Haveli Lakha: A Small Town in Punjab


In the heart of Pakistan’s Punjab province, where fertile plains meet a vibrant cultural heritage, lies the city of Haveli Lakha. Approximately 158 kilometres southwest of the bustling metropolis of Lahore, Haveli Lakha offers a captivating glimpse into the essence of Pakistani life.

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Steeped in history, the city’s name itself whispers tales of bygone eras, with “Haveli” translating to “grand mansion” and “Lakha” signifying a bygone unit of measurement associated with wealth. This intriguing combination hints at a past marked by architectural flourishes and economic prosperity.

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Brief History

Modern-day Haveli Lakha pulsates with a unique energy. As part of the Depalpur Tehsil within the Okara District, it serves as a vital centre for the surrounding region. Its administrative division into six Union Councils reflects a well-established infrastructure, ensuring the smooth functioning of the city’s various sectors. Beyond its administrative role, Haveli Lakha boasts a rich cultural tapestry, woven from the traditions and customs of the Punjabi people.

The local language, Punjabi, resonates in the streets, while the city’s architecture reflects the artistic heritage of the region. Whether it’s the bustling bazaars teeming with life or the serene mosques offering a moment of peace, Haveli Lakha promises an authentic Pakistani experience.

For visitors seeking to delve deeper, historical landmarks and cultural attractions offer a window into the city’s fascinating past. With its welcoming atmosphere and captivating spirit, Haveli Lakha beckons travellers to explore its unique blend of tradition and modernity.




Okara District, Punjab Province, Pakistan

Distance to Major City

180 km southwest of Lahore (approximate)

Population (1972)


Population (2017)


Population Growth (1972-2017)

Over 4 times the original population

Average Annual Growth Rate (1998-2017)



Punjabi (predominant)


Places to Visit

While Haveli Lakha itself might not boast a plethora of historical sites within its city limits, its location in Punjab places it within easy reach of several captivating destinations.

  • Company Bagh (Depalpur): For a closer escape into nature, visit Company Bagh in the nearby town of Depalpur, just 20 kilometres away. This historical garden, established during the British Raj, offers a serene haven with lush greenery, walking paths, and a chance to unwind.
  • Jinnah Park (Haveli Lakha): Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere at Jinnah Park within Haveli Lakha itself. Mingle with residents, enjoy a picnic lunch, or simply observe the everyday life that unfolds in this vibrant public space.

Medical Facilities in Haveli Lakha


Tehsil headquarters hospital Haveli lakha


Tehsil Headquarters Hospital: This is the main government hospital in the town. You can visit 24/7 here for your medical treatment.

Habib Medical Complex: It is a privately operated hospital where you can come for your medical emergency.

Family Medical Centre: This medical facility specialises in Gynae and Obs.

For patients with more complex and chronological diseases, they can visit Okara, Lahore and Sahiwal for better treatment.


How to Reach?


Haveli Lakha Railway station


Haveli Lakha is located around 158 kilometres southwest of Lahore. Here’s a possible route you can take:

  1. Get on the M-2 Motorway from Lahore.
  2. Take the Bahawalpur/Multan Exit.
  3. Keep left and continue onto M-5.
  4. Take the Sahiwal Exit.
  5. Take Sahiwal Bypass to continue on M-5.
  6. Take the Chichawatni Exit.
  7. Turn right onto Faisalabad Road.
  8. Make a slight left onto Arifwala Road.
  9. Make a left turn to continue onto Faisalabad Road.
  10. Turn right onto Haveli Lakha Road.

This route is approximately 180 kilometres and should take roughly 3 hours depending on traffic conditions.


Distance from Lahore

The bustling metropolis of Lahore lies approximately 138 kilometres northeast of Haveli Lakha. This translates to a roughly 2-hour and 19-minute drive on a good day.


Distance from Islamabad

The distance between Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, and Haveli Lakha is significantly longer. The journey spans about 686 kilometres, translating to an estimated 8-hour drive. While a longer trip, the scenic route could offer a glimpse into the diverse landscapes of Pakistan.


Distance from Sahiwal

Sahiwal, a neighbouring town within the Okara District, is the closest option on this list. Haveli Lakha is a mere 62 kilometres away, making it a convenient 1-hour drive. Perfect for a quick escape from the urban sprawl.


Weather in Haveli Lakha

Haveli Lakha experiences a hot arid climate, characterized by scorching summers and mild winters. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what to expect:

Summer (April-October):

  • Temperatures: Brace yourself for scorching heat. Temperatures typically soar above 35°C (95°F) during the peak summer months (May-June) and can even reach as high as 45°C (113°F).
  • Rainfall: Rain is scarce throughout the summer, with occasional showers offering minimal relief from the heat.
  • Sunshine: Expect abundant sunshine throughout this period, making it ideal for outdoor activities during the cooler morning and evening hours.


Winter (November-March):

  • Temperatures: Winters offer a welcome respite from the summer heat. Temperatures typically range between 10°C (50°F) and 25°C (77°F), making the weather pleasant and comfortable.
  • Rainfall: Most of the annual rainfall occurs during the winter months. However, the precipitation levels are still relatively low compared to other regions.
  • Sunshine: Sunshine is still prevalent during winter, although not as intense as the summer months.


Additional Tips

  • Day-Night Temperature Variations: Be prepared for significant temperature fluctuations between day and night throughout the year. Days can be scorching hot, while nights can be surprisingly cool, especially during winter.
  • Humidity: Humidity levels tend to be moderate throughout the year, except during the monsoon season (July-August) in nearby regions, which can bring a temporary spike in humidity.
  • Wind: Winds are generally mild throughout the year, although occasional dust storms can occur during the summer months.


Packing Tips

Knowing the weather patterns will help you pack appropriately for your trip to Haveli Lakha:

  • Summer: Pack lightweight, breathable clothing like cotton shirts, shorts, and sandals. Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for protection from the intense sun.
  • Winter: Pack light to medium-weight clothing, including long-sleeved shirts, trousers, and a light jacket for the cooler evenings.

By understanding the weather patterns and dressing accordingly, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit to Haveli Lakha.



Located amidst the bustling province of Punjab, this might be a small town, but its spirit thrives. From its historical whispers to its welcoming atmosphere, Haveli Lakha offers a captivating glimpse into the true essence of Pakistani life. So, ditch the crowds and delve into the heart of Punjab – Haveli Lakha awaits.

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