partners with FAST University to organize National Solutions Convention 2023

Blog en nascon, Pakistan’s leading real estate marketplace, has joined hands with Fast University to organize a flagship event, National Solutions Convention (NaSCon) 2023. 

The event will be conducted from March 17th to 19th, 2023.  

NaSCon is an event that has been happening for 17 years. It has around 50 competitions and social events related to computing, engineering, and business. 

Moreover, the event is able to garner support from over 7000 students from all over Pakistan. Hence, NaSCon has a large audience, and over the years, it has gathered a lot of support from the participants and all stakeholders alike.  

During the event, there is a rich discussion on Marketing and Media and the display of various products or services. encourages the celebration of art and creativity and welcomes any step to support the youth of Pakistan to provide creative solutions. 

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