IMARAT Group of Companies  – Ik Jazba-e-Tameer

The only sector destined to change the destiny of our country, IMARAT Group of Companies – one of Pakistan’s leading real estate group was launched with a vision to transform conventional real estate practices.  

IMARAT Downtown

Islamabad’s emerging city centre

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Pakistan’s construction industry sums over $50 billion, making up around 12-13% of the GDP. Out of this, the real estate sector contributes approximately 1/3 ($15 billion) of the total industry. The sectors hold immense untapped potential to revive the economy of Pakistan. This ‘Jazba-e-Tameer’ drove the group from London to Pakistan five years ago. 


IMARAT Core Values

The success of IMARAT Group of Companies lies in its four principles;

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Drive

Due to adherence to these four principles, the group advocating for inclusion and diversity has paved its way towards success.  


Nationwide Services

To promote transparent real estate transactions, over 50 offices were set up – a number that will cross 100 in the coming year, with over 2000 team members.


Global Expansion

The real estate sector in Pakistan has always enjoyed the strong confidence of the people, attracting investments, be it in residential or commercial projects. The sector that once lacked transactional transparency, security, and little to no technology integration had played a significant part in discouraging the investors overseas.

Keeping this in mind, the IMARAT Group has launched a global expansion to facilitate and include overseas Pakistanis.

The group currently has offices in 

  • UK
  • Dubai


IMARAT Ecosystem

On an accelerating path of development and progress, the group creates an ecosystem that will play a vital role in the socio-economic uplift of our country for the times to come.


IMARAT Developments

Since 2016, our Group has initiated 7 real estate projects at the prime locations of the Federal Capital of Pakistan, including Golf/Hills View Luxury Apartments with a Country Club, 3 Malls and 2 International Hotels.


IMARAT Hospitality 

Overcoming a three-threat scenario, i.e. internal upheavals, external threats and terrorism, Pakistan heavily invested in tapping the potential of its tourism industry and successfully leveraged to emerge as one of the top tourist destinations.

Recognising this potential, the IMARAT Group joined hands with Marriot International, Sheraton and other international chains to construct hotels at par with international standards. – Pakistan’s First Online Real Estate Marketplace

Simplifying the real estate experience for every Pakistani, – Pakistan’s 1st Online Real Estate Marketplace formally launches services nationwide.

The Proptech pioneers were launched with a This resolve – ‘Hamara Yaqeen Dil Se’, which manifests the ideals and objectives of, which seeks to sort out the needs and provide transparent and authentic real estate services to the Pakistani community, since the success lies in ‘working together for a better community, for a better tomorrow. 


Agency 21 International

Pakistan’s most extensive state agency network – Agency21 International is stirring a revolt in the traditional market of Real Estate with its norms of transparency and integrity and expanding its network across the country. 


PropSure Digital Solutions 

Pakistan’s real estate sector broadly faced 4 challenges

  • Lack of Planning
  • Lack of Authority
  • Lack of Access to information
  • Malpractices – illegal possession, projects and dead capital

Propsure Digital Solutions was launched to address these issues. By digitally mapping Pakistan’s planned area, we are introducing in Pakistan an ‘Online Property Verification System’, urban planning, and a comprehensive feasibility study for projects.


IMARAT Special Economic Zone 

The SEZ is set to feature factories that will develop building materials, bringing down the cost of construction across Pakistan and will lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs.


IMARAT Builders Mall

The IMARAT Builders Mall is a one-stop-shop that fulfils all the construction needs.


Institute of Architecture & Building Materials 

This institute will be established, where students will undertake a futuristic approach for studying building material and trends of construction


Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies  

A quality research centre, which is playing a significant role in development and nation-building


Ali Akbar Foundation

The foundation will fund projects critical to the welfare of our country.


Hence all the institutions come together to complete our ecosystem. And we have a complete belief that our combined efforts can push Pakistan’s real estate sector to an accelerated growth path like the best global real estate sectors.

IMARAT Downtown

Best Offers Islamabad’s emerging city
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