A Vision for Real Estate: How IMARAT Group is Reshaping the Industry

Pakistan’s real estate industry is transforming conventional practices through digitisation and international investments, thanks to the IMARAT Group of Companies. IMARAT came into the real estate sector with the vision to transform the real estate sector and change the future of the industry that will last for years to come. 

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In this article, Graana.com gives an extensive overview of the path that this company is taking to revamp the real estate sector. 


Envisioning a Transparent Real Estate Sector

IMARAT is built on the sole principles of Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Drive. Adhering to these principles is what makes the foundation of this group not only strong but also sparks the innovation and discipline that is crucial to reshaping the future of this industry. 

With this vision, IMARAT  has brought back the confidence of overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan. All commercial and residential projects require clarity and security to endow trust in potential investors; only then the project can succeed. 

With the digitization of records, transparent and efficient delivery of projects, it is safe to say that IMARAT has played a significant role in encouraging overseas investors to invest in the country. Currently, IMARAT Group is operating all across Pakistan and has also expanded internationally, with offices in UK and Dubai. 


OADD for Transparency in the Industry 

Fraudulent schemes and societies have affected a lot of investors in Pakistan. To avoid such scams and assist people in making the right choice, IMARAT believes in the OADD systemization that clears any doubts that investors and buyers may have. 


IMARAT Group believes in verifying the ownership of any land or property before adding it to their platform. This ownership saves a lot of customers from wasting their money fraudulently on property that is not transferred to them. 

Besides this, the system of checking NOCs and approvals of housing schemes is a must for properties and housing that is uploaded with IMARAT Group. 


Moving on to the next step, Demand is important before actually deciding on getting a property. IMARAT Group believes in guiding people to make the right choice at the right time. Checking the demand of a project is crucial, as it will directly affect the value of the property and the profit that it generates.


While IMARAT works on verifying properties to give the best to its customers, the group takes pride in promising and delivering its projects exactly as per promise. This not only embarks trust for their name in customers but has also led IMARAT Group to be a trusted group that has transformed the real estate industry.  


Graana.com – Pakistan’s Very First and Authentic Online Real Estate Marketplace

Graana.com comes under the umbrella of IMARAT Group of Companies and has, since its launch, simplified consumer experience when it comes to the real estate market. Graana.com provides a complete and transparent marketplace that assists buyers and sellers to find ideal properties that are not only authentic but also a good opportunity to go for. This online platform is the ideal place to put your properties up for rent, find properties for rent, buy and sell your properties. 


Agency 21 International

Agency21 International caters to the growing needs of authentic property transactions in the real estate marketplace. This agency was launched keeping the need for transparent property transactions in mind. 

This comes under the belt of IMARAT Group, set in the year 2016, this agency came into the industry with a vision to reshape the real estate dealings. It offers broker services by keeping the best of interest of both parties involved in a deal, besides assisting in the legal proceedings for the transaction. 


Agency 21 has a team of trained professionals who have a thorough knowledge of areas and property trends, ultimately guiding you with the best property options so you can make an informed choice. 

This company aims to be the first premium national real estate brand in Pakistan and has already started operations in twin cities.


PropSure – Digitized Data Bank

PropSure is a digital revolution for the real estate industry to verify the authentication of properties across Pakistan. With this platform, buyers can easily check the ownership of a property they potentially want to buy. This digital verification of properties helps incorporate clarity in the real estate industry through a check and balance system.


IMARAT Group’s Practices – Construction Waste Management

Construction Waste is a massive issue that is keeping the real estate industry at par with developing and adapting new and sustainable ways. This neglected issue can be resolved only by incorporating the approach of 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse). IMARAT Group implies sustainable practices in their construction to contribute minimal waste and conserve the environment. 

Sustainable Construction not only reduces pollution but also redeems the additional waste that will be saved from going into landfills. Reusing and recycling is a great way to save cost, and the only way to move forward now that sustainability is the key to the future of real estate, all around the world. 


Introducing Five-Star Hospitality Services in Pakistan

Pakistan has vast potential in the tourism industry, yet has long suffered the lack of five-star, state-of-the-art hospitality services. This is due to the neglect that affected keeping up with international standards. 


However, IMARAT is reshaping hospitality in Pakistan by bringing in Five-Star hospitality services under their collaboration. This will be a helping hand to accommodate foreign tourists who come here and want to relax in a hospitable environment. 


Recognising Pakistan’s booming potential in Tourism, IMARAT Group joined hands with Marriot International to bring two of their luxury hospitality brands to Pakistan. These brands are Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn, which IMARAT will construct keeping international standards and quality in view. 


IMARAT Group brings International Giants to Invest in Pakistan Real Estate

Chairman IMARAT Group, Shafiq Akbar, after the successful setup of multiple companies in Pakistan, has brought in Turkish giants to invest in Pakistan’s real estate. 

