Pros and Cons of High Ceilings

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Have you ever entered a room and felt as if it had a cathedral-like appearance? The reason for this could be because of the room’s high ceiling, reminiscent of the elevated ceilings of old cathedrals. Such rooms typically receive an abundance of light, which make them appear more spacious and impressive.

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Floor-to-ceiling glass windows also contribute to the grandeur of the room, providing extensive outside views. However, loud noises can also reverberate ten times greater in a room with high ceilings.

There are several more advantages and disadvantages of having high ceilings. lists them all below to help you decide whether you should opt for them.



High ceilings are a prominent aspect of any room, usually featuring beautiful craftsmanship and design. The following are some of the major benefits of having high ceilings:


Aesthetically Appealing

High ceilings have a striking look that cannot be disputed. In French and Spanish architecture, in particular, high ceilings were commonly used to give an impression of grandeur. There are tons of house ceiling designs in Pakistan that can make your space look amazing.


Makes the Room More Spacious

A room with high ceilings immediately gives off the impression of being larger than it actually is. In newly-constructed homes, a 9-foot ceiling is generally common. This gives extra space to play around with in terms of décor, like picture walls, skylights, chandeliers, exposed beams etc.

Visually enjoying excess space also makes the room feel more luxurious. In contrast, rooms with standard or low ceilings can feel rather dark and cramped.


Brings in Natural Light


Picture showing a room with high ceilings


High ceilings also make a room look more open and airy, especially because it is well-lit. The larger windows contribute to the ambience of the space by providing extensive outside views.

These allow natural light and fresh air to fill the space. You can also invest in window furniture to enhance the room’s appearance. 


Flexibility to Try Different Ceiling Styles

High ceilings do not limit you to the regular flat design; you have the opportunity to incorporate a distinctive style as per your preferences. These can include coffered ceilings, vaulted ceilings, tray ceilings etc. – anything that you feel sets the tone for your space.


Appreciated Home Value

Before & After: Contemporary High Ceiling Living Room - Decorilla


Homes that have high ceilings are most likely to have higher resale value, which ultimately attracts many investors. Research also shows that properties with high ceilings tend to get better offers from potential homebuyers.



However, there are also some drawbacks of having high ceilings, as described below.


High Maintenance and Cleaning

High ceilings generally allow more dust to settle inside the house. This can be hard to clean and maintain regularly, especially because of the extra height. Calling in professionals to do so can get costly over time. 


Heating and Cooling

With more space, it takes more energy to circulate hot or cool air inside the building. This can result in high utility bills. 

However, you can reduce the bills if you use energy-efficient windows. These do not let the heat escape during winter, keeping the room warm. Similarly, during summer, these windows let in the outside air to balance the overall temperature.


High Noise

As sound travels faster through open spaces, rooms with such ceilings tend to be much noisier. In some spaces, there may even be an echo, which can cause a disturbance.

To reduce this noise, homeowners can use rugs, carpets, curtains, cushions, and throws – however, this can cost a lot of money.


Building Cost

Standard ceilings cost less to build as compared to high ceilings as the latter require more materials for construction. 


Are High Ceilings Good Enough to Be Used?

Although high ceilings add a touch of elegance to a space, maintaining and cleaning them can be quite a laborious process. Furthermore, they are a more pricey addition to your home as opposed to standard ceilings.

On the other hand, one of the key benefits of these ceilings is that they increase the value of the property. Plus, who wouldn’t want to make a nice first impression on their friends and neighbours when they come over for a housewarming party?

Thus, based on your personal preferences, you can either use these ceilings or standard-sized ceilings as both come with their own set of benefits.

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