Low Premium Health Policies in Pakistan

Low Premium Health Policies in Pakistan

Health care is not cheap in Pakistan, especially if someone suffers an accident, or if the treatment requires the person to undergo numerous tests in order to correctly identify the root of the problem.

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This, coupled with expensive medicine, room charges, and post-hospitalization charges, can break the bank. Therefore, health insurance plans in Pakistan extend to cover most of these costs for an individual or their family on a given annual premium.

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Health Insurance Providers in Pakistan: A Comparison

It is also important to take a look at the national health policy or the national health vision of Pakistan (2016-2025) which, from the start states that “the vision of the policy is To improve the health of all Pakistanis, particularly women and children, through universal access to affordable quality essential health services, and delivered through the resilient and responsive health system.”

Furthermore, the health policy of Pakistan takes note of the people living below the poverty line and offers “Pro-poor social protection,” which offers to uphold the existing and finance new insurance schemes for primary and secondary health services.

In terms of the coverage amount, the following are some of the most cost-effective health insurance plans in Pakistan.

TPL Life

TPL Life’s Tahaffuz provides a coverage limit of Rs. 60,000 at an annual premium of Rs. 17,628. In addition, ambulance expense, pre, and post-hospitalization up to 30 days, coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, and cashless treatment at more than 300 well-equipped hospitals across Pakistan are also covered in the plan.

Moreover, the accidental emergency limit is Rs. 10,000 which is valid within 48 days.

Salam Takaful

Salam Takaful’s Salaam Sehat Plan has a network of 5 branches in Pakistan and provides coverage of Rs. 75,000 with the payment of an annual premium of Rs. 11,250. The plan has a room limit of Rs. 2000 per day, pre and post hospitalization expenses of 30 days, and the coverage of emergency international accidents.

Furthermore, it provides for online consultation with experts, cashless treatment at more than 450 hospitals and 50% coverage of pre-existing medical conditions and accidents.


Pak-Qatar Family Takaful

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful provides a plan titled “Family Sehat” at the annual premium of Rs. 29,250 and a coverage limit of Rs. 75,000.

It provides a room limit of Rs. 1,500 per day and also covers pre and post-hospitalization costs, specialized investigations, and covers cashless treatment in 200+ hospitals.

However, the plan does not cover ambulance expenses, emergency international expenses, and accidental emergencies.


UIC Pakistan

UIC provides UIC Health-Guard at an annual premium of Rs. 11,807 and a coverage limit of Rs. 100,000. The plan provides for medical treatment at more than 150 hospitals, and ambulance expenses of up to Rs. 15,000, room limit of Rs. 2,500, emergency expenses of Rs. 15,000, expense coverage of 30 days of pre and post-hospitalization, and online consultation with doctors.


First Digital Takaful

At an annual premium of Rs. 19,469, the First Digital Takaful’s Family Health Takaful provides coverage of Rs. 150,000 and a room limit of Rs. 5000 per day.

The plan covers cashless treatment at more than 150 hospitals and complete coverage of pre-existing medical conditions. Pre and post-hospitalization and online consultation with doctors are also covered in the plan.

Most importantly, the insurance plan can also be canceled in 14 days if the customer is not satisfied.


Some other programs are also outlined below:


Health Insurance Provider and PlanAnnual PremiumCoverageBenefits
Salaam Takaful (Salaam Sehat Plan – D)Rs. 19,688Rs. 150,000
  • Cashless treatment at 450+ hospitals
  • 50% coverage of pre-existing condition
  • Room coverage of Rs. 3,500/day
  • Pre and post hospitalisation up to 30 days
  • Online consultation
  • Emergency international expenses
Pak-Qatar Family Takaful (Family Sehat – Economy)Rs. 35,250Rs. 150,000
  • Cashless treatment at 200+ hospitals
  • Room coverage of Rs. 3000/day
  • Pre and post hospitalisation
  • Complimentary OPD benefit of Rs. 1,000
UIC Pakistan (UIC Health-Guard – Tulip)Rs. 17,083Rs. 175,000
  • Cashless treatment at 150+ hospitals
  • Room coverage of Rs. 3,500/day
  • Ambulance expense of Rs. 15,000
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expense of 30 days
  • Online consultation with doctors
  • Emergency expenses of Rs. 15,000


Besides these health insurance providers, Govt of Pakistan also has launched Sehat Card in Sehat Sahulat Program. Sehat card will provide 1000000RS health insurance to every family of Pakistan.

Benefits of Health Insurance

The following are some of the reasons why getting a health insurance plan in Pakistan is essential for you:

Pre Hospitalisation Coverage

The dominant idea in medical insurance is that it provides coverage for the time spent in the hospital but this is not actually true. Insurance providers now cover pre-hospitalisation expenses like visits to a doctor, medical tests, and medicines. In fact, most health insurance providers have 30-60 days of pre-hospitalisation coverage.


Post Hospitalisation Coverage

Similarly, the insurance provider also offers the patient 30 to 60 days of post-hospitalisation coverage for these expenses. This is because once a patient is discharged from the hospital, there is another phase of medical tests, medicines, and visits to the physician to ensure recovery.

Cashless Claim

Previously, health insurance providers used to reimburse the medical bills of the patient. However, nowadays they arrange cashless claims — the insurance providers are registered with a number of hospitals where the patient can get medical care without paying in cash.

Emergency Medical Coverage

There might come an occasion when a person needs urgent medical treatment or needs to go in surgery, thus depleting their monthly budget. To address this, insurance providers now provide emergency medical coverage in such scenarios.

Choice of Preferred Hospital

Insurance providers are now registered with a number of different hospitals. As a result, this gives the patient the option to get treated at a hospital of their own choosing.

There are a number of different health insurance plans in Pakistan that can address not only your specific needs but also those of your dependents.

Similarly, property (like health) is much cherished in Pakistan and needs to be insured. You can find Graana.com’s perspective on property insurance and why is it important, as well as the specifics of home insurance.


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