Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Call Packages

Jazz prides itself as a purpose-led telecommunication leader in Pakistan; it aims to build a more connected digital society where each individual has access to a better digital future – all while creating a sustainable business.

It was initially launched under ‘Mobilink’ in 1994 and acquired Warid, another major network in Pakistan, in 2015 – thus comprising 38% of the total market share. Its products, services, and other initiatives all respond to the constantly changing socio-economic needs of the country – thus, reinforcing its belief that innovation can drive significant change in society and help communities stay connected. 


Jazz Daily Call Packages

Among its many packages, Jazz offers several convenient and affordable Jazz Call Packages, most notably the ‘Apna Shehar Package.’ It includes unlimited on-net minutes, 1500 SMS, and 100 MB of internet data at the low cost of Rs. 10. However, it is important to remember that this offer only applies to selected cities, including some remote areas of Pakistan. 

The ‘Jazz Sindh Package’ and ‘Jazz Punjab Package’ are popular in their respective areas, with unlimited free on-net minutes and 250 MB of internet data. Both can be activated at Rs. 12. 

For unlimited on-net minutes and SMS, the ‘Jazz Super F&F Package’ is a commonly-subscribed Jazz Call Package option. It should be noted that limitless calls can only be made to one number, which has to be specified when activating the package.


Package Name Free On-Net Minutes Free Off-Net Minutes Free SMS Free MB Validity Price Subscription Code
Jazz Super F&F Package Unlimited Unlimited 1 day Rs. 9.56 *141*F&F_Number#
Apna Shehar Package Unlimited 1500 100 1 day Rs. 10 *229#
Jazz Sindh Package Unlimited 1500 250 1 day Rs. 12 *522#
Jazz Punjab Package Unlimited 1000 250 1 day Rs. 12 *6000#
KPK Daily Offer Unlimited 1500 250 1 day Rs. 13 *291#
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package Unlimited 1500 250 1 day Rs. 13 *400#
Jazz Day Bundle 300 300 20 1 day Rs. 14 *340#
Jazz Daily Super 1440 50 200 1 day Rs. 20 *212#
Jazz Super Plus 500 5 500 500 1 day Rs. 30 *558#


Jazz Weekly Call Packages

Addressing the needs of Pakistanis, Jazz is delivering excellent communication services with its trademark of “Dunya ko Bata Do”. With its presence across Pakistan, Jazz has redefined the networking experience, providing cutting-edge, integrated communication solutions.

Being a digital thought leader in Pakistan’s telecommunication industry, Jazz has connected and empowered more than 69 million loyal customers across thousands of cities. Jazz has always introduced cost-effective call, SMS, and internet packages by focusing on its core values to serve the people.

It has several low-price weekly Jazz Call Packages for its customers. With its “Haftawar Offer”, Jazz provides 1000 On-Net Minutes, 1000 SMS, and 100 MBs in just RS.75. Jazz offers another affordable call package in which you can avail yourself of 1000 On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, 700 SMS, and 200 MBs of internet.

Jazz provides multiple Prepaid and Postpaid call packages to its customers as well. With its “New Sim Offer”, Jazz offers 1500 On-Net Minutes, 1500 SMS, and 1500 MBs. 


Package Name On-Net Mins Off-Net Mins Free SMS Free MBs Validity Price Code
Jazz New SIM Offer 1000 1000 1000 7 Days Rs.0 *191#
Jazz 4G Sim Offer 500 500 5000 7 Days Rs.0 *443*30#
Jazz Super Sim Offer 600 30 600 6000 7 Days Rs.60 *476#
Jazz Weekly Voice Offer 650 7 Days Rs.80 *211#
Jazz Work from Home Bundle Unlimited 10000 7 Days Rs.95 *117*14#
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer 2000 2000 2000 7 Days Rs.100 *627#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only) 1000 50 1000 1000 7 Days Rs.120 *747#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid 1000 30 1000 1000 7 Days Rs.126 *407#
Jazz Weekly Social Plus 500 25 500 8000 7 Days Rs.150 *668#
Jazz Weekly All Network Package 1000 60 1000 3000 7 Days Rs.182 *700#
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer 1500 60 1500 6000 7 Days Rs.228 *770#


Jazz Monthly Call Packages

With more than 56 million subscribers in their database, Jazz is one of the top telecom companies in Pakistan offering premium services, with an aim to bring its customers only the best services. 

