NTDC to lay transmission lines after securing Rs6.4bn

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LAHORE: The National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) has announced its plan to establish a 220/132-kilovolt sub-station and lay allied transmission lines after successfully securing Rs6.4 billion from a consortium of banks.

The initiative is set to add 956 megawatts of clean energy transmitted from 19 wind power plants located at the Jhimpir wind corridor to the existing system of wind energy, informed NTDC spokesman.

He further explained that prior to this, such projects were funded by government-guaranteed loans. However, securing the loan in this manner has unlocked new channels of investments.

He expressed his hope on paving the way to secure further loans and funds for the upcoming transmission line projects.

The Jhimpir-II project has a worth of Rs10.75 billion, while financing required by the authority amounted to Rs6.4 billion.

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