IMARAT Makes History with its ‘s Groundbreaking Event in UK

IMARAT Event in UK

On December 2nd, IMARAT, a standout name in the real estate world, hosted a game-changing event in London that made big waves in the global property investment scene. This wasn’t just an introduction; it was a major step into the world of global property investment, offering a special experience for investors interested in checking out opportunities in Pakistan’s lively real estate market. 

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The event highlighted IMARAT’s focus on transparency and security in real estate dealings. The services showcased included online property verification and legal support, allowing investors to verify crucial details seamlessly. Additionally, IMARAT introduced property inspection and management services, providing a dedicated team of experts for personalized oversight of investments. 

The cornerstone of IMARAT’s offerings was its investment and wealth management advisory, where seasoned advisors shared insights to navigate the complex landscape of property investment. This service aimed not only to ensure safety but also to enhance profitability for investors. Furthermore, IMARAT addressed the critical aspect of tax implications through its advisory services, offering a profound understanding of the financial landscape in Pakistan.


A Visionary Introduction to IMARAT



IMARAT, with its impressive $1 billion portfolio and a satisfied clientele of 15,000, stands as a testament to operational excellence. Anchored in the philosophy of “Jazba-E-Tameer,” a profound passion for building, IMARAT has been committed to transforming Pakistan’s real estate landscape. The debut event served as a testament to this commitment, going beyond the ordinary to redefine overseas investments. 


IMARAT’s $1 Billion Portfolio 

IMARAT’s portfolio is not just a number; it’s a reflection of unwavering commitment to excellence. The $1 billion portfolio is a testament to the trust and satisfaction of its clients. This financial prowess positions IMARAT as a leader in the real estate sector, ready to guide investors toward profitable ventures. 


Passion to Build Philosophy 

IMARAT’s commitment to the philosophy of “Jazba-E-Tameer” was evident throughout the event. The focus on operational excellence, property management, and facility maintenance services reflects a passion for building a robust real estate ecosystem in Pakistan. Investors were not merely introduced to transactions; they were invited to be part of a community committed to transforming the future of the industry. 


Collaborative Efforts 

The event was more than a gathering; it was a collaborative effort to redefine the narrative of overseas investments. Professionals from various sectors converged, becoming integral to a movement shaping the future of global property investment. IMARAT’s UK Event wasn’t just about exploring opportunities; it was about forging connections and exchanging invaluable expertise that would have a lasting impact on the industry. 


IMARAT’s Portfolio


IMARAT Downtown

Since its inception in 2016, IMARAT has embarked on a transformative journey, introducing a series of visionary projects that redefine urban living across Pakistan. Each endeavor reflects IMARAT’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable development, setting new standards in the real estate industry.  


IMARAT Residences 

Located on Islamabad Expressway in the heart of Islamabad Downtown, IMARAT Residences redefine community living. Catering to modern lifestyles, this project offers luxury and amenities within easy reach. 



As IMARAT’s flagship project in DHA Multan, Bavylon seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary offerings. A landmark in the city, it combines corporate spaces, retail, and top-notch hospitality. 


Grand Bazar 

A lively marketplace on the new Raja Bazar, the Grand Bazar offers an enthralling shopping, entertainment, and dining experience. Seamlessly blending classic and contemporary elements, it adds vibrancy to Islamabad’s landscape. 


Golf Floras 


Golf Floras 

The first luxury condominiums of their kind in Pakistan, Golf Floras in Garden City offer world-class amenities. From an infinity pool to a rooftop helipad, these residences redefine upscale living against the backdrop of a breathtaking golf course. 


Mall of IMARAT, Islamabad Downtown 

Situated in Islamabad Downtown, the Mall of IMARAT is a premier retail and leisure destination. With mid-century Arabian architecture, it features haute-couture fashion, dining, and the elegant Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. 


Amazon Mall 

Amazon Mall 

The first outlet concept mall in Pakistan, Amazon Mall on G.T. Road offers a rainforest-themed shopping experience with premium fashion brands and a diverse array of dining options. 


Florence Galleria 

Representing the rebirth of the Renaissance era, Florence Galleria is the first-ever Luxury Boutique Mall and an International Hotel in the heart of the twin cities. 