After a successful grand event in Islamabad, President and Chairman of ADO Group and ADOPEN, Mustafa SAK, showed interest to invest in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

Given the past years where real estate fluctuated, this is a huge step in the right direction that will transform the industry.



IMARAT Group – Mega Projects in Commercial and Residencial Real Estate


IMARAT Group has successfully delivered premium projects in the commercial and residential sectors of the industry. From hotels to malls, to apartments, a wide variety of projects has brought in a lot of development and efficiency for real estate in Pakistan.


IMARAT Builders Mall

IMARAT Builders Mall is a megaproject that is dedicated to fulfilling your building material, fixtures and construction, needs, all in one place. This innovative concept of bringing luxury and comfort under one roof is Pakistan’s very first, and one-of-a-kind mall. 

The mall will be constructed as a five-storey building that consists of various brands that offer building materials that cater to construction projects of all kinds. 


The mall comprises a range of lighting and fixtures that feature luxury options to reasonable items that you can choose accordingly as per your demand. 


Besides this, sanitary fittings and kitchen accessories are also a part of this mall. Everything from flooring to furniture to accessories, this project is a complete one-stop shop if you’re building a home, an office, or any other construction project. 


IMARAT Builders Mall is a unique project that not only offers convenience but also a variety of options that makes it easy for you to choose the best for your construction needs. 



IMARAT Residences

IMARAT’s vision for vertical landscaping in the country is not only sustainable but also affordable given the rising economical fluctuations. IMARAT Residence is a luxury apartment project that offers a contemporary lifestyle that is ideal for people who want to enjoy the finer things in life. 

This apartment complex is not only limited to residential units but will also feature a budding business space. IMARAT Residences is an amalgamation of the finest living standards. It is one of the most-awaited up and coming projects that will redefine smart living in Pakistan. 


Golf Floras

Golf floras is IMARAT Group’s luxury apartment projects that are located just beside Bahria Golf course, which is a scenic state-of-the-art golf course. These golf-facing apartments give you just the scenic view from your home that you need. 


The best thing about investing in these apartments are the mesmerizing views of the green grass layout that you can see at all times. 


Golf Floras is located just between the twin cities, which is one of the most convenient localities given that it offers easy access to both cities. It is located in Bahria Town Phase-8 and is easily accessible via Bahria Expressway which is at the distance of just a 5-minute drive away from the GT Road. 


Amazon Outlet Mall

Amazon Outlet Mall is one of the finest additions to commercial real estate of the twin cities. It is a luxury mall that features all high-end brands in one place, along with unique places. Amazon restaurant in the Amazon Mall is an Amazon rainforest-themed restaurant that perfectly sets the aesthetic for people who love nature.

Besides this, the mall also features a designated floor for children’s recreational activities and rides as well as a food court that comprises the best food chains from across the country. 

One of the best things about the Amazon Mall is that it features a rooftop restaurant that perfectly captures the daylight scenes and night views of the city life around. Not only is it a refreshing environment, but also a beautiful view with quality food that you’re sure to fall for. 


G-11 Hotel

The G-11 Hotel is located in sector G-11 and is currently an investment project that is under the works. This project is at its prime time for investors who want a handsome monthly return in the coming years. 


The hotel features luxury accommodation, restaurants, pools and amenities that will attract visitors and tourists from all across the country. This hotel will feature 4-star hotel services in Islamabad.


Florence Galleria

Florence Galleria is the first-ever luxury boutique mall located amid the twin cities. IMARAT Group has initiated this project with a renaissance aesthetic in mind that will feature architectural mastery in its exterior. This project is designated to be built in DHA 2 and will have access from the main GT Road. 


This building will not only feature shopping brands, but also a four-star hotel that imparts luxury renaissance in its services. It is a classic take for commercial projects in Pakistan and will be one of the leading hotels that offer luxury accommodation.


Besides shopping and accommodation, Florence Galleria will feature a state-of-the-art wellbeing centre that will assist in relaxation and rejuvenation that also feature specialized health clinics. These health clinics will offer health facilities ranging from dentistry, hair transplant, dermatology, nutritional consultation etc for your fitness needs. 


Florence Galleria is a CDA-approved luxury project, that is currently under construction and is a great opportunity for investors. 

Mall of Arabia


Mall of Arabia is a project by IMARAT Group that will feature the aesthetic of the world’s most dynamic malls. It will ideally be located at Faisal Avenue, which is the most prominent area of Islamabad. This mall is yet to be the avant-garde that will feature innovative digital interaction and a media facade that will assist brands in revolutionising customer experiences. 



Given the need for the scrutiny that is important in the real estate industry for making the right investment, IMARAT Group has played a significant role in revolutionizing the aspect of real estate transparency that is crucial for the development of this sector.


If you’re looking for more information about IMARAT Group of companies and other companies under its belt that is reshaping the real estate sector of Pakistan, follow our blog at Graana.com to stay updated. 

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