Hunting For The Best Biryanis In Karachi

List of best biryanis in Karachi

The city of lights cuddles many cultures and their collective cuisines. But among the vast range of recipes, Biryani takes the crown for most karachiities, so much so that people here often quietly compete to find the best biryanis in Karachi.

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If you love being the champion at finding the best biryani spots in the city, has your back. Check out this blog post to discover some incredible places to find all sorts of biryani to impress your friends and family. 


List of Best Biryanis in Karachi

We understand your excitement to dive right into the list of the best biryanis in Karachi, but let’s pause to explore why this dish holds such a special place in everyone’s hearts. Why the obsession? Why do people in Karachi feel a sense of ownership over this flavorful creation?

Biryani is more than just a dish; it’s a symbol of unity in the diverse cultures of Karachi. In a city where people from various backgrounds come together, biryani serves as a delicious common ground, bringing everyone to the same table.

Beyond its delectable rice, spices, and meat mix, biryani has earned its status as a culinary icon in Karachi. The people here take immense pride in their local biryani variations, each presenting a unique twist on the classic recipe. 

Its popularity spans generations, with shared experiences and cherished memories of enjoying this aromatic delight with family and friends. Now, without further ado, let’s explore the list of Karachi’s finest biryanis! 


The White Biryani

When we imagine a smoking plate of hot biryani, the usual picture of vibrant yellow and tangerine-coloured rice packed with flavours pops up. But talking about various types of biryanis, the White Biryani stands out. It defies traditional expectations with its predominantly white or faded yellow colour.


List of best biryani spots in Karachi

“The White Biryani” is a fine restaurant in DHA Phase 6 Karachi that offers a unique dining experience. Widely regarded as one of the top spots to gather with friends and family, this beautiful restaurant boasts a menu that reflects true desi flavours.

Sizzling chicken biryani, accompanied by the savoury delight of shami kebabs, is popular among those who relish pairing them with their biryanis. For a sweet finish in authentic desi style, gulab jamun graces the menu’s dessert section. However, the star of the show is undoubtedly their beef biryani. 

It is often dubbed the Best Beef Biryani in Karachi, a title the restaurant proudly claims. To further outdo the rest of the “best biryanis in Karachi”, the White Biryani restaurant offers many single- and double-serving deals.


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location 22c Lane 2, DHA Phase 6 Rahat Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Sindh 75500
Contact (92) 333-13009933
Timing12 PM- 10 PM
Price Range300-1500 PKR
Type Dine-in, Delivery, Take Away 



Renowned as the premier biryani destination in Karachi, Al-Rehman Biryani Centre stands out for offering unparalleled biryani and exceptional service. Esteemed for its delectable biryani at budget-friendly prices, Al-Rehman Biryani has secured its position as one of the best biryanis in Karachi. 


Blog image for best biryani shops in Karachi

Situated at a prime location, the restaurant offers a cosy atmosphere to enhance the dining experience. Al-Rehman Biryani Centre’s menu boasts a delightful array featuring Chicken Biryani, Zarda, kheer, and an assortment of side dishes. 

Whether you dine in, opt for takeaway, or prefer the convenience of delivery services, Al-Rehman Biryani Centre ensures that the flavours of their best biryanis in Karachi reach you with the same perfection and affordability that have become their hallmark.


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location Al Rehman Biryani, Hajra Manzil، Gk-7/73، Nakhuda St, Kharadar Karachi, 74000
Contact (92) 314 7737726
Timing10:30 AM- 1:00 AM
Price Range200- 400 PKR
Type Dine-in, Delivery, Take Away 


Haji Biryani

Haji Biryani is a culinary legend in the vibrant landscape of Karachi. The spot is celebrated as one of the city’s best biryanis. Priced reasonably at Rs. 660 for 1 kg of beef biryani, the quality of their signature dish is nothing short of exceptional. 


Karachi Biryani spots

The biryani is a flavorful masterpiece, skillfully combining tender meat or aromatic vegetables with perfectly spiced and fragrant rice. What sets Haji Biryani apart is not just the outstanding biryani but also their versatility in catering for special events, including weddings. 


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location Jamshed Quarters Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
Contact (120) 34914323
Timing12 PM- 3 AM
Price Range300-660 PKR
Type Dine-in, Delivery, Take Away 


The establishment boasts its own decorated lawn, providing a charming gathering setting. Beyond biryani, Haji Biryani’s qourma is also highly praised for its quality. With a no-frills ambience that focuses on the star dish, the dedicated staff ensures prompt and friendly service. 

