Mall of Imarat: The Future of Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

POV: It is 2023. 

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Inflation is skyrocketing. The Rupee is falling. 

A rogue missile of the economy – with the warhead being the inflation, flying off into the unknown vastness; its journey unknown. And all the smoke below? Its rupee. Eschewing the rise and condemned to stay low. 

So, for Pakistani millennials and Generation X, what’s the plan for survival, flourishing and comfortable retirement? 


The Answer is: Good Old Real Estate Investment.

With the current state of the economy, real estate investment could provide a stable and profitable source of income for the future. 

  •       An industry with 5.6% share of national GDP, 9.6% shares in services takes the cake everytime. 
  •       It’s a tangible asset you can physically own. With FULL ownership. Unlike many other investment opportunities.
  •       The RE industry’s valuation in Pakistan is at $3 trillion. It will only increase since the price of land appreciates over time. Always.
  •       It has the highest per capita demand for housing in the world. 


Real Estate Investment


Real estate investment generates a steady stream of passive income, which is especially crucial for millenials who are currently figuring out their long-term finances. In addition, with the rapid urbanization and population growth in Pakistan, there is a growing demand for housing and commercial spaces, which translates into higher rental yields and capital gains for investors. So, if you are looking for a safe and profitable investment opportunity in Pakistan, real estate is undoubtedly the way to go. 


But out of hundreds of real estate investment projects, which one should I invest in?


More than 10% of TVC advertisements aired in Pakistan are by real estate companies. So amidst the surfeit of projects present in the industry, coupled with the extensive promotional campaigns propagated by each, how does one decide which project to invest their hard-earned financial resources in? 


Another major concern is the non-regulation of the industry. With more than 50-75% of all court cases in Pakistan being related to property disputes, the industry is clearly fraught with scams, incompetence and overcommitments.


We’ve got you though. Here’s all you need to know before investing in real estate.


Recognizing these insecurities, we have listed a fool-proof formula for you to decide which project deserves your investment. We call it OADD. 


Ownership: Has the land been properly acquired?

                      Does the developer company hold complete ownership?

Approval: Have all necessary approvals been processed?

                   Does the project list all of the approvals? 

Demand: Imagine the Centaurus set in the middle of the Thar desert.

                  Does the project have any demand there? 

Delivery: Is the project ever going to be completed and delivered?

                  Or will it only see the light of day in social media and words?


All you have to do to vet a project is:

  1. Do your research. You could do it on your own (online, consulting friends & family) or you could consult with trusted realtors as well. 
  2. Make the on-site checks. You should literally touch the square feet you are going to invest in. 
  3. Evaluate the project against our OADD formula. 

Thoroughly review the ownership and intended usage of the immediate areas where you plan to invest. If the project compromises on even one of the four metrics of OADD, it is not worth your investment. Just step back. 

Now that you know how to navigate your investment journey, the question remains the same: which project should you invest in? 

If you’re living in Pakistan, or overseas, Mall of IMARAT is the best real estate project to invest in. 


Why Mall of IMARAT?


  1. Has a HUGE Demand 



The mall will cater to more than 700,000 people residing in the immediate 5KM vicinity. Not to mention that it is ideally located to be in close proximity to 20+ housing societies in the twin cities including PWD, Bahria Town, DHA, Media Town, Naval Anchorage, Gulberg Greens, Airport Housing Society, Ghauri Town, Fazaia Colony and others. So their next shopping & entertainment destination is sorted!


       2. Location Could Not Be More Ideal



The strategic location of Mall of IMARAT on Main Islamabad Expressway presents an excellent opportunity for the mall’s success, in line with town planning theories. 

Islamabad Expressway is the core of the capital’s movement and connectivity. A signal free corridor that connects all areas between Faisal Masjid to T-chowk, the Expressway serves as the backbone of the federal capital. 

