Jamshed Town: Amenities, Facilities, and More

Located in the heart of Karachi, Jamshed Town is one of the most affordable residential areas in the city. It lies in the central part of Karachi; to the northwest is Liaquatabad Town across the Lyari River, while to the east is Gulshan Town, and to the southeast is Korangi Town across the Malir River.

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Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has prepared a guide to help you navigate through one of the oldest areas in Karachi.


History of Jamshed Town Karachi

Jamshed town is named after ”Jamshed Nusserwanjee Rustamjee Mehta”, who belonged to the Parsi community. In 1992, he was elected as the president of Karachi Municipality. He worked towards providing housing and shelter to the people. He developed a housing society, which was named Jamshed Quarters

This housing society aimed to provide affordable housing to middle-income families. He provided land free of cost and also provided loans for the construction of houses.

He was rightfully called ‘The real father of Karachi.’ Jamshed Nusserwanjee got the housing scheme approved, and a few years down the line, many housing societies offered well-constructed homes suited for the middle-class segment of the community.


Districts in Jamshed Town

In 2000, the federal government of Pakistan introduced changes in the local government – eliminating the administrative divisions, which formed the third tier of the government. Districts, which were the fourth tier, now became the third tier. 

The result was the dissolution of the previous Karachi Division. This merged the five districts to form a new Karachi City District, having 18 independent towns. Jamshed Town was one of those towns.

It is now one of the most significant residential areas of Karachi, comprising 13 union councils.

  1. Mehmoodabad
  2. Soldier Bazar
  3. Garden East
  4. Azam Basti
  5. Akhtar Colony
  6. Pakistan Quarters
  7. Manzoor Colony 
  8. PECHS 1 
  9. PECHS 2
  10. Jat Lane Lines
  11. Chanesar Goth
  12. Jacob Lines, and
  13. Jamshed Quarter

Properties in Jamshed Town

The property market of Jamshed Town Karachi offers a variety of well-constructed houses, apartments, and plots. If you have a limited budget, you will find your own place at reasonable rates. This is why Jamshed Town is a popular housing area among the masses. The standard property size begins from 120 sq yds, 240 sq yds, and 500 sq yds. Interested buyers and tenants can choose from available sizes.

With well-designed architecture, the area offers single-story and double-story houses for sale and rent at very affordable prices. Moreover, it gives you the option of furnished and unfurnished houses for sale and rent. Residential Properties for Rent in Jamshed Town Karachi and Residential Properties for Sale in Jamshed Town Karachi are widely popular among the masses.


Price Trends of Properties in Jamshed Town

Jamshed Town offers well-constructed houses at affordable prices. Due to its infrastructure, facilities,  and low cost of homes, it attracts a lot of investors, buyers, and tenants. 

The property prices in the area vary with the site, size, sector, condition, type of property, location, and amenities available. In many instances, buyers and tenants may be able to negotiate the price as they are usually a little flexible. We have listed the standard rental and sale price trends of houses and apartments in the area.


Houses Price Trends


Size of House Price Trends (Sale)
120 sq ydsRs  65 lakh to 4 crores
240 sq ydsRs 1 to  8.5 crore
500 sq ydsRs 5 crore to 15 crore

Apartments Price Trends


Size of ApartmentPrice Trends (Rent)Price Trends (Sale)
3 BedRs 18k to 1.1 lakh Rs 32 lakh and PKR 3.8 crore 
2 BedRs 20k to 50kRs 18 lakh and PKR 2.7 crore.
StudioRs 10k to 20kRs 35 lakhs – PKR 3.45 crore

Amenities and Facilities

While buying or renting a property in Jamshed Town, a common thing you can find among all areas is the accessibility of basic amenities that are easily available in most areas. Jamshed Town is packed with all kinds of basic facilities and modern amenities.

The society provides the following services.

