PM Imran Khan inaugurates ‘The Al-Beruni Radius’ Heritage Trail at Nandana Fort

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated ‘The Al-Beruni Radius’ Heritage Trail at Nandana Fort which is one of the most famous forts in Pakistan you need to visit, located in the Jhelum district.

The project is aimed at promoting tourism and preservation of historical sites and national heritage, under the National Tourism Strategy 2020-30, will provide access to 6 more sites namely the Nandana Fort including Nandana Temple, Shiva Temple of Katas Raj, Khewra Salt Mines, Malot Fort and Takht-i-Baburi, making it easier for the tourists to visit these places in one go.

The importance of the historical trail dates back to the 11th century when the correct circumference of the Earth was measured by the renowned Muslim scholar Abu Rehan Al-Biruni during his stay at the fort.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Mr. Fawad Chaudhry, Chairman of the National Tourism Coordination Board Mr. Zulfiqar Bukhari, Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Usman Buzdar MPA Ms. Sabrina Javed, MNA and Founder of Green Initiative Ms. Javaria Zafar Aheer, and IG Punjab Inam Ghani.

In addition, the PM will also inaugurate two national parks under the six protected areas, including Tilla Jogian National Park and Salt Range National Park.


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