How Foreigners Can Apply for NADRA Pakistan Origin Card

POC Pakistan

In the last few years, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced several services to facilitate Overseas Pakistanis and former Pakistani citizens. NICOP (National Identify Card for Overseas Pakistanis) and POC (Pakistan Origin Card) are services that have been specifically launched by NADRA to provide some incentives to overseas and former Pakistanis.

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NICOP is a document issued to eligible Pakistanis who are living overseas. This document provides several benefits such as visa-free entry into the country, permission to buy or sell property, and the ability to open a bank account. Just like NICOP, POC holders can avail several incentives to make sure they remain connected to their home country.

For those that are eligible for these documents,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features an in-depth guide on how to apply for a Pakistan Origin Card (POC).


What is POC (Pakistan Origin Card)?


Pakistan Origin Card


POC, Pakistan Origin Card is a document that is issued to eligible foreigners who want to work or visit the country frequently. With this card, foreigners can avail benefits that are not available to other foreign nationals. Following are some of the benefits that are offered to POC holders.


Benefits for POC Holders

According to NADRA, POC holders can enjoy benefits like:

  • Multiple Visa-free entries into the country
  • Ability to open or operate a bank account like Roshan Digital Account from anywhere in the world.
  • Indefinite stay in the country with exemptions from reporting to the local law enforcement agencies and foreigners registration offices.
  • Ability to become a real estate investor in the country.
  • Swift immigration process for moving into/from Pakistan to any other part of the world.
  • Ability to apply for a job during the stay in the country.
  • Using POC as proof of identity instead of a National Identity Card.


Eligibility Criteria for Pakistan Origin Card

NADRA has set certain requirements that you have to meet in order to apply for a Pakistan Origin Card. These requirements have been listed below.

  • Former Pakistani national but surrendered the nationality to another country.
  • A foreign national but married to a Pakistani citizen, or parents are of Pakistani origin.
  • A foreign national but parents or grandparents are or were Pakistani nationals.
  • A foreigner (not born from Pakistani national/citizen parents) who is married to a Pakistani National/Citizen is eligible to apply for POC except for the following:
  • Citizen or national of India, Israel and Taiwan.
  • Citizen or national of a country not recognized by Pakistan
  • Citizens of any hostile country.
  • A foreigner but have siblings or relatives that are or were Pakistani nationals.

The Pakistani government has some arrangements with a few foreign countries which allow their residents to hold dual nationality. Following are the countries where you don’t have to surrender your nationality to apply for POC.

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Bahrain
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany (only children of Pakistani nationals who were born in Germany can apply)
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Syria
  • UK
  • USA


Required Documents to Apply for POC

In order to apply for a Pakistan Origin Card, you need to have the following documents.

  • You have to return the original and copy of CNIC/NICOP to the concerned NADRA offices.
  • If you are above 21 years of age, you have to apply for the cancellation of CNIC/CRC/NICOP before applying for a Pakistan Origin Card.
  • Applicants who are foreign nationals should attach an affidavit with their application. The affidavit can be downloaded from NADRA’s official website.
  • A valid copy of a foreign passport.
  • Overseas Pakistanis with dual nationalities should apply for NICOP. However, if they are applying for POC, they have to provide a renunciation certificate, which proves the cancellation of their Pakistani CNIC.
  • You must provide a CNIC/POC/NICOP/Passport of your parents/grandparents who are Pakistani nationals and must submit relevant documents proving your relationship with them.
  • You have to submit the CNIC/POC/Passport of your siblings/relatives who are Pakistani nationals and all the relevant documents that prove your relationship with them.
  • If your spouse is a Pakistani national, you have to submit the attested copy of your marriage certificate. The marriage certificate can be attested from the Pakistan embassy, consulate or foreign office.


Applying for POC (Pakistan Origin Card)

Once you have all the required documents and you meet the requirements specified in the eligibility criteria, then you can apply for a POC online from anywhere you want. To ease the process, all the instructions have been listed below.

  • Open the NADRA Pak Identity portal and create an account. If you already have an account then just enter your login credentials.


POC Pakistan


  • To create your account, you need to enter all the required information. Once all the information has been entered, you will receive a verification code via SMS or email.
  • Enter the verification code and your account will be created.
  • After creating the account, sign in to your account and click on “apply for POC”.
  • In the next step, you will get four application categories; ‘new’, ‘POC renewal’, ‘POC cancellation’, and ‘modification’. Select the relevant category and move to the next step.
  • Now you have to enter all the information in the form.


Benefits for POC holders


    • After you have entered all the information, you need to attach the required documents in PDF.
  • Once you’re done attaching the documents, you need to pay the POC application fee via credit/debit card.
  • Finally, submit your application and wait for the card to be delivered to the given address.


POC Application Fees

Following are the application fees for Pakistan Origin Card.


Application TypeNormal (31 days)

(In USD)

Urgent (23 days)

(In USD)

Executive (7 days)

(In USD)

New Card150N/A200
Modification of Data on POC200250300
Renewal of POC150N/A200
Cancellation of POCN/AN/A15


This service has made the process easy and beneficial for former Pakistani nationals. It saves time and offers a lot of convenience to people. For more information, visit Graana blog – Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.


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