Whether you’re a traditional biryani connoisseur or someone seeking a culinary adventure, Haji Biryani stands out as a must-visit destination for biryani lovers in Karachi, offering an authentic and memorable taste of this beloved dish.


Ghazi Biryani Center

Ghazi Biryani Center in Karachi is a hotspot for biryani enthusiasts seeking an authentic and flavorful experience. Tucked away in the busy streets, this biryani haven has quietly garnered a reputation as one of the best biryanis in Karachi. 


Image for blog on karachi biryani

The biryani, their star offering, is a testament to their culinary prowess, featuring a delightful blend of aromatic spices, tender meat, and perfectly cooked rice. Locals often joke about looking for a house for sale in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, which might be a smart move just to be closer to this biryani centre – a testament to the irresistible allure of Ghazi Biryani Center.


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location Block 14 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Block 14 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
Contact (92) 0319 1990192
Timing11:00 AM- 11PM
Price Range300-660 PKR
Type Dine-in, Delivery, Take Away 

This biryani spot has become a go-to for those in the know, with the flavoursome biryani taking centre stage in its unassuming yet welcoming ambience. Ghazi Biryani Center offers a genuine taste of Karachi’s culinary delights. 

This makes it a must-visit destination for anyone searching for the best biryanis in the city. The friendly staff and the consistent quality of the biryani contribute to the establishment’s growing popularity, creating a memorable dining experience for Karachiites and biryani lovers alike.


Allah Wala Biryani

Allah Wala Biryani is a renowned biryani hub with a legacy of serving excellence over the years. The biryani crafted here boasts a unique and exquisite taste, adorned with various spices that elevate its deliciousness. 

This biryani not only captivates the taste buds but also presents itself in a visually appealing manner, offering an authentic culinary experience. The diverse menu at Allah Wala Biryani encompasses a range of options, including chicken biryani, simple or sada biryani, and beef biryani, along with refreshing cold drinks, salad, and raita. 


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location Noor Masjid Rd, P.E.C.H.S. Commercial area Block 2 PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75400
Contact (92) 311 1111292
Timing10:00 AM- 1:00 AM
Price RangeAround 300 PKR
Type Dine-in, Takeaway. 

To make the indulgence even more tempting, Allah Wala Biryani extends various biryani deals, ensuring you savour only the best biryanis in Karachi.


Student Biryani

Known as a popular biryani destination, this restaurant holds a special place, particularly among students, thanks to its convenient location. With branches spanning several countries, it has become a global culinary hotspot. 

The atmosphere is ideal for casual gatherings with friends, providing a laid-back setting while maintaining top-notch quality. Renowned for its delectable taste, this unassuming eatery has gained widespread recognition.


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location Main University Road, Gulshan 13-B Block 13 B Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi City, Sindh
Contact (021) 34821086
Timing12:00 AM- 1:00 AM
Price RangeAround 150- 400 PKR
Type Dine-in, Delivery, Take Away 

The diverse menu caters to tastes, featuring Biryani, Pulao, Fried items, burgers, curries, BBQ, and seasonal fish. Student Biryani goes beyond great food. It offers enticing deals such as the party pack, bucket of happiness family pack, and more. 

With outlets strategically spread across different areas of Karachi, this restaurant continues to satisfy people’s cravings. It remains a favourite choice for those seeking a delightful and varied dining experience.


Naseeb Biryani Center

Naseeb Biryani is an absolute gem in the Karachi culinary scene. The spot is celebrated for serving what many consider the top-tasting biryani. This eatery has perfected the art of biryani-making, particularly when it comes to the unique matka biryani style. 

The aromatic blend of spices and the tender, flavorful meat cooked in traditional earthen pots, known as matkas, create a unique biryani experience. Naseeb Biryani has garnered a reputation for excellence, attracting biryani enthusiasts from far and wide who crave the distinct and delectable taste of the best matka biryani in Karachi.


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location Mahmoudabad Rd, Karachi Administration Employees Housing Society Block 8 KAECHS, Karachi City, Sindh
Contact (92) 300 3530915 
Timing9:30 AM- 1 AM
Price Range320 PKR
Type Dine-in, Delivery (through Food Panda), Take Away 


Darbar Haleem & Biryani

For decades, Darbar Haleem and Biryani have been a hotspot for biryani lovers. Many students deem it the best biryani shop in Karachi due to low prices, quality service, and delicious options. 

Reviewers of this hub rave about its tasteful blend of spices and the rich flavours that characterize this signature dish. At Darbar, they understand the importance of effective service. 

