’s Real Estate Certification course completes 3 weeks

The Certification in Real Estate Science Level 1 course introduces by, in collaboration with the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) completes its 3rd session.

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After covering the ‘History of Real Estate’ and ‘Practice of a Real Estate Agent’ in the first and second session, the third session covered by Group Director Mr. Farhan Javed focused on ‘Technology and Software’ related to the sector.

The Real estate certification course divided into 4 sessions, comprises interactive sessions, incorporating different teaching and learning methodologies, including discussions, case studies and practical exercises.

Individuals’ enrolled in the programme are set to come out with an in-depth understanding of why the course defines real estate as a science. Taking them from the start-off point of the history of real estate, through all finer aspects of the trade – legal, transactions, business ethics, and the life of a real estate agent – the programme encompasses everything related to the real estate sector.

Students across all disciplines who wish to enter the real estate business, real estate professionals, professionals from allied sectors (banking, insurance, finance) and those who plan to establish a real estate venture or brokerage firm all stand to benefit from this course.

Once the first batch of students has completed the certification, the business practices related to the real estate sector will never be the same again.

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