Radio frequency vehicle registration plates to be introduced in the Capital

ISLAMABAD: To counter terrorist-related activities, overcome auto-theft and implement international standards, the Interior Ministry approved the plan of Islamabad Excise Department and the Islamabad Safe City Project to introduce radio frequency identification (RFID) vehicle registration plates in the Capital.

Along with tracing defaulters, this initiative will help increase revenue collections.

The decision to adopt the international standards by introducing RFID registration plates as an alternate solution came after there were complications in adopting uniform registration plates in the country.

For each province to have access to the centralised data, the Interior Ministry and the Excise Department have also been working on the centralisation of the database of registration numbers.

Excise Department Director Bilal Azam said that RFID would be introduced as a third number plate, a technology being used worldwide, will be installed on the front windscreen of vehicles.

The technology will help the authorities to trace a vehicle’s exact location in case of theft/snatching. If RFID is removed from a vehicle, it would signify the police and officials of the Safe City control room to identify such vehicles that are suspected of being stolen or having fake or duplicate plates, he further added.

As the defaulters will be traced through this system, it will improve revenue collection.

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