Natural DIY Tips to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

As the days are getting hotter by the day, you are most likely to crawl in front of the air conditioner (AC) or the fan. However, these are not the only two options available to keep yourself cool. There are plenty of other ways you can beat the heat without breaking the bank with the electricity bill. 

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Learn More brings you ways you can keep your room cool in the summer without AC. 


Shut your blinds 


Sometimes the smallest tips and tricks can make the greatest difference. A simple tip of shutting the blinds during summers or a heat wave can bring phenomenal difference. According to Family Handyman notes, about 30 percent of heat can be blocked from entering the house if the blinds are kept close. It will act as an insulator and help keep the house cool. As per statistics, this tip helps cut down electricity costs by 7 per cent and lowers indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. 


Change your bed sheet 


This may be the simplest trick that can instantly help you feel cooler in summers. Changing your bed sheet from time to time will not only inject new life into your room but it will also aid in keeping it cool. Materials such as flannel sheets and fleece blankets may be excellent choices for your room, but a more breathable material like cotton will be the more appropriate choice for the warmer months. If you want to further invest in a pillow, you can opt for buckwheat pillows. Buckwheat hulls have air space between them that allow air to pass through even when they are packed together. They do not cling to your body like the  conventional pillows, hence, proving to be an effective option to keep your living space comfortable. 


Adjust your body temperature


For thousands of years, mankind survived without air conditioners or fans. If our ancestors were able to live comfortably, so can we! You can opt for natural DIY ways to keep yourself cool. The answer is to adjust your body temperature instead of changing the surroundings. You can try staying hydrated or have summer drinks to help lower your body temperature. Another trick is to frequently wash your face or take baths to cool yourself. You can even try keeping a bowl with cool water to dip your feet in it to feel comfortable during the night. 


Let the air flow 


As warmer days come closer, we close our doors and windows and cocoon ourselves inside our rooms in hopes of sheltering ourselves from the scorching heat. While that may be the obvious thing to do, try doing the opposite. Once a day, try opening the doors and windows to allow the air to flow. Not only will it ventilate the place and invite fresh air into the room, it will also create a refreshing ambience. This is not to say that opening windows will essentially keep you cool, it will help in creating a pleasant atmosphere. But for most of the day, the practise should be to keep the doors and windows closed to allow maximum shielding from the outside. 


Keep plants indoors 


The magic of plants is underrated. Plants are great to spice up a door or decorate your balcony. Plants are also beneficial for health because they take in toxic carbon dioxide and release oxygen which purifies the air. Gardening is also a great hobby to adopt to keep yourself busy indoors when going outside is limited. What you can essentially do is bring some plants inside during summer as they act as coolants by absorbing heat. This lowers the temperature of the room and makes it bearable during the day. 

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