How to enhance your Home’s Screen Appeal?

With the changing times and shifting trends in the real estate industry, selling your home has also changed. How you present your home on screen is equally important as showing your home to a buyer who has come to visit your home. COVID has completely changed how the real estate market worked previously. It has brought a revolutionary change in this sector by digitalising it more than ever. 

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The term “curb appeal” has  been replaced with “screen appeal.” Curb appeal is the aesthetic appeal seen from the street, whereas screen appeal is how a home appears in online photos or tours. The buyers have access to the view from the outside in screen appeal and the entire property. It allows a broader perspective that sellers can use as an opportunity to present their home and buyers to get to know the house before actually visiting it.

Even if there wasn’t a global pandemic, most home buyers start their search online before seeing houses in person. As a result, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that your property has the best possible “screen appeal.” bring you a few ways to amp up your house’s screen appeal to attract the best buyers:


Presentable Layout

Aggressive decluttering is the first stage in staging your property. For the time being, put away all of your children’s and pets’ toys, store or recycle loose periodicals, and put your photo frames and other extra things in inboxes. You don’t want to remove all of your home’s charm, but you do want it to feel neutral enough for potential buyers to picture themselves living there. Plus, the fewer random items on exhibit, the larger your rooms will appear. 

After that, think about the layout. You may like how your rooms are set up, but your furniture placement on the screen may not be optimal. Take a few test shots to evaluate if the current layout looks good in images. Do a video chat walkthrough with a friend to see if you have a clear path between furniture items if you’re planning on creating a recorded or live video tour.

Finally, clean and dust every visible surface, and replace all lightbulbs to make the rooms as bright as possible – even the most gorgeous spaces won’t look well on camera if they’re too dark.


Virtual Staging

If your existing home is empty, you have a few possibilities. You are free to leave it blank, but decorated or staged homes sell more quickly. You can buy furniture provided you can have it delivered safely to your house. To create the scale of a room, you only need a few key components, such as a couch, coffee table, and rug in a living room. If you don’t want to retain the pieces, you may always resell them or donate them to charity later. You may consider virtual staging, which involves adding furniture to your area online. It’s gone a long way and may add a lot of appeal to a property. There are a plethora of online services and DIY apps to pick from.


Good lighting and photography

Get good quality professional photography done for your house. High-quality photos can make a house look a hundred times better. Photographers know how to get the best lighting and the best angles to show off your home.                 

When you are trying to show your house for sale, always open up the blinds and turn all the lights on in the place. The same is the case with photography. Make the house as light and bright as possible because you’re more likely to get more positive attention with a home that’s bright and vibrant than a home that’s dark and gloomy.

Showcase Major parts of the House

Always include mid-level wide shots of the master bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and an exterior shot in all of your images. This will assist the customer in comprehending the house’s interiors. The investor will be left with a lasting impression as a result of these photographs. If the unit is empty, you can photograph the empty room with the lights turned on to demonstrate the size and spaciousness of the area.


The Right Platforms

Share your home tour or pictures with the right audience through the right platforms. The careful examination of your audience and their preferences will help you rightly position your property.

When it comes to selling a home, presentation is most crucial. Effectively staging a home can assist buyers in visualising themselves living in it, which can result in more offers. You may give yourself the most excellent possible chance to sell your property in today’s increasingly virtual market by focusing on how your home appears in images, videos, and online in general. If you have not worked on making your home’s screen appeal better, now is the time to do so. 

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