Success of Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2022

Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo

Dubai’s much anticipated Expo started in full swing in October 2021 and has since been under the spotlight across the world for its vogue and exciting atmosphere.

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Dubai Expo shares unique ideas, vibrant cultures, and social values from across the globe. Thus, making it a major event that showcases grandeur and diversity, attracting people from all over the world.
Amongst the word-class arrangements at Dubai Expo, Pakistan Pavilion itself is a feat of architecture that displays an array of the country’s brilliant culture and traditions., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a detailed overview of the Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2022.


Pakistan Pavilion Wins ‘Best Pavilion Exterior Design’ Award at Dubai Expo 2022


Pakistan Pavilion lighted up in colourful lights at Dubai Expo 22


Pakistan Pavilion comprises a creative display designed, carefully in line with the exhibition’s theme. The Pavilion offers a vibrant and colour-changing facade made with angled glass panels that are arranged seamlessly, making the design futuristic and innovative.

Because of its extraordinary design and creativity, the Pavilion has won the silver award for ‘Best Pavilion Exterior Design’ at Dubai Expo 2022.

Pakistan Pavilion’s modern and sleek architecture was designed by Rashid Rana – a powerhouse of creativity, and Shahid Abdullah – a master of exterior architecture in Pakistan. The two creative geniuses designed this striking facade with just enough ‘wow factor, giving it an extravagant finish.

The design is a fascinating representation of the multifaceted sides of Pakistan, depicting the changing seasons, regions and cultures of the country.


A Captivating and Multi-Sensory Experience

After soaking in the beauty of the Pavilion’s majestic exterior, the first thing you’ll notice upon entering is a captivating multi-sensory experience that awaits you. This is brilliantly designed to give you just the right amount of multi-sensory adventure to gauge your attention.

The interior sets the theme for Pakistan’s history and cultural diversity. This diversity is displayed with traditional elements and natural attractions showcased in unique and interesting ways. Spending a day here is a complete experience that brings you infotainment, music, food, and the essence of Pakistani culture.


Highlights of Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2022

The Pavilion has gathered a lot of attention from visitors since its inauguration and has since been one of the busiest spots at the Expo site.

Pakistan Pavilion is divided into eight main areas, all serving the same goal; enhancing the experience of visitors in their journey to learn about Pakistan and its hidden treasures.

You can find a wide variety of activities there that give you a taste of Pakistan’s rich culture. Some prominent features that you can explore are:

  • A display of the country’s famous natural resources
  • Pakistan’s agricultural and industrial progress over the past decades
  • Groundbreaking achievements made by the efforts of women and youth in Pakistan
  • The country’s focused efforts towards the enhancement of sustainability to prevent climate change
  • Pakistan’s stunning landscapes and tourist destinations are famous across the world
  • History and culture of age-old civilizations that resided in Pakistan since early ages
  • Vibrant and intricate handicrafts showcase the detailed skill of artistry in the people of the country.
  • Traditional and regional dishes of Pakistan as well as local street food, give you a true taste of Pakistani cuisine.
  • Pakistan’s traditional marketplace(a bazaar), paved with small stalls and shops of local products and jewellery
  • Live musical performances featuring traditional musical instruments and regional music.


A Plethora of Traditional Insights and Cultural Heritage


Dubai Expo 22


The Pakistan Pavilion showcased awe-inspiring details of Pakistan’s rich history, with the cultural display of some regions dating back thousands of years ago.

Apart from the country’s textiles, handicrafts, and jewellery, the Pavilion also displayed carved salt displays.
The Pavilion brilliantly captured the essence of Pakistan’s heritage, enjoining the vision of past, present, and future that sets a new perspective for Pakistan.


Pakistani Cuisine at ‘The Dhaaba’, Souvenir Shop, and Other Attractions

Food plays an important role in experiencing any country’s culture and traditions. For this purpose, Pakistan Pavilion served some of the most famous Pakistani cuisines and scrumptious food items at ‘The Dhaaba’, bringing visitors an authentic taste of the country.

The Dhaaba featured original Pakistani specialities that were prepared with traditional methods and spices. The cuisine helped in putting forward a true representation of the country in terms of culinary culture.

Moreover, the Pavilion also enclosed a souvenir shop that offered multiple arts and craft products, exhibiting the country’s unique artistry and skills. Pakistan Pavilion served as a complete experience in terms of food, souvenirs, and exhibition of cultural heritage.


Pakistan Pavilion Achieves Milestone by Hosting 1 Million Visitors

With an extravagant array of cultural items and remarkable exhibits, Pakistan Pavilion received massive praise for its creativity at the Dubai Expo.
The place received an overwhelming response from more than 1 million visitors. Moreover,  the pavilion received appreciation by both international and national critiques.

“After a successful five months at Expo 2020, we are happy to celebrate our 1 million visitors milestone last week,” Pakistan Pavilion announced on their official Instagram handle with a celebratory post.

The Pavilion not only served as a cultural array of the country’s best-kept treasures, but also remained a prominent venue for all high-profile events including concerts and technological developments.

This modern representation took Pakistan’s name on a global platform, making a mark on an international level. Additionally, the Pavilion represented a positive image of the country’s true potential amongst international visitors.


Who Else Participated in Dubai Expo 2022?


Dubai Expo 2022


A total of 192 countries participated in Dubai’s most happening international event to date – Dubai Expo 2022.

The Expo gave an ode to the rising danger of climate change and global warming – phenomena rooted in human activities and the adverse effects of technology. In line with this, the Expo themed its Pavilions after multiple causes.
These causes include sustainability, eco-friendly alternatives, and energy-efficient technological innovations.

The Expo was held in a grand circular area, almost twice the size of Monaco, and served as the ultimate event that attracted investors and tourists from across the world.

Apart from this, its vast space swayed with unique experiences at each Pavilion. In which, the Expo offered a diverse range of activities. These activities focused on futuristic technological ideas that served as a key highlight of this mega event.


The Massive Success of the Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2022

The extravagant mega show bid farewell on March 31st, leaving a multi-billion dollar profit to Dubai. Not only this, but it also left with immense expectations already built-up for the next host to fill in.

Given Dubai’s efforts to create a dedicated site for the expo which was purpose-built specifically for the cause, there is a lot of anticipation on part of future hosts to welcome countries in a similar manner.

Pakistan Pavilion contributed over a million visits to the total 23 million visits to the Expo. Despite the pandemic, there was no compromise on the quality and extravagance of the event.

Along with bagging an award for the best exterior, and serving authentic Pakistani cuisine it also offered unique souvenirs. Pakistan Pavilion was a massive success among visitors, as evident from the long queues to explore this site.

Dubai Expo 2022 not only managed to unite the diverse cultures of all the countries in the world, but also played a key role in developing new perspectives for people to see the world in a different light.

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