List of Museums in Lahore features a list of museums in Lahore.

Museums are gateways to the past, preserving centuries worth of history and traditions of the region. Lahore being one of the oldest cities in Pakistan, it has an abundance of history preserved throughout its many museums.

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If you’re someone who enjoys exploring history and culture, these museums in Lahore should be your go-to., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features a list of some of the best museums in Lahore.


Museums in Lahore

The oldest museum in Lahore was established in the 1860s, showcasing the city’s immense history. Since then, there has been a surge in museums all over the city.

Whether you’re into cultural history or artefacts left from past wars, you’re bound to find something enticing in the following museums in Lahore.


Army Museum


The Army museum in Lahore pays tribute to the military's constribution.


Located in the Cantonment, the army museum in Lahore is a one-of-a-kind museum featuring the country’s military history in detail.

With several galleries dedicated to specific wars, the museum boasts weaponry and ammunition used in every single war that the country has fought.

Some of the must-see exhibits in the museum are the timelines of Pakistan’s historical wars, the collection of statues and paintings depicting the Commanders-in-Chief of the military, and an engraved list of the martyrs that laid down their lives for the homeland.

This museum in Lahore certainly honours the military’s contributions to the nation.


Lahore Museum


The Lahore museum is the one of the oldest museums in Lahore.


Being the oldest museum in the city, the Lahore Museum holds immense cultural value. The museum itself is a relic of the city’s history, as the building was designed during the British Raj by Sir Ganga Ram, a famous architect.

Since the Lahore Museum was founded in 1865, artefacts in the museum range from Buddhist relics from ancient civilizations to Mughal-era paintings, armouries, and pottery.

Overall, the museum boasts a total of 60,000 artefacts, divided into 14 galleries. These artefacts consist of both cultural and Islamic history, comprising coins, stamps, manuscripts, religious relics, and paintings.

Moreover, this museum in Lahore also consists of a bookshop, cafeteria, souvenir shop, and library – all within its premises.


National Museum of Science and Technology (NMST)


National Museum of Science and Technology is one of the best museums in lahore


Being the only science and technology museum in the country, the NMST boasts a wide range of scientific artifacts, showcasing the contributions that science has made toward the betterment of humanity. Overall, the museum holds a total of 500 exhibits divided among four galleries.

The exhibits consist of a variety of scientific fields, including mathematics, biology, electronics, physiology, medicine, and molecular biology. Moreover, the museum’s prized possession is South Asia’s largest Foucault’s Pendulum – a device depicting the Earth’s rotation.


Fakir Khana Museum


Fakir Khana Museum is a house-turned-museum.


Situated in Lahore’s Bhatti Gate, the Fakir Khana Museum is the region’s largest private collection of cultural artifacts.

These relics belong to the Fakir family, one of the city’s most prominent lineage that served under Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s era, as well as the British Raj. The Maharaja and Queen Victoria offered several gifts to the family.

In 1901, the Fakir family opened these priceless artifacts to the public, declaring the Fakir estate a museum. Currently, this museum in Lahore boasts almost 10,000 manuscripts, paintings, pottery, and a few Gandharan relics.


Allama Iqbal Museum



Another house-turned-museum, the Allama Iqbal Museum is also Iqbal’s last resting place, known as Javed Manzil. In honor of the great poet, this residence was converted into a museum and opened to the public. The museum is located in Garhi Shahu, a historic neighborhood of Lahore.

This coveted museum in Lahore exhibit’s all of Iqbal’s work – ranging from awards and medals to most of his education degrees. Overall, the museum has one library and nine galleries.


National History Museum


National history museum is one of the most hi-tech museums.


One of the country’s most advanced museums, the national history museum presents the country’s history in a very unconventional way. The museum allows visitors to view the exhibits digitally, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

For instance, visitors can experience history through virtual reality, holograms, and interactive screens, making the experience truly immersive.

The museum highlight’s the nation’s ideology, with exhibits ranging from the war of independence to the inception of the new state. Some of the exhibits consist of digital records of significant events such as the Gandhi-Jinnah talks, post-partition migration, and the overall struggle for independence.

Moreover, the museum offers a Heroes Gallery, a souvenir shop, and an amphitheatre.

Museums hold considerable importance for any nation, as they connect the people to their roots. With so many museums in Lahore, visitors can easily connect with their cultural roots and heritage, and understand the sacrifices that were made for this nation.

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