Famous Places to Visit in Faisalabad

Famous Places to Visit in Faislabad

Faisalabad is a city with rich culture, history, and heritage. It is the third most populous city in Pakistan and Punjab’s second-largest city with many famous places to visit. Previously, the city was named after Sir Charles James Lyall, the British Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab who founded it in 1880. Until 1977, it was known as Lyallpur. It was later renamed in honor of the late Saudi king, Shah Faisal-bin-Abdul Aziz. . Graana.com brings you all the famous places to visit in Faisalabad.

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Faisalabad’s pervasive sociocultural differences make it a more inclusive city in terms of culture and further highlight its diversity. It was historically one of British India’s first planned cities, and it has since grown into a multiethnic metropolis. Faisalabad was reconstituted into a city district, a devolution enacted by a local government statute in 2001.

The Faisalabad has a total area of 5,856 kilometer squares. Over 10% of the GDP of Punjab comes from Faisalabad. Its major sectors are nevertheless agriculture and industry. Faisalabad has grown into a key industrial center. It has well-developed road, rail, and air networks. The city is sometimes referred to as the “Manchester of Pakistan” because of its strong textile industry. Faisalabad is also known as the “City of Textiles.” The city holds great cultural and historical significance.

Wandering through the famous places to visit in Faisalabad and exploring the city is nothing short of a great experience. You will be mesmerized by the vibe the city offers. Following are the famous places to visit in Faisalabad.

Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad

It is situated in the heart of the city. Sir Charles Riwaz, the British Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, founded the it in 1903. It is an incredible piece of architecture. But what makes this location special is not the clock tower , but rather how the British flag, the Union Jack, is formed when viewed from above. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Faisalabad.

Eight Bazaars

The eight bazaars surrounding the Ghanta Ghar are also a famous place to visit in Faisalabad. A lot of tourists and locals visit these for shopping purposes. Following are the eight bazaars.

  • Amin Pur Bazaar
  • Montgomery Bazaar
  • Bhowana Bazaar
  • Rail Bazaar
  • Chiniot Bazaar
  • Karkhana Bazaar
  • Jhang Bazaar
  • Katchery Bazaar

D Ground

D Ground is one of the famous places to visit in Faisalabad. Faisalabad offers great shopping opportunities here. It is the second-most significant business center of the city. The Radio Pakistan office and a park are located in the semi-circle portion of the D. Upscale shops and restaurants can be found along all of the routes that make up the D Ground. The area is often crowded with tourists as well as local residents.

Gumti Fountain

Gumti Water Fountain - One of Famous Places to Visit in Faisalabad

Another structure that has lasted the test of time since the early 1800s is the Gumti Fountain. It is located in front of the Qaisery Gate. It used to be a designated location for town meetings but is now a busy crossroads for traffic. Today, the fountain is still operational. It is a famous place to visit in Faisalabad to enjoy your evening with friends and family.

Jinnah Garden

JInah Garden - Famous place to visit in Faisalabad

There are several parks in Faisalabad, the most of which are cared for by the Parks and Horticulture Authority, Faisalabad. The city’s primary park, Jinnah Garden, also known as “Company Bagh,” is the oldest park in the area. Sir James Broadwood Lyall’s statue is also located here.

Gatwala Wildlife Park

Gatwala Park in Faisalabad

Gatwala Wildlife Park in Faisalabad is a great tourist attraction and one of the most famous places to visit in Faisalabad. It is a botanical garden and a breeding facility. It is located 87 miles from Lahore Zoo near Khurrianwala. The park stretches over more than 100 km2 . The two lakes, the expansive woodland sections, the bamboo growing areas, the flowing canals that cut through the park, and the enormous green parks with a few children rides are Gatwala Park’s main charms.

One lake is used for boating, while the other harbors several crocodiles. People can now safely watch crocodiles from a distance thanks to the lake’s effective crocodile cordon. There is a huge bird sanctuary in Gatwala park. Numerous native bird species as well as a few from other parts of Pakistan are housed in this sanctuary.

Layallpur Museum

Lyallpur Museum at Faisalabad

Museums are a great place to learn about any place and its culture and history. You can take a walk down the history by visiting a museum. There is no better place to learn about Faisalabad’s rich history than by visiting the Lyallpur Museum.

The museum has 10 separate galleries which display different collections e.g. Sandal Bar Gallery, Thought and Act Gallery, Pakistan Movement Gallery etc. It has preserved the history and heritage of the region inside its walls. The construction started in 2010 which completed until 2013.

Whenever you visit the beautiful historical city, don’t forget to visit the aforementioned famous places to visit in Faisalabad. It will definitely be a great experience that you will cherish forever.

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