Complete List of CDA Approved Housing Societies

When the time to invest your hard-earned money comes, running a background check on the viable options to make an informed choice is the right way to go. To ease the decision-making of investors in this regard, development authorities like Capital Development Authority  have released a complete list.

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Learn More brings you a detailed list of CDA-approved housing societies in Islamabad that are a great option for you to invest and live in without any uncertainty and legal scares.


Why Do You Need to Check NOC for CDA-Approved Housing Societies?

If you’re a real estate investor or looking for a plot to build your house, you need to know that illegal housing schemes can be deconstructed anytime as per the order of the court, as per updated CDA news.

To avoid such unfortunate situations in the future, you need to be aware of the housing scheme you’re considering has proof of acquired NOC. 

Non-Obligation Certificate (NOC) is proof of legal permission that is given by the CDA office or development authority of an area. This means that the government will supervise the project to be delivered in time, as long as it is legally approved according to the master plan.


CDA Approved Housing Societies List

This is a complete and CDA-approved list of legal and approved housing properties that have been issued NOCs by CDA, as per the CDA website.

This is a great source of information if you’re looking to invest. Let’s take a look at approved projects in Islamabad. 


Bahria Town, Phase-II, III, V & VI


Bahria Town - Approved Housing Society


  • Location: Mouza Kotha Kalan
  • Area: 2501 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 1384
  • Layout Plan: The layout Plan was approved on 08-08-2000. 
  • NOC: Issued on 05-07-2001


Bahria Town, Islamabad is a very popular project that has captured the attention of thousands of people around the country. This project is in major cities, but Islamabad is a popular area that shares one side with Rawalpindi.

This housing project is a legal real estate development in the capital and is spread across a vast land alongside Islamabad Expressway, and in close vicinity to DHA. Bahria Town has approved NOC for the development of a housing scheme. 


Bahria Town (Phase-VII-E)


Bahria Town - cda approved housing societies


  • Location: Mouza Khota Kalan, Humak of GT Road (Near Soan Bus Stand)
  • Total Area: 711 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 647
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 14-05-2012
  • NOC: Issued on 20-03-2015

This is an extension project as a phase for Bahria Town and was planned and approved after the initial phases were complete.

This is a great opportunity for investors as the area is well-developed and famous for the value that it gives off the land. 


Cabinet Division Employees Co-operative Housing Society


Cabinet Division Housing Authority - islamabad housing societies list


  • Location: Sectors E-16 & E-17
  • Area: 4405 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 2749   View Details
  • Layout Plan: The layout Plan was approved on 28-06-2004. Revised Layout Plan submitted.
  • NOC: Issued on 13-10-2004.

CDECHS is a developing project that is approved by CDA and has obtained NOC for real estate development in the area. This is a housing scheme that aims to provide a modern lifestyle and is located close to the city of Islamabad. 

The project aims to be a pedestrian and cycling-friendly neighbourhood that has a serene atmosphere and close community. It is an up-and-coming project and great for investors who are looking for safe options. 

CBR Town


CBR Town - cda approved housing societies


  • Location: Mouza Lohi BherOff Soan Garden Road, Islamabad Highway
  • Area: 1093 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 1041  
  • Layout Plan: The layout Plan was approved on 24-02-2007
  • NOC: Issued on 28-05-2009

CBR Town is a housing scheme that is a project of the Central Board of Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (CBR-ECHS), in Islamabad.

The town is in neighbourhoods with Bahria Town and Soan Garden and is a fully developed housing scheme that has a complete facility of gas, water, and electricity.
CBR Town is easily accessible through Islamabad Expressway and is an approved CDA housing scheme that you can invest in without any worry.


Engineers Housing Scheme


Engineers Housing Society


  • Location: Sectors D-16 & D-17
  • Area: 1156 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 706   
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 01-03-2008
  • NOC: Issued on 08-11-2010

Engineers Housing Scheme is a vast housing project that has over 1000 Kanals of land under its umbrella. This housing scheme was specially introduced for government employees working in Grade -17 and onwards. 

This is a closed-community project that is built legally and is a good place to invest your money if you are looking for CDA approved projects. 