While their commitment to providing top-notch flavours remains unwavering, they are equally dedicated to enhancing an overall dining experience. The reviewers acknowledge the strides they’ve made in service efficiency, ensuring that your time with them is delicious and seamlessly enjoyable.

Darbar Haleem and Biryani prides itself on offering a delightful taste and impeccable service without breaking the bank. With a moderate pricing strategy, they aim to make their culinary creations accessible to all without compromising the quality that has defined them for years.


Best Biryanis in Karachi 
Location Latif Plaza, near Disco Bakery, Block 6 Karachi
Contact (021) 348 10465
Timing11 AM- 1:30 AM
Price Range360 PKR
Type Dine-in, Delivery, Take Away 


Jumma Biryani

In the middle of Karachi, on Main M.A Jinnah Road, you’ll find the super famous Jumma Biryani. It’s next to the mega Jamma Cloth Market, a well-known place, not just in Karachi but all over Pakistan. But here’s the cool part: Jumma Biryani is not open every day; they are only open on Fridays.

So, on Fridays, the air around Jumma Biryani is filled with the amazing smell of biryanis – chicken, beef, and more. And guess what? People line up like they’re waiting for the hottest sale on Black Friday. Locals almost always place it among the hottest spots for the best nalli biryani in Karachi. 


Best Biryani Shop in Karachi 
Location  M.A Jinnah Road, Around Jamma Cloth Market 
Contact (92) 311 1100119
Timing2:00 PM- 9 PM
Price Range150-300 PKR
Type Take Away 

Karachi Nalli Biryani

Karachi Nalli Biryani has become a beloved spot for Biryani enthusiasts. Catering to the diverse tastes of the city’s Biryani lovers, the Nalli Biryani stands out as a cherished option.


List of best biryanis

 Beyond its meaty offerings, this eatery also aims to satisfy vegetarian palates, offering vegetable Biryani for those seeking a plant-based delight. Priced at Rs 500 per kg for the beef Biryani, Karachi Nalli Biryani balances affordability and fantastic taste. 

This makes it an attractive option for those looking for a delicious yet budget-friendly Biryani experience. Reviews commend the reasonable pricing and the noteworthy taste, with patrons praising the excellent combination of quantity and quality. 

Housed in a small, cosy diner with charming dhabha vibes, Karachi Nalli Biryani manages to create an inviting atmosphere. What sets this establishment apart is the delectable Biryani and its commitment to customer convenience by offering delivery services. 

For those on the quest for the best Nalli Biryani in Karachi, this place seems to be a promising contender. It blends affordability, quality, and a diverse menu to cater to the varied tastes of Karachi’s vibrant culinary scene.



And there you have it – a flavorful journey through our comprehensive list of the best biryanis in Karachi. This selection captured the essence of this city’s vibrant biryani culture, from iconic outlets to gate-kept spots. We hope this culinary exploration has made you eager to go on biryani adventures in Karachi.

These biryani spots aren’t just about the food; they celebrate Karachi’s rich culinary heritage and the passion of its people. So, why not gather your friends and family, explore these unparalleled flavours of Karachi? Remember, every bite tells a story; we can’t wait to hear yours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers you might like.


Which type of biryani is best in Karachi, Pakistan?

Karachi has a diverse biryani range. But some favourites include the classic Chicken Biryani, aromatic Beef Biryani, and special variations like Nalli Biryani. Popular biryani spots like Haji Biryani, Ghazi Biryani Center, and Allah Wala Biryani are known for their exceptional offerings.


Is biryani healthy?

Biryani is a delicious and hearty dish, but its health depends on factors like ingredients and preparation. While it’s high in calories due to rice and meat, it also contains essential nutrients. For a balanced diet, opt for biryani with lean meat and whole-grain rice. 


Is Student Biryani cheap?

Student Biryani is often considered affordable, catering to the budget conscious. They offer deals like party and family packs, making them accessible to many customers, including students.


Where can I find the spiciest biryani in Karachi?

Karachi has several places known for their spicy biryani. Allah Wala Biryani and some outlets of Student Biryani are famous for their bold and spicy flavours. However, spice preferences can vary, so it’s always a good idea to check with the restaurant regarding spice levels.


Are there any expensive spots for biryani in Karachi?

While many biryani spots in Karachi offer budget-friendly options, some upscale restaurants like Al-Rehman Biryani Centre may have higher prices. This could be due to their quality ingredients and ambience. These establishments often provide a more luxurious biryani experience for those seeking a premium culinary adventure.

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