of their location, the temperature is also cool and pleasant to spend your holidays.

Graana.com— Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a list of the most popular chairlifts in Pakistan that you should definitely pay a visit to.


Why Chairlifts are a Popular Tourist Attraction in Mountain Areas

Chairlifts were first invented to provide people with a faster and more convenient way to reach the summit of a mountain. This is especially useful for skiers who need to get to the top and back down.

However, over time, chairlifts became a popular tourist attraction due to the panoramic views they provide while transporting you to the mountain’s peak.

People in Pakistan enthusiastically choose chairlift rides to enjoy the scenic landscapes of mountains, along with the cool breeze.


Most Popular Chairlifts in Pakistan

When it comes to vacations, Pakistanis head to the north, where temperatures are relatively cooler. Furthermore, in addition to enjoying the weather, they will find a variety of exciting entertainment activities, including chairlifts.

The views from these chairlifts are spectacular, and the thrill of soaring above the ground is an experience not to be missed.

The top chairlifts to visit in Pakistan have been listed below.


Sr. No. Name of ChairliftLocationProvinceHeight
1Patriata ChairliftAyubiaKhyber Pakhtunkhwa7500 ft.
2Malam Jabba ChairliftMalam Jabba Ski ResortKhyber Pakhtunkhwa9,199 ft
3Arang Kel ChairliftNeelum Valley Azad Jammu Kashmir8,379 ft
4Pindi Point MurreeKhyber Pakhtunkhwa6709 ft.
5Ayubia ChairliftNew MurreeKhyber Pakhtunkhwa8000 ft. 
6.Abbottabad ChairliftNawanshahr, AbbottabadKhyber Pakhtunkhwa6000 ft. 


Patriata Chair Lift


Patriata chair lift and cable car in New Murree


Patriata, also known as New Murree, is a hill station in the Murree Hills. It is situated at the highest point in the area, at an elevation of 7,500 feet. Throughout the chairlift journey, the Patriata chairlift provides scenic views.

The snow-covered hills are beautiful in the winter, but the summer weather brings back the greenery and makes the area even more beautiful.

The ride lasts about 7 kilometres and takes you to the top, where you are rewarded with a breathtaking view. Moreover, because of its awe-inspiring views and mesmerising journey, the Patriata chairlift is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Murree.


Malam Jabba Chair Lift


the beautiful malam jabba chair lift in pakistan


Situated in the Swat Valley, Malam Jabba is Pakistan’s biggest ski resort. This resort is a very famous tourist destination, especially in winter, when people from all over the world come for skiing contests.

Malam Jabba chairlift is open for visitors all year round. People can easily utilise the chairlift to witness the stunning landscapes in Malam Jabba, whether it’s covered in white snow, or laced with green grass.

While the peak skiing season is from January to March, you can also visit the resort during the summer, as it has scenic hiking and trekking trails all around.
The views you will see from the Malam Jabba chairlift ride will reinforce your decision to visit this popular destination.


Arang Kel Chairlift in Pakistan


People riding the Arang kel chair lift in Ajk, Pakistan


Arang Kel is a beautiful village in Azad Jammu Kashmir. This wondrous hill station is accessible via a 3-hour trek from the town of Kel, which is one of the must-visit destinations in Azad Kashmir.

The Arang Kel chairlift will take you from Kel to Arang Kel with ease over a distance of one kilometre. From there, you can reach the summit with a short hike of just 30 minutes.


Pindi Point


scenic view of pindi point chair lift in murree


Pindi Point is a tourist attraction in the Murree Hills, located near Murree’s Mall Road.

It has a dedicated chairlift, known as the Pindi point chair lift, which can easily take you down 1.5 kilometres straight into Bansra Gali’s wildlife park. This park is one of the main attractions in the area.

The chairlift ride is surrounded by pine trees and provides views of the hiking trails below. After arriving at the park, tourists can enjoy time at the zoo where they get the opportunity to be up close with a variety of animals and birds before returning up the hill.


Ayubia Chairlift


Ayubia chair lift in winters


Ayubia Chairlift was named after the second President of Pakistan, Muhammad Ayub Khan.

Ayubia is a popular area located in the Nathiagali region, above Murree. It is one of the most popular areas visited by nearly 100,000 tourists every year.

You can find the famous Ayubia chair lift here, which is one of the oldest and very first chairlift instalments in the country.

A chairlift ride up to Mushkpuri summit takes you up to Ayubia. While you can hike to the summit, riding the chairlift through the forest for 1.5 kilometres has an undeniable charm.

The park is managed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department, and the best months to visit are May and June. When the monsoon season arrives, the weather becomes colder, and the park experiences heavy snowfall in the later months of the year.


Abbottabad Chair Lift


Abbottabad Chairlift in between the mountains in Abottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Abbottabad Chairlift is Pakistan’s largest chair lift, offering a serene and breathtaking view of the city’s beautiful canvas.
The chair lift runs from Abbottabad’s Township near Nawashehr all the way to Mera Rehmat Khan. The highest elevation point of the chairlift is around 6000 ft. high. The chairlift offers stunning views of the city and is a must-visit if you’re in Abbottabad.


The above-mentioned chairlifts are some of Pakistan’s most well-known and iconic chairlifts. Make the most of your opportunity to ride on one of these while visiting these popular tourist destinations.

These locations are not only an ideal weekend getaway but also the perfect holiday destination to visit with your friends and family.

For more blogs on the best places in Pakistan, visit Graana Blog.

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