Pakistan’s First BS in Real Estate Management course kicks off

Redefining the real estate academia, Pakistan’s First BS in Real Estate Management course introduced by, in collaboration with the University of Central Punjab (UCP), kicks off.

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The objective of the four-year formal education degree is to specialise the attendees in all phases of the real estate cycle – from conceptualising, initiating, and analysing to negotiating, financing, and closing the transaction and property sales and marketing. It further guarantees to nurture the youth by instilling a comprehensive knowledge and developing practical Real Estate business skill set, promoting Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Employment.

“Encouraging the youth to explore and benefit from this opportunity, promises jobs to the graduates of BS Real Estate Management from UCP,” it was announced.

While commenting on this, CEO Mr. Shafiq Akbar, said, “Ever since we started, the vision to transform the real estate sector of Pakistan has been the catalyst behind our hard work and dedicated efforts. The successful completion of Pakistan’s first BS in Real Estate Management course aligns perfectly with our vision and will lay the foundation for its accomplishment. My enduring gratitude goes out to UCP for collaborating with us to achieve this vision.”

“The second-largest sector of Pakistan’s economy – real estate and construction industry is acting as the growth stimulator of the economy. This course aims to extract maximum potential and reshape the real estate landscape by enhancing the knowledge and training professionals in attendance accordingly,” said Group Director Mr. Farhan Javed.

After thorough deliberation with Vice-Chancellor Rear Admiral (R) Dr. Nassar Ikram, HI(M), the degree was introduced. While commenting on achieving this milestone, he said, “The course will turn over a new leaf in the real estate sector, as it will provide substantial professional human capital.”

The attendees will be subjected to analysing financial and real estate markets and gain a greater understanding of how financial institutions and property markets operate, enabling them to identify the existing loopholes in the real estate sector, further address it through an academic approach.

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