Naval Anchorage, Islamabad: Facilities and Quality Living

Entrance of Naval Anchorage islamabad

Naval Anchorage is one of the most upscale residential housing schemes in Islamabad. The society is under the jurisdiction of the Islamabad Capital Territory. Naval Anchorage Islamabad is a CDA-approved society, making it an attractive option for investment for both investors and future residents.

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Naval Anchorage is backed by the Pakistan Naval Force in Islamabad. The prices in the locality have increased by over 0.51% per sq. ft over the last 7 years. It is a developed and affordable housing venture that will give affordable living options to the people of the city., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has outlined all the basic facilities and modern amenities available in Naval Anchorage Islamabad.


History of Naval Anchorage Islamabad

Naval Anchorage Islamabad was initiated in late 1989 by the Pakistan navy housing scheme. The society was developed for the families of Pak Navy officers and employees and the families of martyrs of the Navy.

One of the main features of this society is that the owners can transfer the property with ease to any person as well. The developers of the society have presented 4 projects under the umbrella of Naval Anchorage in Karachi, Gwadar, Lahore, and Islamabad.


Location of Naval Anchorage Islamabad


entrance naval anchorage islamabad


Naval Anchorage is located before Kahuta Road on the eastern side of Islamabad Highway. The society covers an area of 3677 Kanals with a total of 1339 residential plots.


Map of Naval Anchorage Islamabad

Below is the Naval Anchorage Islamabad map.


Map of naval ancorage islamabad


Distance to other Vicinities


Routes to Naval Anchorage islamabad


The distance to other vicinities from Naval Anchorage Islamabad is mentioned below.


Phases in Naval Anchorage Islamabad

The society has 2 phases named Naval Anchorage Phase 1 and Naval Anchorage Extension. Both phases feature several blocks. These phases offer different sized residential and commercial plots. Blocks in Phase 1 range from A-G, while the Extension comprises of blocks ranging from J-M.


Properties in Naval Anchorage Islamabad


Overiveiw of houses in Naval Anchorage islamabad


The society offers both commercial and residential properties. Both phases offer different sizes of residential and commercial plots, houses, and apartments in various sizes. It provides a modern and international lifestyle to its residents. The availability of facilities and lush serene living spaces make it an attractive location, ideal for living and investments.

The society has become much more developed over the years, and the prices of properties in the area have been rising at a rapid pace, making this the perfect time to invest in this area.

The standard size of houses for sale and rent in Naval Anchorage phase 1 Islamabad includes  5-marla, 14-marla, 1-Kanal, and 2-Kanal. On the other hand, the Naval Anchorage Extension has 5-marla and 1-Kanal plots.

There are multiple well-constructed houses for sale in Naval Anchorage Islamabad. Moreover, the area features upper portions and lower portions of houses for rent. The prices may vary as per the location, sector, portions, type, and size of the property.


Price trends in Naval Anchorage Islamabad

As the society develops further, modern architecture is being introduced and more economical options are being added. Furthermore, the society offers an option of plot installment. Multiple size plots for sale are also available in Naval Anchorage Islamabad as well.

Due to its infrastructure, facilities, and amenities, the town attracts a lot of investors, buyers, and tenants. The property prices in the locality vary with the area, size, sector, condition, type of property, location, and amenities available in the area. In many instances, buyers and tenants may be able to negotiate the price as they are usually a little flexible. 

We have listed down the standard prices of houses for sale, and plots for sale in Naval Anchorage.

Price Trends of Houses in Naval Anchorage Islamabad

SizeHouse for sale 
5 marla  Rs 2 crores to 240 crores
1 Kanal Rs530 crores to 630 crores
2 kana  Rs10 crores to 11 crore

Price Trends of plots for sale in Naval Anchorage Islamabad

Size Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
5 MarlaRs 80 lac to 125 crores
2 KanalRs 430 to 5 crores
14 marla Rs 2 crore 230 crores
1 Kanal Rs 250 to 350 crore


Amenities and Facilities

Along with well-built houses, the area is packed with world-class facilities and amenities. Mentioned below are the facilities and amenities available in the society.

  • The continuous and affordable electricity supply is available 24/7
  • Gas and clean water 
  • An attractive entrance gate,
  • An eco-community
  •  Presence of a famous shopping area
  • Maintenance services 
  • State of the art and highly modern infrastructure
  • PTCL and Wifi Connections
  • Highly modern security installations
  • Modern sewerage system
  • Wide main and internal roads
  • Sports complex
  • Community center

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities and amenities, the area has a dedicated Building and Maintenance Control Department and a top-class security system with a Quick Response Force (QRF).


Medical Facilities

Quick access to medical facilities is a major factor when it comes to deciding on a location to live. This is to stay safe in emergency situations, as well as for the convenience of patients who cannot travel from far-off areas. The area has medical facilities available for its residents as evident by the presence of 4 clinics and 1 hospital in the vicinity. 

  • Islamabad Health Services
  • Regional Health Center Sihala
  • R.H.C Hospital Sihala
  • PNS Hafeez – Naval Hospital
  • MediPlus Clinic

Educational Institutions

Since there are many quality educational options in the area, opting to live here is an easy decision to make. Naval Anchorage Islamabad has around 9 schools and colleges with Bahria College under construction. We have mentioned a list of top-notch schools and colleges available in the area.

  • Bahria Foundation College
  • Brainiacs Montessori & Junior School
  • BFC Anchorage
  • Islamabad Model School For Boys Sihala
  • 1341 Gagri Model Girls College
  • Pearl Chanab School and College
  • Roots International Schools & Colleges Richmond Campus




chinese food


If you are planning to live in Naval Anchorage, there are a variety of restaurants and facilities that add to your convenience. A variety of dining options are available ranging from Chinese to Desi. Following are some popular restaurants near the area that you can try.

  • Root Bistro
  • City Food & Bar B.Q
  • Snack Rack Bakery
  • La Sortie Restaurant
  • Bhaati Gate Restaurant
  • Live Kitchen
  • southern crust pizza
  • Safari Fusion
  • Mujji’s Smoke Station

The above-mentioned amenities and facilities make naval anchorage Islamabad an ideal place to live in. You can find multiple living options in the area. If you’re looking for more information on Islamabad and its best residential areas, follow Graana blog.

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