The high daily traffic volume of 100,000+ on Islamabad Expressway reflects the concept of urban mobility, where individuals seek to move from one point to another efficiently. By locating the Mall of IMARAT along this busy corridor, the mall can capitalize on the inherent footfall from people traveling along the expressway. 

Additionally, the mall’s location aligns with the transit-oriented development theory, promoting the integration of commercial spaces with public transportation. The mall’s presence on a major transportation route provides easy access for people using public transportation, enhancing the convenience of accessing the mall. This ensures that the Mall of IMARAT is accessible to a larger segment of the population, resulting in a higher number of visitors and potential customers. 

Overall, the Mall of IMARAT’s location on the Main Islamabad Expressway highlights the importance of strategic town planning in the success of commercial developments.


       3. Owned by the Best Developers in Pakistan


After having delivered 5 projects in 5 years, IMARAT has already built its portfolio as the fastest and most credible RE developer in Pakistan. It holds the accolade of the fastest vertical construction in Pakistan. 

Having won the “ICCI President Award” for last three consecutive years in ‘Fastest Growing Brand’ category, IMARAT:

  • Is constructing 17 new projects with a covered area of  10M+ Sq Ft
  • Has partnered with Marriott International and constructing 4 new hotels to promote tourism and hospitality sectors of Pakistan
  • Introduced new Land Information Management & Property Verification System by digitizing all the land parcels across Pakistan


      4. Long-Term Development Here is Unparalleled 



A key when considering property location is the mid-to-long-term view regarding how the area is expected to evolve over the investment period. For example, today’s peaceful open land at the back of a residential building could someday become a noisy manufacturing facility, diminishing its value. 



For Mall of IMARAT, you don’t need to worry about any of it. The long-term development is even better than the project itself. Islamabad Downtown – the most prestigious square kilometer – by IMARAT will be a revolution for the twin cities. Other than Mall of IMARAT, it will feature IMARAT Residences – Islamabad’s top residential project, Grand Bazar – the New Raja Bazar, IMARAT boulevard & Urban Forest with all the greenery you need in your life, Harley Centre and much more.

Also, Mall of IMARAT is a critical component of the IMARAT Business District which is the focal point of Islamabad Downtown. The project is strategically located in the business hub, grounding the budding economic activity. The prime location of the mall helps connect the commercial with the residential as it is close to over 20 housing societies of the twin cities situated along the Islamabad Expressway.


         5.Will be the Biggest Mall of Pakistan


You read it right. Mall of IMARAT is the biggest mall of Pakistan in construction. 



With more than half a million square feet of leasable area, Mall of IMARAT is surrounded by an enchanting collection of haute couture fashion, and top international and local brands (Read: KHAADI at Mall of IMARAT). Not only this but it will feature office spaces for small, medium and large enterprises, state of the art facilities, easy and convenient parking space in proximity to other major businesses in the area.

List of Amenities:

  1. Business and Expo centers
  2. Thematic Floors
  3. Luxury Retail
  4. Exclusive Parking
  5. Food court and Restaurant
  6. Biggest kids play area in Pakistan
  7. Entertainment hub
  8. Wellness club
  9. Harley Centre
  10. Grand bazar
  11. Exquisite fine dining
  12. Biggest Design Studio in Pakistan


Who does not look for aesthetics?


It is not only the largest but will also be the most modern and well-equipped shopping center in the country, offering an unmatched selection of high-end brands, exquisite dining options, and unparalleled entertainment facilities. From designer fashion labels to cutting-edge technology, from traditional Pakistani handicrafts to international cuisine, it will have everything that Pakistani shoppers could ever desire.

Located near the highly sought-after residential areas of PWD, DHA, and Bahria, Mall of IMARAT is the perfect destination for families, friends, and couples looking to unwind, indulge, and shop with convenience.


Fulfills the fool-proof OADD formula


Since you have all the information, we will leave the exercise of vetting Mall of IMARAT against OADD formula to you!


invest with imarat Islamabad’s emerging city
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