Modern Art Galleries in Karachi

Modern Art Galleries in Karachi

Modern art galleries in Karachi feature the most fascinating art pieces from various artists. These galleries promote cultures and arts across borders.

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Art galleries provide an opportunity for individuals from different backgrounds to come together and visualise cultural evolution. Pakistan’s art culture has always had prolific artists and art galleries featuring their artworks on national and international levels.

The city of Karachi especially has produced the best artists, intellectuals, and thinkers. Ismail Gulgee, Syed Sadequain Ahmad Naqvi, Bashir Mirza, Ahmed Parvez, and Zahoor ul Akhlaq are some prominent names in the local art scene, considering their substantial contributions in the form of paintings and sculptures., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has listed the most popular modern art galleries in Karachi below.


List of Modern Art Galleries in Karachi

These galleries feature the most fascinating art pieces. Moreover, they promote new artists in their distinctive fields, hence influencing several generations of artists.


Frere Hall


Modern Art Galleries: Frere Hall

With a Venetian-Gothic appearance, combining local and British architectural elements, Frere Hall is a symbol of the British Raj in Pakistan. Initially constructed as a tribute to Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere in 1865, the then Chief Commissioner of Sindh, Frere Hall later catered to the needs of civil matters as it became a public library.

After the British left, the building was substantially redecorated with Islamic art. Over time, Frere Hall became the symbol of Karachi’s dwindling heritage and culture.

Today, Frere Hall has been transformed into a museum and art gallery. It houses magnificent art pieces and artefacts from Karachi’s grand history. Numerous art exhibitions, food festivals, book fairs, and other events take place here regularly as well. 

Address: R2XM+263, Fatima Jinnah Rd., Saddar Civil Lines, Karachi


Clifton Art Gallery


Clifton Art Gallery


Featuring artworks of masters like Ismail Gulgee, Bashir Mirza, Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi, Askari Mian Irani, S.M Naqvi and Eqbal Mehdi, Clifton Art Gallery is one of the most famous art galleries in Pakistan. Inaugurated in 1991, Clifton Art Gallery aims at promoting Pakistani art on local and international platforms.

It primarily features landscape, abstract, miniature, calligraphy, and figurative genres of art. Having connections with senior artists, Clifton Art Gallery hosts lectures on subjects of culture, history, and art regularly. The “Master Collection” section presents art pieces of the great painters and artists of Pakistan.

Clifton Art Gallery also provides art enthusiasts with an opportunity to purchase master art pieces. Young artists can also display their artworks in various art exhibitions and connect with other artists.

Address: F-44/1, Block، 4 E St, Phase V Defence V Clifton, Karachi

Phone: 0300 9294108


Chawkandi Art Gallery


Chawkandi Art Gallery


Leading the promotion of Pakistani art in an unprecedented way, Chawkandi Art Gallery is one of the most prestigious art galleries in Pakistan. Established in 1985 by Zohra Husain, Chawkandi aims at promoting and showcasing artworks of senior artists such as Sadequain, Ahmed Pervaiz, Abdur Rahman Chughtai, Bashir Mirza, and many others.

The gallery exclusively features the works of the renowned artists Zahoor ul Akhlaq and Shahid Sajjad as well. Chawkandi also hosts art discussions, shows, book launches, and exhibitions several times a year. It has become a place where senior and junior artists frequently interact with others. For collectors and art dealers, Chawkandi stands as the most reliable partner.

Address:  105 Marine Point, DC-1 Block 9 Clifton, Karachi

Phone: +92 21 35373582


Artciti Gallery


Artciti Gallery


Artciti is Pakistan’s first online art gallery where artists from around the country can showcase their artworks as well.

Established in January 2014, Artciti has held over 55 exhibitions till now. It features works from some of the most famous artists from Pakistan. Moreover, it also provides a platform for young artists from Pakistan to showcase their talent.

Artciti is also planning to hold in-house exhibitions for Pakistani and foreign artists. It features artworks from various genres including landscape, figurative, abstract, miniature, seascape, etc.