Courtyard by Marriott 

Situated in the vibrant G-11 Markaz, Courtyard by Marriott is a contemporary retreat for business and leisure travelers. With 200 suites, it offers a breathtaking view of the Margalla Hills. 


IMARAT Builders Mall 

IMARAT Builders Mall 

A one-stop-shop for all construction needs, IMARAT Builders Mall on the main G.T. Road provides a wide range of well-designed, functional, and luxurious construction and furnishing products. 


IMARAT in Global Real Estate Market 

As the global real estate market undergoes transformative shifts, IMARAT positions itself at the forefront. The event showcased how IMARAT is leading the way to ensure that overseas investments are not merely profitable but also bring about a paradigm shift. Attendees witnessed firsthand the unveiling of innovative approaches and visionary strategies that promised to redefine the landscape of global property investment. 


IMARAT’s Commitment Beyond Transactions 

IMARAT’s commitment extends beyond facilitating transactions. The event served as a gateway to a realm of possibilities, where trust is firmly placed in the hands of investors. IMARAT offered a trusted path to property investments that transcends the ordinary, emphasizing the importance of community and forward-thinking investment. 


A Revolutionary Initiative for Overseas Pakistanis 

In a sincere appeal to overseas Pakistanis, IMARAT, in collaboration with leading real estate brands Agency21 and, has unveiled a revolutionary ‘one-stop solution.’ This groundbreaking initiative is tailored exclusively for overseas investors, ensuring not only 100% safety but also highly profitable property transactions in Pakistan.

The impetus behind this game-changing move stems from the stark realization that a substantial portion of remittances often becomes entangled in illegal or unviable projects due to a lack of access to reliable information. 


Collaboration of IMARAT, Agency21, and 

IMARAT, Agency21, and collectively formed the largest real estate network in Pakistan, spanning 70 offices across 22 cities. These offices are comprising of more than 2,000 adept real estate professionals. This powerhouse collaboration offered a comprehensive suite of services designed to cater to every aspect of the property investment journey. 


IMARAT’s ‘One-Stop Solution’ for Overseas Investors 



IMARAT unveils a comprehensive ‘One-Stop Solution’ designed exclusively for overseas investors, offering a range of transformative services to ensure secure and profitable property transactions in Pakistan. 

  • Online Property Verification & Legal Services: IMARAT enhances investor confidence with seamless online property verification, backed by UK-based solicitors. It ensures transparency on legal status, ownership history, and potential issues. 
  • Property Inspection & Management Services: Investors trust IMARAT’s team for thorough property inspections and management. It ensures investment protection and value maximization through expert guidance. 
  • Investment & Wealth Management Advisory: Navigating property complexities is simplified by IMARAT’s seasoned advisors, offering tailored strategies that integrate property investments with broader wealth management goals for informed decision-making. 
  • Tax Advisory Services: IMARAT’s tax expertise provides investors profound insights into Pakistan’s tax landscape. It is ensuring that property transactions align with financial goals, and minimizing liabilities through strategic planning. 

Transformative Experience for Overseas Pakistanis 

With a stellar track record of servicing over 30,000 clients in Pakistan over the past seven years—marked by zero complaints and losses—IMARAT, Agency21, and extended their globally renowned services to overseas Pakistanis. This move is poised to redefine the property investment experience, offering a seamless and secure process. 


Global Investors Connect 

The transformative initiative was unveiled at the ‘Global Investors Connect’ event on December 2nd at Royal Nawaab London. The event was not just a showcase of services; it was an immersive experience where attendees unlocked exclusive insights that promised to elevate their investment strategies.



IIMARAT’s trailblazing event was a resounding success, marking a transformative journey for the global property investment landscape. The collaboration with Agency21 and, coupled with a visionary approach and a commitment to excellence, sets a new standard for overseas investments. The event showcased not just transactions but a community-driven effort to reshape the future of global property investment.  

Investors who were part of this experience are now equipped with the knowledge, services, and connections to navigate the intricacies of real estate and tap into profitable opportunities. IMARAT’s commitment to trust and excellence has indeed opened a trusted path to property investments that transcends the ordinary. 

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