Best Investment Opportunities in Karachi

Best Investment Opportunities in Karachi

The difference in the demand and supply in Karachi’s real estate market is fueling the increase in property prices. However, there are a few exceptions where trading volume is high and the return on investment is much better compared to others. To provide insight into such properties,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, shares a list of some of the best investment opportunities in Karachi. 

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Real Estate Investment in Karachi

In these times of economic uncertainty, people should seek an investment option that would pay off in the long run – and there isn’t any option better than real estate. When it comes to property investment in Karachi, there are plenty of choices available.

From high-rise buildings to residential plots, you can find anything suitable for your investment needs. However, before investing in a property in Karachi, you need to consider a few things first.


Factors to Consider When Investing in Karachi


Investment in Karachi real estate


The following is what you need to keep in mind while making any real estate investment in Karachi.

Doing the Market Survey

Before buying a property, find out which type of real estate is in high demand. If residential plots for sale in Karachi are in high demand and values are increasing quickly, then you should consider buying that.

On the other hand, commercial properties yield better returns, but you need much larger capital to invest in those. You can visit the portal to check prices in your preferred market.


Checking the Legality of the Property

This is one of the most critical points you need to consider when buying any property in Karachi because there are a lot of land issues in Sindh.

Hence, before buying any property, you should check the proper documentation of the property and whether the land is legal or not.


Check the Surroundings

To find the best real estate, look for amenities and facilities in the neighbourhood to figure out whether the property you’re investing in is worth it or not. 

If the area has schools, hospitals, and commercial areas in the surroundings, then the property is likely to have higher potential.


Investment Opportunities in Karachi

Karachi is considered the main business hub of Pakistan with many people from various parts of the country choosing to shift there.

Hence, the demand for housing has considerably increased. To help investors and homebuyers, we have shared the list of some of the best investment opportunities in Karachi. 


Bahria Town Karachi


Investment Options in Bahria Town Karachi


This mega housing project from Bahria Town Group is a great investment option. This planned housing society is offering an ideal lifestyle to its residents.

Located far away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, Bahria Town Karachi can be accessed from the Super Highway ( it is located just 9 kilometres away from the toll plaza). It covers a total area of 44 sq. km, which is divided into different phases. 

In these phases, there are various residential, and commercial plots, flats and townhouses. These plots and housing units are available in different sizes such as 5 marlas, 10 marla and 1 Kanal. For your convenience, we have shared the average price of various residential and commercial plots. 


Price of Houses in Bahria Town Karachi


Plot Size (sq. ft.)Average Sale Price (in PKR)


Price of Commercial Plots


Plot Size (sq. ft.)Average Sale Price ( PKR)


The prices of plots in Bahria are quite high but they can yield a better return on investment. When you consider the appreciation of plots in the last few years, you will see why it is a perfect investment option. 


Defence Housing Authority Karachi


Investing in DHA Karachi


DHA is one of the most modern and luxurious housing societies in Karachi. It has a total area of about 8838 acres that is divided into 8 phases. All these phases have access to a wide range of amenities and facilities. 

The best thing about DHA Karachi is that it is in the vicinity of Clifton Beach and Sea View, making it one of the most high-end residential communities in the entire city. The location isn’t the only thing that adds to the value of the property here; there are also many modern amenities that you may not find in other housing societies in Karachi.

In DHA Karachi, you will find various residential, and commercial plots and apartments of different sizes, which are available at a range of prices. For instance, the average sale price of a 120 sq. ft residential plot is PKR 3.25 crores in phase 8 of DHA. On the other hand, the average sale price of a 120 sq. ft plot in phases 1 and 2 is PKR 2.8 crores.

We have shared the price of some residential and commercial plots in phase 8 of DHA Karachi below.


Size (sq. ft.)Avg. Sale Price (PKR)
1002.8 crores
1203.25 crores
3004 crores


Commercial Plots


Size (sq. ft.)Avg. Sale Price (PKR)
1007 crores
20023 crores


Investing in DHA isn’t affordable for many people as the minimum capital required is comparatively high. But, the returns on investment are also much higher compared to other areas of the city.


Country Residences


Buying apartment in country residences


Country Residences is another real estate project that offers lucrative investment returns and premium living to people living in Karachi. This residential project is located near Scheme 33, which is one of the most developed and easily accessible areas of the city.

The developers have planned to provide comfortable living to residents by ensuring a diverse range of amenities and facilities in the residential units. 

Apart from offering premium living, Country Residences is a great investment opportunity as well. There are different types of apartments available in the price range of Rs. 89.5 lacs to 1.28 crores.

The prices vary according to the type and size of the apartment. They are quite affordable, which is why it is a better investment option than others.

Besides these real estate projects, there are many other investment options available in this largest metropolitan city in the country. If you want to know about real estate investment opportunities in Karachi, visit the Graana blog.

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