IMARAT’s REIT License: Revolutionising Real Estate Market

IMARAT’s REIT License: Revolutionising Real Estate Market

2024 witnesses a significant shift in Pakistan’s real estate market, as the SECP grants IMARAT a coveted REIT license. Such a development opens more investment opportunities for people. Moreover, it marks a turning point for IMARAT, solidifying their position as a frontrunner in innovation and strategic thinking. 

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In this piece, details what this REIT license means for IMARAT, the Pakistani real estate market as a whole and potential implications for investors like you. Buckle up, as we explore the exciting possibilities this news brings!


Celebrating IMARAT’s REIT License



The recent buzz surrounding IMARAT Group securing a REIT license signifies a significant shift in Pakistan’s real estate landscape. But what exactly is a REIT license, and how does it impact IMARAT?

Think of a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) license as a gateway for IMARAT to operate like a publicly traded company, specifically focused on real estate.  This means they can now offer smaller investment opportunities in their diverse portfolio, which includes luxury apartments, hotels, and even tech parks.


How Does This Impact IMARAT?

Firstly, it allows them to raise capital from a wider pool of investors. Previously, investment might have been limited to high-net-worth individuals. Now, even everyday investors can potentially own a piece of IMARAT’s success.  Secondly, the REIT license fosters transparency and increased market confidence in IMARAT.

Overall, this move positions IMARAT as a pioneer in the Pakistani real estate market.  The REIT license empowers them to expand their reach, attract new investors, and potentially revolutionize the way people invest in real estate within Pakistan.


The IMARAT Group and Its Diverse Portfolio


IMARAT Residences

IMARAT Group is a major player in Pakistan’s real estate scene. Their impressive portfolio showcases their wide range of expertise.


Catering to Every Need

  • Luxury living: They’ve partnered with four international Marriott-affiliated hotel chains, offering high-end hospitality experiences.
  • Premium residences: For those seeking a luxurious lifestyle, IMARAT offers apartment complexes like Golf Floras and IMARAT Residences.


Expanding Their Reach

IMARAT doesn’t operate alone.  They’ve partnered with and Agency21, two of Pakistan’s most established property selling companies. This collaboration strengthens their real estate network, solidifying their presence and influence throughout the market.


Beyond Homes and Hotels

IMARAT’s vision isn’t limited to just residential and hospitality projects. They’re looking towards the future by incorporating cutting-edge technology parks and economic zones into their strategic plans.  This forward-thinking approach reflects their commitment to shaping Pakistan’s future development. 


IMARAT Builders Mall and Amazon Mall


imarat builders mall

IMARAT’s commitment to serving a variety of customer needs is evident.  With establishments like IMARAT Builders Mall and Amazon Mall, strategically located on the GT Road across from DHA. IMARAT Builders Mall functions as a one-stop shop for all building and construction materials, streamlining the construction process and promoting efficiency.  

The Amazon Mall, on the other hand, caters to various lifestyle needs with its diverse array of brand outlets. This dual offering exemplifies IMARAT’s dedication to creating vibrant and comprehensive lifestyle spaces.


True To Its Vision for Growth

IMARAT Group’s recent acquisition of a REIT license isn’t just a big win for the company, it’s the evidence of their commitment to a long-held vision for growth. Let’s explore how this achievement embodies IMARAT’s dedication to constant progress and innovation.


Building a Diverse Portfolio

From the very beginning, IMARAT has focused on building a diverse portfolio that caters to a wide range of needs.  They’ve partnered with renowned hotel chains like Marriott, offering luxurious hospitality experiences.  

For those seeking a premium lifestyle, they’ve developed upscale apartment complexes like Golf Floras and IMARAT Residences.  This dedication to variety ensures they have something to offer everyone, solidifying their position as a major player in Pakistan’s real estate market.


Expanding Their Reach



Growth isn’t just about what IMARAT builds; it’s also about how they connect with potential clients and investors.  IMARAT has strategically partnered with and Agency21, two of Pakistan’s most established property selling companies.  This collaboration strengthens their real estate network, ensuring maximum reach and influence within the market. 


Beyond Brick and Mortar: Shaping the Future

IMARAT’s vision extends far beyond traditional residential and hospitality projects.  They’re actively shaping Pakistan’s future by incorporating cutting-edge technology parks and economic zones into their strategic plans.   This forward-thinking approach demonstrates their commitment to progress and their desire to be a driving force in the country’s development.


The REIT License: A Catalyst for Growth


IMARAT and Its progress

The acquisition of the REIT license marks a significant milestone in IMARAT’s journey.  This license unlocks new opportunities for investors, allowing them to participate in IMARAT’s success through smaller investments.  This not only benefits potential investors but also injects fresh capital into IMARAT, fueling their continued expansion and innovation.  

By consistently diversifying their portfolio, expanding their reach, and embracing advancements in technology, IMARAT has solidified itself as a company true to its vision for growth.  The REIT license serves as a springboard for even greater achievements, ensuring IMARAT remains a leader in shaping Pakistan’s real estate landscape for years to come. 


Setting New Benchmarks: IMARAT’s Commitment to Innovation

IMARAT Group strives to set new benchmarks in Pakistan’s real estate landscape.  Their commitment is evident in several key initiatives:

  • Investor Roadshow:  IMARAT plans an investor roadshow to connect with leading investors and unlock the real estate sector’s true potential. 
  • Proptech Integration:  IMARAT embraces proptech, fostering innovation through a robust property verification system and an AI-powered Urban Planning tool. This highlights their dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology for sustainable urban development.
  • Hoon Farms:  IMARAT’s venture into building Hoon Farms marks a significant move into experiential living. These pioneering zero-carbon, eco-friendly farmhouses offer residents more than just a place to live. 

They envision these spaces as hubs for events, outdoor activities, and fostering a sense of community.  The IMARAT Adventure Club, located within Hoon Farms, caters to diverse interests with exciting activities ranging from adventure sports to cultural events.  This initiative reflects IMARAT’s commitment to creating holistic living environments that seamlessly blend leisure, nature, and social interaction.


Shaping Pakistan’s Digital Landscape: Software Technology Park and Cybertower

Beyond residential and leisure projects, IMARAT is at the forefront of shaping Pakistan’s digital landscape.  Their software technology park and cybertower represent cutting-edge facilities designed to be hubs for innovation. 

These projects aim to foster collaboration among tech startups, established companies, and research institutions. By spearheading this digital transformation, IMARAT contributes to Pakistan’s technological advancement while creating a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The integration of smart technologies and sustainable practices within these developments underscores IMARAT’s commitment to leveraging innovation for the benefit of both urban infrastructure and economic growth.



With the REIT license in place, IMARAT is poised for continuous expansion.  Their unwavering dedication to delivering value to clients, investors, and surrounding communities remains steadfast.  This achievement signifies a new era for IMARAT, empowering them to further shape Pakistan’s real estate landscape and contribute


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs regarding IMARAT’s progress


Who is the CEO of IMARAT?

Mr. Shafiq Akbar is the CEO of IMARAT


What is Imarat Group of Companies?

Imarat Group is a private property development (and investment) company headquartered in the UK. They also have subsidiary companies operating in both the UK and Pakistan.


How to invest in REITs in Pakistan?

To invest in a REIT, you’ll need to complete an application form and submit it to the REIT’s management company (RMC) or their authorized distributors. But before you submit the form, it’s important to be informed. Carefully review the offering documents to understand the REIT’s investment goals and policies. Once you’ve submitted the application and feel comfortable with the details, you’ll be ready to invest.

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