Besides a wide range of convenient call packages, Jazz also brings the fantastic opportunity to reactivate your sim with the ‘Jazz Sim Lagao’ Offer. 

This brilliant offer allows returning customers to enjoy 3000 On-Net Minutes, 3000 SMS, and 1500 MBs (except 9 pm-1 am) for just Rs 0.06. Simply reactivate your sim and dial *551# to enjoy the free bundle!

Besides this amazing reactivation offer, Jazz offers excellent monthly call packages, which you can easily subscribe to. Not only are these packages an affordable option, but they are also feasible for everyone due to their reasonable prices


Package Name Free On-Net Mins Free Off-Net Mins Free SMS Free MBs Validity Price Subscription Code
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer 250 35 2000 4000 30 Days Rs.120 *614#
Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer 5000 150 5000 10,000 30 Days Rs.454 *529#
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle 10000 100 2500 4000 30 Days Rs.545 *430#
Jazz Super Duper Cars 2000 150 2000 2000 30 Days Rs. 600 *601#
Jazz Monthly Premium Package 250 25000 30 Days Rs.650 *2000#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper 3000 165 3000 8000 30 Days Rs.655 *706#


Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer 5000 300 5000 17000 30 Days Rs. 870 *707#


The ‘Jazz Monthly Hybrid Offer’ is an excellent Jazz Call Package that is suitable for those that are living far away from their loved ones. You can easily talk to your friends and family by availing 10,000 On-Net Minutes, 10000 SMS and 1000 MBs in just Rs 390. You can subscribe to this package by simply dialling *430#.

Jazz offers this great month-to-month bundle with free On-Net, Off-Net, SMS, and internet. For cities that experience inadequate internet facilities, Jazz brings an exciting range of month-to-month bundles that offer free On-Net and Off-Net minutes with additional SMS and Internet MBs. These cities include Quetta, Mandi Bahauddin, Pishin, Phalia, Dinga, and a few other territories. For a subscription to the offer in these cities, dial *3500#. However, these cities may be subject to change as per the company’s policies and coverage areas. 

Jazz also brings its Super Duper Card, which offers 2000 On-Net minutes, 150 Off-Net minutes, 2000 SMS, and 2000 MBs of mobile internet for just Rs 600, which remains valid throughout the month.


Jazz Others Call Packages

With over 70 million users, Jazz is the largest mobile network operator. It is also one of the earliest to establish its brand in the country. The company follows an aggressive marketing approach which helps to onboard and retain customers. The company has expanded rapidly after the merger with Warid. Given its customer base, Jazz offers some of the most competitive Jazz Call Packages and data packages to its users.

There are several other tailored packages, including social and Whatsapp offers. With the Jazz Gold Super Advance offer, Jazz customers can also avail of an advance balance of Rs 30. The offer can be availed by dialing *113# (this service is for Jazz Gold Prepaid subscribers only). To enjoy this offer, the subscribers must recharge Rs. 50 or more.

Moreover, the customer’s credit should be less than Rs 15 to subscribe to this offer. Jazz 3D bundle is yet another great package offered by Jazz and a pleasant news for its customers. Jazz offers 500 On-Net minutes applicable for any Jazz/Warid number for 48 hours. To avail this offer dial *211# and to check the status string dial *211*2#. 


Package Name Free on-Net Min Free Off-Net Min Free SMS Free MBs Validity Price Subscribe
Jazz Saudia Arabia & UAE Offer Rs 0 *452#
Jazz UK Offer Rs 0 *456*2#
Jazz Super Advance Offer 3000 3000 6000 Rs 4.60 *112#
Jazz 3 Day Max Offer 100 1000 3 Days Rs 35 *631#
Jazz Give A Bundle 100 250 6 Months Rs 35 *919#
Jazz Voice Infinity Offer 115 15 3 Days Rs 50 *710#
Jazz Lajawab Haftawar Offer 2500 25 2500 2500 Rs 75 *565#


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