Due to its online presence, Artciti has managed to gain attention from many countries. For collectors and artists who are looking for potential opportunities, Artciti is undoubtedly the best platform.

Address: Plot # 36C, 2nd Floor, Bukhari Commercial Lane 13, Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi,

Phone: 92 21 35250496-95


V.M Art Gallery


V.M Gallery


Under the management of Rangoonwala Trust (of the Rangoonwala Community Centre), VM Art Gallery was established in 1987. The real purpose of this art gallery was to promote arts education, especially among women living in the Rangoonwala Community Centre, and also provide a platform for artists around the country to display their work.

Riffat Alvi played a leading role in making VM Art Gallery a pioneering force in the Pakistani art scene. It is regarded as one of the best venues for art exhibitions and displays. The intimate spaces with installation facilities, suspensions, assemblage, groups of various objects, and artefacts – all make the environment of V.M Art Gallery dignified and welcoming for all artists.

VM Art Gallery arranges art classes and shows regularly to inspire young Pakistani artists.

Address: ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre

Phone: (021) 34948088


Art Scene Galleries


Art Scene Gallery


Art Scene Galleries was established in 2007 to introduce legendary artists to the younger generation of Pakistan and provide them with a basic understanding and knowledge of various forms of art. It is one of the leading art galleries in Pakistan. 

Like several other art galleries in Karachi, Art Scene is focusing on featuring young Pakistani artists on international art platforms.

After curating various art exhibitions and shows at the Australian Art Fair, Singapore Art Fair, Malaysian Art Fair, and Dubai Art Fairs in the past few years, Art Scene has gained worldwide popularity. It has the privilege to be the first Pakistani art gallery to participate in Melbourne’s Art Fair in 2012.

Address: #F 39/1 Clifton Block 4, Karachi

Phone: +92 302 2740111


Koel Art Gallery


Koel Gallery


Koel Art Gallery was established in 2009 with the aim to “bridge the divide between the arts and crafts”. It has a designated space for exhibitions and art shows where visual arts and crafts both are exhibited. Artists are frequently present to interact with the visitors and share their inspiration for a specific artwork.

Managed by the visual artist Noorjehan Bilgrami, the Koel Art Gallery is a leading platform for artists across the country to show their work. It arranges art sessions and classes for the youth to brief them about Pakistan’s rich artistic and cultural history.

Address: F-42/2, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi

Phone: +92 (21) 35831292




Sadequan's Painting


Founded in 1999, Canvas is one of the leading art galleries in Pakistan. It focuses on discovering, supporting, and cultivating Pakistani artists. It has provided a platform for modern and contemporary artists specifically. 

For art enthusiasts and many artists across Pakistan, Canvas is the best place to buy or sell artworks. It also promotes interaction among the artists. In its exhibitions and displays, Canvas usually displays experimental artwork in the form of paintings, sculptures, and digital prints.

Address: D-40, 1, Kehkashan Block 4 Clifton

Phone: 0318-0022023


These are some most famous art galleries in Karachi that arrange art exhibitions regularly. Apart from them, there are several other art galleries as well that work closely with government and non-government institutions to promote artists.

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Here are some FAQs related to art galleries in karachi.


What are some popular art galleries in Karachi?

Some popular art galleries in Karachi include Koel Gallery, Canvas Gallery, Sanat Initiative, Chawkandi Art Gallery, and Art Chowk.


Where can art galleries be found in Karachi?

Art galleries can be found in various areas of Karachi, including Clifton, DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Zamzama, and the Karachi Art Council.


What types of art are exhibited in Karachi art galleries?

In Karachi art galleries, a diverse range of art forms is exhibited, including paintings, sculptures, installations, mixed media, photography, and digital art.


Can artists showcase their work in Karachi art galleries?

Yes, artists can showcase their work in Karachi art galleries. These galleries often provide opportunities for emerging and established artists to exhibit their artwork.


Are there any entry fees for visiting art galleries in Karachi?

Some art galleries in Karachi may have entry fees for specific exhibitions or events. However, many galleries offer free admission for visitors to explore the artwork.

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