PTA bans SMS marketing of illegal housing societies in Lahore

pta 2

LAHORE: SMS marketing of illegal housing schemes located in Lahore has been banned by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

As per the letter written by PTA’s Director Numbering, the mobile phone operators were directed to stop providing SMS facilities to the illegal housing schemes in Lahore. Moreover, they were given instructions to not allow SMS marketing in future to these illegal societies.

Furthermore, the letter stated that these societies are completely banned to advertise in electronic and print media. CMOs were asked to ban the SMS marketing of illegal housing schemes in Lahore as per the orders of the Honorable Lahore High Court. Mobile phone operators are obliged to submit an implementation report to PTA by 12th of April.
According to the reports, PTA also submitted the list of 173 under-process housing societies and 254 illegal housing schemes that are located in the district of Lahore.

CMOs were asked by PTA to block the SMS marketing services of the aforementioned societies on an immediate basis. Also they were instructed to not extend these services in the future to any illegal housing scheme in Lahore. Moreover, for a complete list of CDA approved housing societies visit