Husaini Blood Bank: A Comprehensive Overview


Established in 1979 by the esteemed Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid, Husaini Blood Bank (HBB) has emerged as a pivotal institution within Pakistan’s healthcare landscape. Driven by a profound commitment to ensuring the availability of safe blood for patients in need, HBB has become synonymous with compassionate healthcare provision across the nation.

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Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Vajid, HBB has not only pioneered advancements in blood banking but has also championed the cause of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation (VNRBD), reflecting a deep-seated ethos of community welfare and altruism.

Over the decades, HBB has evolved from its humble beginnings into a beacon of hope for countless individuals grappling with medical emergencies and chronic conditions. Through its unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of safety and efficacy in blood collection, screening, and transfusion processes, HBB has earned the trust and admiration of healthcare professionals and the public alike.

This blog by aims to explore Husaini Blood Bank’s journey from its beginning to today. It showcases its wide range of services, significant impact, and strong dedication to improving public health in Pakistan.


History of Husaini Blood Bank


About Us – Husaini Blood Bank

Husaini Blood Bank’s journey began in the corridors of Dr. Vajid’s clinic in Soldier Bazar, Karachi. With the visionary support of Mr. Hamid D. Habib, Chairman of Habib Group of Companies Trust, HBB embarked on its mission to alleviate suffering and promote wellness through blood banking services. Over the years, HBB has undergone remarkable growth and expansion, cementing its status as a registered blood bank with the Sind Blood Transfusion Authority and Sindh Health Department.


Historical Milestones

  • 1979: Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid founds Husaini Blood Bank, laying the foundation for compassionate healthcare provision in Pakistan.
  • 1982: HBB affiliates with the prestigious Habib Trust, solidifying its commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery.
  • 1993: The establishment of the Thalassemia and Hemophilia Centre marks a significant milestone in HBB’s efforts to address complex healthcare challenges.
  • 2000: The inception of the Husaini Institute reflects HBB’s dedication to advancing medical education and research in Pakistan.
  • 2010: HBB introduces pathology lab services, further enhancing its diagnostic capabilities and service offerings.
  • 2014: The addition of X-Ray & Ultrasound services underscores HBB’s commitment to comprehensive healthcare provision.
  • 2018: The establishment of the Husaini Consultant Clinic expands HBB’s reach and accessibility, bringing quality healthcare closer to communities across Pakistan.


Mission and Vision

At the core of HBB’s mission lies a dedication to compassionate care and pioneering healthcare services. With a vision to provide world-class medical assistance, HBB endeavours to address the diverse healthcare needs of the Pakistani populace.

Through its comprehensive suite of services, including blood banking, diagnostic laboratory testing, transfusion services, and clinical consultation, HBB remains committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety.


Services Offered

Husaini Blood Bank (HBB) offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at addressing various healthcare needs within the Pakistani community. These services are meticulously designed to ensure the safety, efficacy, and accessibility of blood-related medical interventions. Below is a detailed overview of the services provided by HBB:


Blood Collection


Purposes of a Blood Bank

HBB operates multiple blood collection centres across Pakistan, where individuals can voluntarily donate blood. Trained staff members facilitate the donation process, ensuring that donors are comfortable and well-informed throughout. Strict adherence to safety protocols and hygienic practices is maintained to guarantee the quality of collected blood.


Compatibility Verification

Once blood is collected, it undergoes rigorous testing to verify its compatibility with potential recipients. This involves screening for blood type, infectious diseases, and other factors to ensure that donated blood can be safely transfused to patients in need.


Blood Component Separation

HBB utilizes advanced technology to separate donated blood into its various components, such as red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. This allows for more targeted treatment options and ensures that each component can be utilized according to specific patient requirements.


Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

In addition to blood banking services, HBB operates a diagnostic laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for conducting a wide range of medical tests. These tests may include haematological analyses, blood chemistry profiles, and infectious disease screenings, among others.


Transfusion Services


Blood Donation

HBB provides transfusion services to hospitals and healthcare facilities across Pakistan. It ensures timely access to safe and compatible blood products for patients undergoing medical treatments, surgeries, or emergency interventions.


Clinical Consultation

HBB offers clinical consultation services, where experienced healthcare professionals provide expert advice and guidance to patients and their families. This may include pre-transfusion counselling, post-transfusion monitoring, and general healthcare recommendations.


Educational Initiatives

Recognizing the importance of community education and awareness, HBB conducts educational initiatives to promote the importance of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation (VNRBD) and blood safety practices. These initiatives may include seminars, workshops, and outreach programs targeted at schools, colleges, and community organizations.


