Launch of Florence Galleria – a project by Imarat Group of Companies

October 11, 2019 – Islamabad: Imarat Group of Companies launched its project Florence Galleria in an event studded by all the major players of the real estate market. The event briefed the participants about Florence Galleria, which is a Renaissance-inspired luxury mall and hotel. The event included virtual reality (VR) for the participants, along with Augmented Reality (AR). The event featured a light show, and a performance by celebrity singer Sahir Ali Bagga.

Imarat Group of Companies CEO Shafiq Akbar said at the event that he had come from England back to his homeland to ensure that he could give back to his own country in some way. He said that he does not believe in working only for profits, and is aiming towards revamping the entire real estate system of Pakistan.

Lt Gen Haroon Aslam, President Advisory Board Graana Group of Companies said that even though the economy is weak, work is being on the improvement of the real estate sector. The sector is important because it has a lot of investment potential and can heavily support the economy. He said that Graana has played an important role in this regard because it was ideated by young people who are qualified. He said he chose to be the President with Graana Group of Companies because it has potential, and because they are going in step with time.

Regional Head Agency 21, the official selling partner of Imarat Group of Companies, said at the event that Florence Galleria is a perfect project from an investment point of view because investment here is secure, transparent, and offers easy buyback. He said the Group is ensuring fair and transparent systems for the people. He also stated that Graana and Agency 21 are available 24/7 to cater to interest.

Atif Masood, the Chief Development Officer of Imarat, said that Florence Galleria is the first project of its kind in Pakistan. He said the theme of Renaissance was chosen because it was an innovative addition to Pakistani architecture. He said that Florence Galleria would be a beautiful addition to the rapidly developing Zone 5 of Islamabad.

Farhan Javed, Director Marketing Graana, talked about the importance of new development of commercial buildings. He said that new cities play a vital role, and Florence Galleria brings the concept of new, sustainable buildings in commercial sector. He said that the project is a one-stop project for all the people’s needs. He also talked about inducting technology in the real estate sector and how Graana is actively working on that. He also detailed about what the Graana logo signifies, which is heart, home, and a feeling of care and being loved.

The project was received positively by the participants who showed interest in investment and agreed that Florence Galleria is indeed a unique project for the twin cities.


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