Gulberg Greens Housing Scheme


Gulberg Green


  • Location: Mouza Koral, Boora Bangial, Pahag, Darwala, Ghora Sardar
  • Area: (3862 Kanals already approved) Revised/ Extended land measuring over 18660.84 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 409
  • Layout Plan: 3862.85 Kanals approved on 26-08-2011. Extended land measuring 18660.84 approved on 13-07-2018
  • NOC: Initially issued on 28-05-2012, Revised NOC issued on 26-06-2020


Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a huge project that is built on a vast area of land. Amongst the housing schemes in Islamabad, Gulberg is one of the most premium and well-developed housing projects that you can invest in.

It is easily accessible from Islamabad Expressway and takes about 20-25 minutes to reach the place. 

The project has vast commercial space, as well as farmhouse-allocated areas and residential space that you can opt for. NOC was issued to Gulberg Green and is listed under CDA-approved projects. 


Gulberg Residencia (IBECHS Ph-III) Housing Scheme


Gulberg Residencia is in the list of cda approved housing societies in islamabad


  • Location: Mouza Darwala, Khatreel and Sher Dhamyal, Darwala Road
  • Area: 19390.36 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 12477
  • Layout Plan: 3799.09 Kanals approved on 18-06-2010. Revised/ Extended Layout Plan measuring over 19,390.36 Kanals approved on 18-03-2018.
  • NOC: Initially issued on 22-07-2011. Revised NOC issued on 01-06-2020.



  • Location: Sector E-18 (specified area)
  • Area: 1748 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 1386
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 16-04-2004
  • NOC: NOC for development issued on 09-12-2010. 

(Sponsors of the scheme shall obtain formal NOC from concerned Local Development Agency)

Gulshan-e-Sehat is currently a developmental and investment project that has not initiated any construction. This project is in its very initial phases that is ideal for people who are looking for a long-term investment opportunity. 

CDA has provided approved NOCs for this housing society, however, further development and related NOCs will be issued later. 


Islamabad Gardens



  • Location: Sector E-11
  • Area: 811.50 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 662
  • Layout Plan: The layout Plan was approved on 10-06-2005. The completion plan was withdrawn.
  • NOC: Issued on 23-08-2005


Islamabad Gardens is a project of MPCHS located in Sector E-11, Islamabad.  It is a beautifully developed housing project located in Islamabad. The area has a beautiful view of Margalla Hills in its backdrop and has a large number of houses developed in the area. 


Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-I

  • Location: Sectors G-15/ F-15
  • Area: 3480 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 2516
  • Layout Plan: The layout Plan was approved on 25-04-2002. Action is being taken in the scheme area for the removal of unauthorized buildings.
  • NOC: Issued on 13-05-2004.

Khayaban- e -Kashmir is another one of the very popular investment projects and housing schemes that have been approved by the CDA. Development in Phase 1 is currently in process, however other phases are still pending approval. 


Soan Gardens


Soan Garden is one of the approved housing societies in islamabad


  • Location: Mouza Lohi Bher, Islamabad Highway
  • Area: 2985 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 2401
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 15-06-1994
  • NOC: NOC issued on 09-08-2004 


Soan Gardens is one of the very popular housing schemes in Islamabad. It is a fully-developed area that spans over an area of about 2900 Kanals. 

Soan Gardens is directly accessible from Islamabad Expressway and is near PWD, which is another housing and commercial space in the city. Because of its convenience, it is a popular choice for people to build their homes and invest plots in. 

However, there have been problems with commercial real estate development in Soan Garden, and the approval is up for renewal by CDA which is still pending. 


Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society


list of cda approved housing societies in islamabad


  • Location: Sector G-16
  • Area: 1630 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 1279
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 23-05-2005
  • NOC: No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued on 07-10-2010 is intact as per Court Order dated 11-11-2017 extended on 16-02-2018. (As intimated by Planning Wing CDA vide their letter No. CDA/PLW-HS(90)Revised LOP/2018/653 dated October 30, 2019)


The MIECHS is a CDA approved housing project that is located in Sector G-16. It has a wide area and is developing at a fast pace. Given its location and reputation, a housing project is a safe option for people who are looking to invest and construct houses. 