Thalassemia and Haemophilia Services


Blood Banking Division – Husaini Blood Bank

HBB is actively involved in the management and treatment of thalassemia and haemophilia, two genetic blood disorders that require specialized care. Through its Thalassemia and Haemophilia Centre, HBB provides comprehensive medical services, including blood transfusions, genetic counselling, and supportive care for patients and their families.


Free General Check-ups and Blood Diagnostic Reports

As part of its commitment to donor health and safety, HBB offers free general check-ups and blood diagnostic reports to individuals who donate blood. This ensures that donors receive timely feedback on their health status and encourages regular blood donation participation.


Promoting Voluntary Blood Donation

Central to HBB’s ethos is the promotion of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation (VNRBD) as a cornerstone of community welfare. Through strategic partnerships with educational institutes, non-profit organizations, and corporate entities, HBB conducts blood drives and awareness campaigns to encourage widespread participation in blood donation efforts. By fostering a culture of altruism and civic responsibility, HBB empowers individuals to make a tangible difference in their communities.


Impact and Outreach of Husaini Blood Bank

Husaini Blood Bank (HBB) has made a profound impact on public health in Pakistan through its extensive outreach efforts and meaningful interventions. Here’s a detailed exploration of HBB’s impact and outreach initiatives:


Accessibility of Blood Services

HBB’s widespread network of blood collection centres and affiliated facilities ensures accessibility to blood services for communities across Pakistan. This accessibility is crucial, particularly in remote or underserved areas where access to healthcare resources may be limited. By bringing blood banking services closer to the people, HBB enhances the chances of timely intervention and life-saving treatments for patients in need.


Emergency Response and Disaster Relief


PRCS Strengthens Emergency Response for General Election 2024.

During emergencies and disasters, HBB is vital for providing swift blood transfusions and medical aid. Its efficient coordination with healthcare authorities helps address critical blood shortages. HBB’s rapid response saves lives and supports relief efforts during crises. It plays a pivotal role in alleviating human suffering during emergencies. Through its actions, HBB contributes significantly to emergency medical support.


Community Engagement and Awareness

HBB actively engages with communities through educational initiatives, awareness campaigns, and outreach programs aimed at promoting voluntary non-remunerated blood donation (VNRBD) and blood safety practices. These efforts help dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding blood donation, cultivate a culture of altruism and civic responsibility, and empower individuals to contribute to the well-being of their fellow citizens.


Partnerships and Collaborations

HBB partners with government agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, and corporations to extend its influence. These collaborations enable sharing resources, building capacity, and implementing innovative healthcare solutions. Together, they tackle complex challenges like blood shortages, infectious diseases, and genetic disorders. Through joint efforts, HBB amplifies its impact and expands its reach in healthcare. These partnerships play a crucial role in addressing pressing healthcare issues effectively.


Research and Innovation

HBB actively engages in research initiatives and innovation projects aimed at advancing medical knowledge. It helps in improving healthcare practices, and enhancing the quality and safety of blood services. By participating in research collaborations and leveraging its expertise and infrastructure, HBB contributes to scientific advancements that have the potential to transform healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.


Advocacy for Healthcare Policies


UNFPA Pakistan | Promoting healthy families in Pakistan under Global Affairs Canada's support

HBB advocates for healthcare policies supporting voluntary blood donation, safety, and equitable access. It influences policy decisions and raises awareness of healthcare issues. HBB promotes best practices prioritizing patient welfare and public health. Its focus is on voluntary, altruistic blood donation. HBB ensures healthcare access regardless of background or financial status. Ultimately, its advocacy advances healthcare equity and safety.


Impact on Vulnerable Populations

HBB’s services benefit vulnerable populations such as those with chronic illnesses, pregnant women, and children with thalassemia or haemophilia. It also aids accident victims needing emergency transfusions. By providing safe and compatible blood products, HBB enhances the quality of life and survival chances for these groups. Its efforts contribute to fostering inclusivity and social equity in healthcare delivery. HBB’s impact extends to ensuring access to critical medical resources for those in need. Overall, its services play a crucial role in supporting marginalized individuals and promoting equitable healthcare outcomes.


Husaini Blood Bank Branches

Below is a comprehensive table detailing the branches of Husaini Blood Bank across Pakistan, along with the services offered, addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses for each branch.


