Mall of IMARAT – The Biggest Mall in Pakistan

IMARAT Group of Companies is leading Pakistan’s real estate market by taking several bold measures to transform and reshape the sector through digital solutions and transparent practices. It has established its legacy with an extensive portfolio of quality projects. 

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Islamabad’s emerging city centre

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Mall of IMARAT (previously known as Mall of Arabia), the group’s premium commercial project, is situated on the Islamabad Expressway, and is set to be Pakistan’s first and largest commercial mall. This is where the international hotel chain Four Points by Sheraton will be built, and it will also have direct access to the IMARAT Business District. 


Mall of IMARAT’s Prime Location


Front view of Pakistan's Arabian themed mall - Mall of IMARAT


Mall of IMARAT, Pakistan’s first mall with an Arabian tinge, is situated in the prominent area of Jinnah Garden, Islamabad, next to PWD. It covers a total of 880 feet on the Islamabad Expressway, and this strategic location makes it easily accessible to residents of the twin cities. 

Its proximity to some of the fastest-growing residential and commercial areas, such as Bahria Town, Gulberg Greens, and PWD, Islamabad has a significant impact on its value.


Pakistan’s Biggest-Themed Shopping Mall

Located on Faisal Avenue, Mall of IMARAT aims to provide a space that offers more than just a traditional shopping experience. With its cutting-edge digital interactivity and a media facade, it will support brands in revolutionising brick-and-mortar commerce.


When to Expect at the Launch of Mall of IMARAT

IMARAT Group’s avant-garde project is now near completion.

The mall will consist of two towers joined by a bridge and an underground basement. There are also three levels to accommodate parking. Tower 1 has almost been fully developed, and will be operational from May 2023 onwards.

This project is located in Islamabad Downtown, IMARAT’s flagship neighbourhood, and will include a Grand Bazaar as well as IMARAT Residences, which are premium flats available for sale.


Distinctive Features of Mall of IMARAT


Closer look of entrance of Mall of IMARAT


The following reasons are why Mall of IMARAT offers a truly new and unique experience.


Four Points by Sheraton

The mall’s upper levels will house the international hotel chain of Four Points by Sheraton. The mall’s location means that it will not only make for an excellent shopping experience, but also a convenient place to stay at. 


Biggest Leasable Retail Area in Pakistan

The mall is quickly selling units, owing to IMARAT’s successful portfolio of residential and commercial buildings. There is only a limited amount of lease space available, which is mostly booked by international and local brands – thus further adding to its demand. 


Largest Shopping Hub in Twin Cities

The twin cities have seen a considerable increase in the demand for commercial projects in recent years. Mall of IMARAT promises a safe investment opportunity, meeting the needs of both consumers and investors.

It also houses top national and international brands, giving customers a variety of options for shopping.


Massive Food Court Space

The mall will feature the biggest food court in Pakistan, which will comprise restaurants serving a range of cuisines – especially as a nod to the rich and diverse Arab culture. Visitors will have a huge selection of menus to choose from, in an atmosphere unmatched by any other. 


IT Hub

Mall of IMARAT will also include the biggest electronic market; an entire floor has been dedicated to tech-related activities. This space will be known as the IT Hub, and will offer a variety of electronic devices.


Dedicated Entertainment Zone in Mall of IMARAT

With the biggest kids’ entertainment zone in Pakistan, the Mall of IMARAT is a perfect family place. 

The children’s play area will be completely safe, but it will also be built with their physical and emotional health in mind. To make it a pleasant experience for everyone, the area will showcase a variety of swings and interactive games. A state-of-the-art movie theatre is also included in the mall’s master plan for movie buffs.


Biggest Media Façade in Asia

The largest media façade in Asia is yet another unique feature of Mall of IMARAT. An innovative digital interaction and engagement tool, the media façade will be a first-of-its-kind facility in commercial developments in Pakistan.

It will change the way brands and ideas are channelled to the audience, revolutionising experiences for customers and businesses.


Incredible Investment Opportunity in Twin Cities

IMARAT Group of Companies provides a bespoke investment plan for every unique project. If you’re interested in securing your future with the assurance of successful returns, real estate investment is the best course of action.

Given its brilliant planning and development, Mall of IMARAT is close to opening its first tower at the start of next year.

Investing here also ensures total control over the investment. It is the finest choice in the twin cities if you’re looking for a viable investment opportunity.



Mall of IMARAT is a much-awaited project in twin cities that celebrates Arabian heritage. This mega project is a brilliant addition to the capital with its lineup of international brands and state-of-the-art technology. 

For more information on the latest projects by IMARAT, visit Graana Blog.


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