Multi Gardens, Phase-I


MPCHS - CDA approved housing
  • Location: Sectors A-17, B-17 & B-18
  • Area: 7673 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 4670
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 27-09-2006
  • NOC: Issued on 30-01-2008


The Multi-Gardens project is very popular in sector B-17 that has developed at a very fast pace. It has a very organised town plan and is paved with green belts, a zoo, a mall, and houses. This project is CDA approved and is one of the very popular options that investors are going for. 


Naval Anchorage


Naval anchorage - islamabad housing societies list


  • Location: Mouza Sihala Khurd and Gangota Off Islamabad Highway, Japan Road
  • Area: 3702.70 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 1339   View Details
  • Layout Plan: Initially approved on 21-07-2005, Revised LOP approved on 27-02-2020
  • NOC: Issued on 28-05-2020


Naval Anchorage is a housing project that is developed by Pakistan Navy, and it is a CDA approved project with a vast area of land that offers 1 Kanal, 14 Marla and 5 Marla Houses and Plots. It is developing at a very fast pace and is accessible through its own intersection at Islamabad Expressway.

Plans for extending the Naval Anchorage Housing scheme in surrounding land are in action, and currently seeking approval. 


OPF Housing Scheme

  • Location: Mouza Ladhyot, Herdogehr, Pind Malkan, Japan Road
  • Area: 4683 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 2246   View Details
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 17-04-2002
  • NOC: Issued on 08-10-2011


OPF Housing project is a housing scheme that is located in ICT Zone-5 and is a planned project that is approved by CDA. 

The housing scheme is developing at a fast pace with houses being constructed rapidly across the area. The housing scheme is easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi hence is a great opportunity for investors and home buyers alike. 


Margalla View Housing Scheme

  • Location: Sector D-17
  • Area: 1912.02 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 1578   View Details
  • Layout Plan: Revised Layout Plan of the Scheme has been approved by the competent Authority on 31-12-2020, subject to fulfillment of terms & conditions mentioned in the Layout Plan approval letter No. CDA/PLW-HS(90)/2010-A/Vol-IV/04, dated January 01, 2021
  • NOC: Initially issued on 14-06-2002. Revised NOC is yet to be obtained by the sponsors of the scheme

Margalla View Housing Scheme (MVHS) was initially approved in 1995, with all NOCs clear from CDA.

The total residential plots in the area amount to 1118, with over 2000 Kanals. The remaining land around is planned as commercial space and the development since its initiation has been drastic. 


Senate Avenue

  • Location: Mouza Herdogher, Gagri, Dharwala, Khartil and Paeja Off Japan Road
  • Area: 680 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 569
  • Layout Plan: Approved on 21-02-2009
  • NOC: Issued vide letter # CDA/PLW-HS(RP)2(875)/2005/Vol-V/529 dated 12-11-2021

Senate Avenue is a very popular housing project that has been approved by CDA. It was first launched in the year 2002, and the plots were allotted to Senate employed on cash payment.

However, now they are open to the general public as well, and due to their location, they are a very competitive and popular housing scheme. If you want to invest in location and a safe option, Senate Avenue is a good choice. 


Zara Housing

  • Zone: V
  • Location: Mouza Humak and Bhangrial Khurd, G.T. Road.
  • Area: 1516.70 Kanals
  • Residential Plots: 1419
  • Layout Plan: Initially approved on 05-07-2005. Revised/Extended/Amended/As-Built Layout Plan of Zaraj housing scheme sponsored by M/s Zaraj Group (Pvt) Ltd. is approved by competent Authority on 13-07-2020
  • NOC: NOC issued on 10-11-2005

Zara housing is a CDA approved housing area that is currently under development. It is in its investment phase, and if you are an investor, it is a great opportunity to invest in and get a profit off it in the coming years. 


DHA Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Many people confuse CDA approval for DHA. The fact is that Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad does not require any approval or NOC because it is itself a development authority. Therefore these are also safe investment options.

This compilation of CDA approved housing societies will not only assist you to make the right decision but will also keep you safe from any illegal developments that will lead you to lose your money. 

If you’re looking for more information about housing societies and their approval status, you can reach out to CDA contact number through their official website.

Or, you can also find out more information and investment opportunities by following Graana blog.

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