Branch Name Services Address Number Email 
Head OfficeBlood Bank, Lab & UltrasoundPlot#St-02 Block T Qalandria Chowk Opp Talib Chaman Park North Nazimabad Khi02136630921, 0333-2569795Hbb.Reception@Gmail.Com
Lady BranchBlood BankOpposite Civil Hospital Lady Dufferin Hospital Khi0333-3998308Hbb.Lady@Hotmail.Com
South City HospitalBlood Bank12 Rojhan Street, Block 5 Block 3 Clifton, South City Hospital Karachi0333-3998321Hbb.South@Gmail.Com
Godhra BranchBlood BankGodhra Muslim Medical Center St-42 Sector 11g, Godhra Road, North Karachi0333-3998306Hbb.Godhra@Gmail.Com
Shan BranchBlood BankShan Hospital rashid Minhas Rd. Block 5 Gulshan -e- Iqbal Karachi0333-3998305Hbb.Shan@Hotmail.Com
Patni Hospital BranchBlood BankMohajir Camp Hanfia Masjid, Baldia Town, Karachi0333-3998321Hbb.Patni@Gmail.Com
Valika BranchBlood BankKulsoom Bai Valika Social Security Ite Hospital Manghopir Road Valika Hospital, Karachi0333-3998318Hbb.Valika@Gmail.Com
JMDC BranchBlood Bank22-23 Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Bihar Muslim Society Bmchs Sharfabad, Karachi0333-3998320Hbb.Jmdc@Gmail.Com
Kharadar BranchBlood Bank & LabAga Khan/G.Allana Road Opposite Kharader General Hospital Khi021-32313837Hbb.Kharadarbranch@Gmail.Com
Korangi BranchBlood Bank & LabPlot#141-2 Street 1/B Sector 3 Zaman Town Korangi 3 1/2 Karachi0333-3998354Hbb.Korangi@Gmail.Com
Malir BranchBlood Bank & LabPlot No 423/20 Kalaboard Malir0333-3998331Hbb.Malir@Gmail.Com
Numaish Chowrangi BranchBlood Bank & LabPlot,125-2khargat Road Near Numaish Chowrangi Parsi Colony Khi021-32238406-408, 0333-3998345Mainhbb.71@Gmail.Com
Sakhi Hassan BranchBlood Bank & LabNear Farooq-e-Azam Masjid Block K Mumtaz Hospital Khi021-3662666, 0333-3998302Husainidata@Yahoo.Com
Jacobabad Civil HospitalBlood Bank & Thalassemia CenterEye Ent Block Civil Hospital
Ahmed Manzil BranchX-ray, Ultrasound & LabOpp. Nishtar Park Ahmed Manzil, Soldier Bazar#2, Karachi021-32222885, 0333-1219963Ahmedmanzillab@Gmail.Com


Quality Assurance and Research Initiatives

HBB’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by its adherence to rigorous quality assurance standards and participation in cutting-edge research initiatives. The services provided by HBB are certified by esteemed organizations such as the College of American Pathologists and the European External Quality Assurance Services. Moreover, HBB actively collaborates with renowned institutions to advance medical knowledge and drive innovation in healthcare practices.



Husaini Blood Bank is a vital cornerstone of healthcare in Pakistan, offering essential services and support to communities nationwide. With its unwavering dedication to quality care and impactful outreach efforts, HBB has become a trusted institution, providing hope and healing to those in need. As it moves forward, HBB remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the people of Pakistan, striving to make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and families across the country.


FAQs about Husaini Blood Bank

The following are the most frequently asked questions about Husaini Blood Bank:


What are the eligibility criteria for blood donation at HBB?

Eligibility criteria for blood donation at HBB include being between 18-50 years old, weighing above 50 Kg, maintaining normal vital signs, and having adequate haemoglobin levels, among others.


What services does HBB provide apart from blood banking?

In addition to blood banking, HBB offers diagnostic laboratory testing, transfusion services, clinical consultation, and educational initiatives aimed at promoting healthcare awareness.


How does HBB ensure the safety of donated blood?

HBB employs stringent screening protocols and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safety and quality of donated blood. From compatibility verification to blood component separation, every step of the donation process is meticulously monitored.


How does HBB contribute to medical research and innovation?

HBB collaborates with renowned institutions and participates in research projects aimed at advancing medical knowledge and driving innovation in healthcare practices.


What role does HBB play in addressing healthcare challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic?

In times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, HBB plays a vital role in ensuring access to essential healthcare services. This includes blood transfusions for patients with haemophilia and thalassemia.


How can individuals support the mission of HBB?

Individuals can support the mission of HBB by volunteering for blood donation drives. They can helps in raising awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donation. They can also make financial contributions to sustain and expand HBB’s initiatives.


What is the historical significance of HBB in Pakistan’s healthcare landscape?

HBB’s rich history and enduring legacy in Pakistan’s healthcare landscape highlight its pivotal role in advancing public health and fostering community welfare over the decades.

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