  • 24/7 electricity system
  • Sui gas
  • An underground sewerage system
  • Availability of clean water 
  • Prominent commercial spaces
  • Easy access to hospitals
  • Restaurants 
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Mosques, and Church
  • Parks 
  • Multi-purpose centers
  • 24/7 security surveillance 
  • Financial institutions
  • Transport Facilities

Educational Institutions in Jamshed Town

Educational facilities come around as one of the key considerations for anyone who is looking to live in the area. Jamshed Town has some of the oldest and most renowned schools in Karachi.

You can take a look below and find out the amazing options that are easily accessible from Jamshed Town.

  • Mama Baby Care Cambridge
  • The Kindergarten school
  •  Happy Montessori school
  • Kotwal’s Casa school
  • Karachi Model Academy
  •  Al Badar school
  •  Rose Petal school
  • LMS School of Education
  •  PICS Education Point 
  • Salvation Army Secondary school
  • White Rose Grammar School
  • St. Vincent’s High School
  • St. Peter & Paul high school, 
  • Mashal Secondary school
  •  Nizamuddin Secondary school

Hospitals in Jamshed Town

Easy access to healthcare is a critical consideration in any area. Keeping this in mind, Jamshed Town has a variety of well-known private clinics and hospitals to cater to any sudden and unfortunate medical issues that may arise. 

To save you time, we have compiled a list of top-notch hospitals available in the area.

  • Asif Dental Clinic
  •  Dua Welfare Centre
  •  Al Shifa Clinic
  •  Sameer Clinic
  •  Siddiqui Memorial Clinic
  •  SIUT Hajiani Chatul Bai Dialysis centre
  •  Fatmiyyah Hospital, Holy Family hospital
  • Al Razi hospital
  • Holy Family 
  • Seth Seoomal Mulchnad Khilnai (SSMK) 
  • Dar-ul-Sukoon

Filled with all kinds of facilities and amenities, Jamshed Town Karachi is one of the most affordable residential areas in the city. Jamshed Town is an ideal location for people looking to buy or rent a house. For more information, visit Graana.com.




Which district is Jamshed Town in Karachi?

Jamshed Town is located in the Karachi East District of Karachi, Pakistan.


What are the prominent neighborhoods in Jamshed Town?

Jamshed Town has several prominent neighborhoods, including Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Pehlwan Goth, and Azizabad. These neighborhoods are known for their residential, commercial, and educational facilities.


What are the major landmarks in Jamshed Town?

Some major landmarks in Jamshed Town include Safari Park, Aladin Amusement Park, Karachi University, Aga Khan University Hospital, Jinnah International Airport, and NED University of Engineering and Technology.


What are the educational institutions in Jamshed Town?

It is home to various educational institutions, including Karachi University, Aga Khan University, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, and Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.


What recreational activities are available in Jamshed Town?

It offers a range of recreational activities. Safari Park is a popular destination for families, featuring a zoo, rides, and picnic spots. Aladin Amusement Park provides entertainment for children and adults. Various shopping malls, restaurants, and cinemas are also present in the area.


How is the transportation system in Jamshed Town?

It is well-connected through a network of roads and public transportation. The main arteries in the area include University Road, Shahrah-e-Faisal, and Rashid Minhas Road. Public buses, minibusses, taxis, and ride-hailing services are available for commuting within and outside the town.


Are there any healthcare facilities in Jamshed Town?

It offers several healthcare facilities, including the Aga Khan University Hospital, Liaquat National Hospital, and various clinics and pharmacies throughout the area. These institutions provide a wide range of medical services to residents.


What are the commercial areas in Jamshed Town?

There are several commercial areas within the area, including Tariq Road, famous for its shopping outlets, boutiques, and restaurants. Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Gulistan-e-Jauhar also have retail centers catering to residents’ needs.


Are there parks and green spaces in Jamshed Town?

Yes, it has several parks and green spaces where residents can enjoy outdoor activities and relax. Safari Park covers a vast area and provides a natural environment and recreational facilities. Additionally, there are smaller parks and playgrounds located throughout the town.

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