Industrial Zone of Noori Abad

Pakistan’s Sindh Province’s Jamshoro District is home to the industrial town of Nooriabad. It is located inside the Mahal Kohistan taluka, which was just given the new name Thano Bula Khan. The city is at a handy location, only 94 kilometres from Karachi, a busy metropolis. Most importantly, Nooriabad is next to Pakistan’s busiest transportation route, the N-5 National Highway.

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An essential part of the Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate is Nooriabad. This categorization indicates that the town was created with industrial activity in mind and is designated accordingly. Nooriabad is home to more than 200 enterprises and production facilities, considerably boosting the local economy. These factories generate various products, such as rice, cotton, and oil.

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Nooriabad Postcode Type  Delivery Nooriabad Post office 
Nooriabad  Postal Code  73090 
Area Name Nooriabad  
Post Office Name General Post Office 
Nooriabad Post Office Type Main GPO 
Post office Address General Post Office. Hyderabad,Sindh 
Tehsil : Hyderabad 
District : Hyderabad 
City Code HDD 
Nooriabad  Latitude 25.39242 
Nooriabad  Longitude 68.37366 
Province Sindh 
Country Pakistan 


Location Breakdown: Nooriabad, Sindh 

Pakistan’s Sindh Province’s Jamshoro District is home to the industrial town of Nooriabad. This is a thorough explanation of its location:  

  • Region: Jamshoro  
  • State: Sindh  
  • Administrative division: Mahal Kohistan (present-day Thano Bula Khan)  

Cities Close by

  •  Karachi: About 94 kilometres south of Nooriabad is Karachi, the most notable city in the vicinity. Pakistan’s financial centre and largest city is Karachi.  

Principal Routes

  •  The N-5 National Highway connects Nooriabad to other significant regions of Pakistan and passes through the city directly. It runs south to Karachi and other destinations and north to Sukkur and Islamabad. 


Nooriabad is within the Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate and is classified as a focus for industrial activities. The region features over 200 production plants producing diverse items like cotton, rice, and oil.


Extra Details

Although Nooriabad is not specifically mentioned in the literature that is presented, other sources indicate that Hyderabad, another significant city in Sindh, may be accessible.  


Nooriabad: An Industrial Hub 


The rapid development of industries

The hardworking town of Nooriabad is located in Sindh, Pakistan’s Jamshoro District. Situated on the N-5 National Highway, 58 miles north of the busy city of Karachi, Nooriabad has established itself as a significant industrial hub.

Due to the town’s advantageous location and first-rate transportation infrastructure, more than 200 production plants have been established. These factories produce a wide range of goods, including rice, cotton, and oil, fueling the region’s economic engine.


Nooriabad Power Plant: Driving Forward with Power  

Underpinning this industrial activity is the massive Nooriabad Power Plant. This state-of-the-art plant boasts a 100 megawatts (MW) capacity, assuring a reliable and continuous supply of electricity. The facility uses cutting-edge combined cycle technology, efficiently using natural gas to produce electricity.


A Commitment to Sustainability


solar Power Plant Noori abad

Nooriabad’s narrative transcends its industrial achievements. It is the birthplace of Pakistan’s first solar-powered water plant, a beacon of hope for a sustainable future. This progressive step underscores Nooriabad’s commitment to sustainability, filling the air with optimism.

Because of its dedication to renewable energy, Nooriabad is positioned as a pioneer in ethical industrial development. It exemplifies Pakistan’s industrial might. The town has grown remarkably due to its advantageous position, a variety of enterprises, and the sustainable Power Plant.

Additionally, the groundbreaking solar water plant in Nooriabad demonstrates the city’s dedication to a sustainable future.


 Table 1


Unit name Status Fuel(s) Capacity (MW) Technology CHP Start year Retired year 
Unit 1 operating fossil gas – natural gas 50 combined cycle  2017  
Unit 2 operating fossil gas – natural gas 50 combined cycle  2017  


Table 2


Unit name Owner 
Unit 1 Sindh Noori abad Power Company Pvt Ltd [100.0%] 
Unit 2 Sindh Noori abad Power Company Pvt Ltd [100.0%] 


Unveiling Nooriabad’s Climate


sun shining in the sky

Nooriabad has a pleasant climate with mild nights, cool breezes, and a tapestry of warmth. Summer temperatures usually range from a comfortable 30°C to a slightly warmer 45°C, relieving the oppressive summer heat.

The town’s climate is further enhanced by its geographical advantage: its proximity to the sea. The prevailing cold winds and invigorating breezes that drift in from the coast act as nature’s air conditioner, offering a refreshing break from the midday sun.

Nooriabad’s rainfall patterns are a testament to its year-round potential. The town typically receives a reasonable amount of precipitation throughout the year, nourishing the surrounding landscape and providing a refreshing contrast to the drier months. While the exact amount can vary, this consistent rainfall adds to the charm of the destination.

As winter approaches Nooriabad, a shift in the weather ushers in a season of lovely days and cool nights. Daytime temperatures often descend to a refreshing six °C, delivering a pleasant reprieve from the summer scorching.

Nevertheless, the days are still pleasant, so locals can engage in outdoor activities without overdressing. But nights can grow substantially colder, which means dressing in heavier clothes and spending warm evenings inside.

This daily change in temperature makes Nooriabad’s winter season more lively. Overall, the climate of Nooriabad offers a pleasant equilibrium. Even though summers are hot, refreshing breezes keep them cool. Winters bring pleasant days despite their colder nights.


10 Quick Questions About Nooriabad

Here are the FAQs.

Where is Noori Abad?

Nooriabad is an industrial town nestled within the Jamshoro District of Sindh Province, Pakistan.


What’s Noori Abad famous for?

Nooriabad has carved a niche for itself as a prominent industrial center, housing over 200 production plants and contributing significantly to the regional economy.


How far is Nooriabad from Karachi?

Karachi, the bustling metropolis of Pakistan, lies roughly 58 miles south of Nooriabad. They are conveniently connected by the N-5 National Highway.

What is the climate like in Nooriabad?

Nooriabad enjoys a temperate climate with warm but bearable summers, thanks to cool sea breezes, and mild winters with comfortable days and cooler nights.

Does Nooriabad have a power plant?

Yes, Nooriabad boasts the Nooriabad Power Plant, a reliable facility with a capacity of 100 megawatts (MW) that ensures a steady supply of electricity for the town’s industries.


What kind of fuel does the Nooriabad Power Plant use?

The Nooriabad Power Plant utilizes natural gas and advanced combined cycle technology to generate electricity efficiently.


Is Noori Abad a leader in sustainability?

Yes, Noori Abad takes pride in being home to Pakistan’s very first Solar Water Plant, showcasing a commitment to renewable energy sources and a sustainable future.


What kind of products are there in Noori Abad?

The town’s numerous production plants churn out a diverse range of products, including cotton, rice, and oil.


Is Nooriabad a good place to live?

With its comfortable climate, access to essential services, and proximity to Karachi, Nooriabad can be an attractive place to live, particularly for those seeking a quieter, more industrial environment.


What are some interesting things to see or do in Nooriabad?

While Nooriabad itself may not be a major tourist destination, its proximity to Karachi opens doors to exploring the vibrant city and its historical landmarks.

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