Graana App: The smartest property app for your smart phone


The most expensive purchase you’re likely to ever make in a lifetime is to buy a home. Prior to going into a life-altering transaction, it is best to have the information and contacts to get the best deal available out there. Well we have an app for that.

Real estate listing apps can be a great advantage on the move to search your dream property. While you go onto installing a property listing app, remember to consider a few things; a large volume of verified property listings, available agents to contact, detailed property features, picture and video of the property and the ease of using the property listing application.

Graana App takes care of all these property search related concerns. Graana App is easy to use with a neat interface, displays search results faster and provides verified property listings from comparable sources to make the best decision for your property needs. Simply put Graana App is your fastest and safest way to move into your new home or make a safe investment.

Here are smart reasons why you must have Graana App installed on your smartphone right away:

  •  Platform smart download

Graana App is available on both Google Play and App Store for quick download to your android or apple phone. Just search Graana and there you go. Get the latest Graana App version downloaded for a smooth user experience. The Graana App development team makes sure that the app is kept updated with the latest technology so no matter what smartphone your have you only get the best user experience free of any bugs or slow performance.

  •  Smart sign-in

Graana App gets you. You do not want a new I.D. and a password every time you subscribe to an app. You can simply login to Graana App with your existing Facebook or Gmail I.D. or via your email I.D. or phone number. So many ways to easily and hassle free subscribe to the app and start getting the results. Best of all there are no advertising banners and annoying third party prompts spoiling a clean app usage experience. You just subscribe with your existing I.D. and start searching your dream property with Graana App.

  • Smart search

No matter you want to buy, sell, rent or invest, the Graana App makes your property search easy with its smart filters selection. You can easily set filters to the area within a large city to get to the exact property listings that you desire. No fiddling around with a complex array of search filters and getting confusing results. Graana App gives you search results that you want to see unlike other apps that force you to see what they want to sell to you. With Graana Application there is less scrolling, less fidgeting, less waiting and less time to get to your dream property.

  • Smart verified listings

Peace of mind is a rarity when you search for a property. Whether the property is what it reads on the listing page, whether the property pictures are real, does the property even exist? We take care of all your concerns via our verified listings that give you the assurance you require while contacting a real estate agent. Our team works harder to ensure that you get listings that are verified and do justice to the time you spend searching for your dream property.

  • Smart user design

From a clean and modern page design to faster loading listing search result pages and an easy scroll feature, the Graana App offers an unmatched smart user design. The Graana App layout and design is pleasing to the eyes and quicker to grasp the search results so you can breeze through with ease and arrive on to you dream property in no time. Think of it like a smooth rolling highway with no distractions or annoying pop-ups. The smart user design ensures that your eyes stay on the course to your targeted property.

  • Smart connect

As quick the Graana App will get you to your dream property, equally faster will it connect you to the real estate agent selling the property? Graana App enables you to connect with the seller or the real estate agent on tap of a button as per your choice of the medium be it email or phone number. Graana App gets you fast to the property listing of your choice and even faster to the keys of the property.

  • Smart investments

You don’t just buy, sell and rent houses. You invest. Graana App gives you the opportunity to invest in projects offering incredible gains. Thinking how? Download the Graana App to browse through projects. Graana App displays selected investment projects across Pakistan that offer estimated annual gains, a buyback guarantee and gains on project maturity.

Yes, the Graana App icon now on the screen of your smartphone offers all this and more as keep releasing newer app versions.

Do you want to avail all these benefits? Well if you still have not downloaded the Graana App simply click at any of the following options via your smartphone and have Pakistan’s Smartest Property App on your touch screen.

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