Metaverse: The Rise of a New Real Estate


The real estate market is one of the most valuable markets for investing money and increasing earnings. Over the past years, the industry has substantially changed through technology and has only gotten better. A tremendous new thing in real estate technology is the Metaverse. Buying land in this virtual world is becoming a whole new real estate mania. Digital land trading is getting a high notch as investors pile millions of dollars into a never-before-seen virtual real estate market. In this 3D environment, land trade is done in the form of concrete facilities, shopping malls, and other properties to prepare for the metaverse economic boom. The transformation and merging from real life to electronic events has considerably enhanced, directing the evolution of digitally native nations.

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Dive in The Metaverse

The Metaverse is a group of unflagging shared 3D digital environments where one can visit places, shop for products, subscribe to services, work with associates, play games, and even customize the scenes to meet one’s personal tastes and requirements. It is formed by a collaborative effort of a Metaverse group of companies and Cesium, a software firm. It is an online empire that allows the internet for realistic, three-dimensional experiences, and is growing increasingly a popular business venture. Basically, it is the advanced stage of the internet that allows one to go inside the virtual world. Instead of using a computer, a headset is needed to enter this digital wonder universe that is linked to all kinds of electronic platforms. Companies like Facebook and Microsoft have already announced million-dollar plans directed towards the advancement of the Metaverse.


How to Buy Land in The Metaverse?

Virtual land is as appealing as much of an investment as physical land. People are spending millions to purchase a piece of property in this 3D digital world and experts declared it a multi-trillion-dollar investment opportunity. The biggest investment worth $2.4 million dollars was done by a Canadian firm. The land bought by the firm consists of 116 parcels (plots), measuring 52.5 square feet each, making the land 6,090 virtual square feet in size. Payment is done in the form of virtual currency like Bitcoin or any other digital currency. There are many digital marketplaces in the metaverse where one can buy land, visit buildings, walk around and meet people as avatars (3D version of humans). Decentraland is a specific type of marketplace that uses blockchain technology where land and other items are sold in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a kind of crypto asset. This land will be used to hold digital fashion shows and expand e-commerce services with fashion brands.


Value of Land in the Metaverse

People are going crazy to buy land in the metaverse because of the hype created around it. The scarcity principle is being used in the metaverse to gain the interest of people. According to the principle, to generate demand, scarcity for a given product is created to make it more exclusive. Similarly, in the metaverse, the plots or parcels of the virtual land are limited to an extent and are generating high demand. Thus, it appears to have the potential to become a feasible financial asset, similar to the real estate industry of the physical world. The orientation of the virtual land with the expanding cryptocurrency makes it capable of delivering enormous returns. The use of block technology also enhanced its value as it avoids extensive paperwork, land maintenance, and tax to be paid.



The unrestricted flow of non-fungible tokens(NFTs) and cryptocurrencies in the metaverse are taking the shape of a virtual economy. Around a 2.5billion people are involved in the virtual trading activities happening in the metaverse. Such numbers seem powerful enough to bring drastic social, technological, and economic changes in the real world. The dramatic increase in spending on virtual land could also be considered a highly risky investment as those pieces of land do not exist. However, feverish predictions of a virtual reality future are pushing investors to bet big on digital real estate.


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