Mangla Cantt: A Comprehensive Overview 

Mangla Cantt is a military garrison situated near Mangla Dam in the Jhelum District of Pakistan. Nestled across the Jhelum River in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, the town of Mangla and its impressive dam boast an intriguing blend of strategic importance, historical significance, and communal harmony. Covering an area of 1.2 km square, Mangla Cantonment is home to a population of 10,000, making it a vibrant and lively community. 

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In this blog, will share the details about Mangla Cantt, exploring its historical roots, its healthcare facilities and the overall infrastructure and amenities that make it a thriving hub for residents. 


Overview of Mangla Cantt 

Located in the Jhelum District of Pakistan, Mangla Cantonment is a military garrison that plays a vital role in ensuring national security. As an integral part of the armed forces, the cantonment provides a base for military operations, training, and administrative functions. It serves as a bastion of defence, safeguarding the region and its people. 


Mangla Cantonment’s Location and Features 

Located near Mangla Dam, Mangla Cantonment enjoys a picturesque setting alongside the banks of the Jhelum River. The strategic placement of the cantonment enhances its defensive capabilities while offering breathtaking natural beauty. The town of Mangla, with its proximity to the cantonment, adds to the charm and convenience of the area. 


Historical Background of Mangla Cantt 

The establishment of Mangla Cantonment traces back to the construction of the Mangla Dam, which required the evacuation of several villages, including Baral, Baruti, Thill, and Sultanpur. Initially, the area was occupied by foreign contractors and their families, but after their departure, the control of the land shifted from WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) to the army. Thus, Mangla Cantonment came into existence, eventually evolving into a bustling military stronghold. 


Mangla Dam


water flowing through water flow ways


At the centre of Mangla Cantonment lies the magnificent Mangla Dam, which holds immense significance in water management. The dam’s reservoir serves as a vital source of water, providing irrigation facilities for crops in the surrounding region.

By regulating water flow, the dam plays a crucial role in sustaining agriculture and supporting the livelihoods of countless farmers. Some of the key contributions of Mangla Dam are as follows. 


Healthcare Facilities in Mangla Cantt 

Ensuring the well-being of its residents is of paramount importance in Mangla Cantonment. The cantonment boasts top-notch healthcare facilities, including the esteemed Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Mangla.

With its dedicated medical professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure, CMH Mangla offers comprehensive healthcare services to both military personnel and civilians. 


CMH Mangla Cantt

CMH Mangla Cantt

CMH Mangla stands as a beacon of medical excellence, providing a wide range of specialised services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, maternity services, and diagnostic facilities.

The hospital’s commitment to quality healthcare has earned it a reputation as a trusted medical institution, catering to the needs of the community with utmost care and compassion. 


Mangla Cantt Public Infirmary 

In addition to CMH Mangla, the residents of Mangla Cantonment benefit from the presence of Cantt Public Infirmary. The healthcare facility caters to the primary healthcare needs of the community, offering essential medical services, consultations, and preventive care.

The infirmary plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall well-being of the residents and promotes a healthy and thriving community. Not only this but also, the presence of better healthcare facilities impacts the prices of residential properties positively.


Infrastructure and Residential Facilities 

Mangla Cantonment prides itself on its well-developed infrastructure and residential facilities. The cantonment provides a range of amenities, including modern housing complexes, educational institutions, commercial areas, and recreational facilities. The well-planned layout and well-maintained infrastructure contribute to a comfortable and conducive living environment for residents and their families. 


Education System 


aps building in mangla cantt


Recognising the importance of education, Mangla Cantonment has established a robust education system. The cantonment boasts several educational institutions that cater to the academic needs of both military personnel and civilians. These institutions provide quality education and equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful future. 


Recreational Activities and Facilities 

Life in Mangla Cantonment is not just about work and responsibilities; it also offers a plethora of recreational activities and facilities. The cantonment provides various sports complexes, parks, and leisure areas where residents can engage in physical activities, relax, and enjoy quality time with their families. The availability of recreational facilities adds vibrancy and a sense of community to the cantonment. 


Economic Significance of Mangla Cantonment 

Beyond its military and strategic importance, Mangla Cantonment contributes significantly to the local economy. The cantonment provides employment opportunities for the residents and generates economic activity through various commercial enterprises. Its economic significance extends beyond its borders, positively impacting the surrounding region and fostering growth and prosperity. 


Nearby Cities 

Following are some of the cities located near Mangla Cantt. 




aerial view of rohtas fort

Situated along the eastern bank of the Jhelum River, the city of Jhelum is an important urban centre near Mangla Cantonment. Known for its rich history dating back to ancient times, Jhelum boasts notable landmarks such as the Rohtas Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the mausoleum of Alexander the Great’s beloved horse, Bucephalus. The city also offers picturesque views of the river and opportunities for boating and fishing. 




aerial view of mirpur

Approximately 15 kilometres from Mangla Cantonment lies the vibrant city of Mirpur. Renowned for its scenic beauty, Mirpur is nestled amidst hills and valleys. The city is home to the famous Mangla Dam Viewpoint, offering breathtaking panoramic vistas of the dam and its surrounding landscapes. 


Kharian Cantt 


some chowk in Kharian cantt

Kharian Cantt is a military cantonment located in the Gujrat district of Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the largest cantonments in the country and is home to several military bases and training facilities.

Kharian Cantt is a well-developed and modern cantonment. It is home to several amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping areas, and recreational facilities. The cantonment is also well-connected by road and rail and is easily accessible from major cities in the country. 

Kharian Cantt is a vibrant and growing community. It is home to a diverse population of military personnel and civilians 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the population of Mangla Cantonment? 

The population of Mangla Cantonment is approximately 10,000. 


What is the historical significance of Mangla Cantonment? 

Mangla Cantonment has a rich historical background, stemming from its establishment during the construction of the Mangla Dam and its association with notable individuals like General Pervez Musharraf. 


What are the healthcare facilities available in Mangla Cantonment? 

Mangla Cantonment boasts top-notch healthcare facilities, including the renowned Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Mangla, and Cantt Public Infirmary. 


How does Mangla Dam contribute to water management? 

Mangla Dam plays a vital role in water management by providing irrigation facilities for crops in the surrounding region and meeting Pakistan’s water needs. 

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