PTCL Flash Fiber Packages

PTCL’s Flash Fiber service represents their top-tier Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) offering. In this blog has come up with a comprehensive guide to the internet packages that experience the swiftest internet in your locality, delivering blazing speeds of up to 1Gbps, accompanied by unlimited downloads.

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PTCL Flash Fiber Packages & Pricing




On-Net Calls


Mobile minutesInternational minutes (Zone 1 Destinations)VAS BundleMonthly Charges
Hello Bronze Unlimited200 MinsFree

Rs. 200

Hello Silver

Unlimited700 Mins100 MinsFreeRs. 400
Hello GoldUnlimited2000 Mins100 MinsFree

Rs. 1,050

Hello Diamond

Unlimited4000 Mins400 MinsFreeRs. 5,000
Hello PlatinumUnlimited8000 Mins800 MinsFree

Rs. 8,000


Smart TV (Rs)

Smart TV App (Rs)FreeFreeFreeFree


VAS Bundle




However, one thing that you need to remember is that the offer is valid till 31st August 2023. Internet speeds vary based on the service type: up to 20 Mbps on ADSL, up to 50 Mbps on VDS, and up to 100 Mbps on GPON.


Introductory Charges

  • New connection: Rs. 6000/-
  • Transition from copper to GPON: Rs. 4000/-
  • The installation charges for a new internet connection (over an existing telephone line) are Rs. 2,499/- inclusive of tax. For a new Double Play (Telephone + Internet) or Triple Play (Telephone + Internet + Smart TV) installation, the charges are Rs. 5,000/- inclusive of tax.


GPON Installation Charges

  • For new Fiber to the Home (GPON) connections, the upfront installation fee is Rs. 15,000/-
  • GPON availability is limited to selected areas. Contact the helpline for more information.
  • The above packages are also available in a few selected revamped exchanges as well as for DSL/VDSL connections.

The conversion charges for transitioning an existing copper connection to GPON upfront are Rs. 7,500/-.


How to Purchase


ptcl flash fiber packages


To order the best Internet Service Provider in Pakistan, please call 1218 or visit your nearest PTCL shop or PTCL distributor.


PTCL Flash Fiber Internet Packages



PricesFree All Net Minutes
20Rs. 2199 + tax

100 minutes


Rs. 2899 + tax300 minutes
40Rs. 3799 + tax

300 minutes


Rs. 4749 + tax500 minutes
100Rs. 8449 + tax

500 minutes


Rs. 17,999 + tax

1000 minutes


Key Features

Following are the key features of PTCL flash fiber packages:

  • Unlimited downloading
  • Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Technology
  • Dual Band ONT with all connections
  • Shoq App Live TV , Movies & much more
  • Free All Net Minutes PTCL, Mobile & landline minutes


PTCL Flash Fiber Smart TV Packages


No of Smart TVs

PriceSTB Charges
1 TVRs. 250

Rs. 3999

2 TV

Rs. 400 2nd STB charges are 

Rs. 2499

3 or 4 TVRs. 500

3rd and 4th STB charges are Rs. 2499 each

These are the PTCL Flash Fiber packages 2023. For more information on PTCL internet packages, visit

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