Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Registration in Pakistan

Vehicle registration in Pakistan can be a long, complex process as it entails the submission of several vital documents and transaction charges. Some people choose to outsource this task to agents, but they usually charge a high commission for it.

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In this blog, Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has covered everything you need to know about registration requirements in different scenarios for your ease. 


Requirements for the Registration of Locally Manufactured Vehicles

The registration of a locally manufactured vehicle differs from imported vehicles. The documents required are as follows:

  • Original sales invoice of the vehicle
  • Original sales certificate of vehicle
  • Copy of owner’s NIC
  • Application for registration of the vehicle (Form-F)
  • Payment of registration fee, number plate fee, and other leviable taxes


Requirements for the Sale of Locally Manufactured Vehicles

Following are the essential documents you have to submit for the sale of locally manufactured vehicles:

  • Transfer Order (TO) form
  • Vehicle’s original sales certificate
  • Vehicle’s original sales invoice
  • Form F 
  • Copy of the buyer’s NIC
  • Copy of the seller’s NIC
  • Vehicle registration fees, number plate fees, and other leviable taxes paid
  • Documents proving that the vehicle was sold by the original buyer


Requirements for Registering Imported Vehicles in the Importer’s Name

Here is the list of all the requirements you must meet to register imported vehicles in the importer’s name:

  • Copy of the customs’ import permission
  • Form-F application for motor vehicle registration
  • Copy of the owner’s NIC
  • Duplicate copy of the Goods Declaration (GD), indicating that all taxes and tariffs have been paid.
  • Invoice copies (in case of direct purchase from manufacturer)
  • Copy of bill of lading (a document granted by a carrier to confirm the receipt of cargo for shipment)
  • Vehicle registration fees, number plate fees, and other leviable taxes that were paid


Requirements for the Sale of Unregistered Imported Vehicles

Before selling an unregistered imported vehicle, you must ensure that the following documents are with you: 

  • Form-F application for vehicle registration
  • Copy of the owner’s NIC 
  • TO form
  • Photocopy of the seller’s NIC document, proving vehicle sale by the importer 
  • Customs import permit copy
  • Copy of GD
  • Invoice copies (in case of direct purchase from manufacturer)
  • Copy of bill of lading
  • Payment of the car registration charge, the number plate fee, and any other taxes that may be applicable


Registration Fee

The following are the current rates imposed by Pakistan’s Excise and Taxation Department for vehicle registration, based on engine power.

Vehicle’s Engine PowerRegistration Rate Applied
Under 1000cc1%
Exceeding 1000cc but under 1500cc2%
Exceeding 1500cc but under 2000cc3%
Exceeding 2000cc4%


Requirements for Transfer of Ownership

When you buy or sell a vehicle, the document that proves the transfer of ownership is an important part of the process.

It also includes information about the car, such as the make, model, and year. This document has to be signed by both the seller and the buyer. 

The following documents need to be submitted to the Excise and Taxation Department:

  • Copy of the seller’s CNIC
  • Copy of the purchaser’s CNIC
  • Witnesses’ CNIC photocopies
  • Original registration file (if the vehicles are registered via the ‘File Return Scheme’)
  • Copy of the registration certificate
  • TO form
  • Original registration certificate demonstrating up-to-date payment of token tax (recommended)
  • Prescribed Application Form


Transfer Fees

When transferring vehicle ownership, there are some associated fees, which are usually a percentage of the price of the vehicle.

Transfer fees for the vehicle can vary, depending upon the category and engine capacity. General estimates for different categories of vehicles have been listed below:

Category of VehiclesTransfer Fee Applied
Motorcycle, scooter and rickshawPKR 150
Vehicle under 1000ccPKR 1200
Vehicle exceeding 1000cc but under 1800ccPKR 2000
Vehicle exceeding 1800ccPKR 3000
Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV)PKR 4000


Requirements to Obtain a Duplicate Registration Certificate

If an individual has lost or misplaced their original certificate (or if it has been destroyed), they can apply for a duplicate registration certificate. 

You will need to provide the following information and documents to your local Excise and Taxation Department:

  • FIR Report collected from a local police station
  • Copy of applicant’s CNIC
  • Original registration file, for “File Return Scheme”
  • An updated token tax certificate, for non-tie-up vehicles


How to Verify Vehicle Registration in Pakistan Online

Vehicle Registration in Pakistan

To make it easier for consumers to register their vehicles (instead of waiting in line outside the excise office), the Excise and Taxation Administration inaugurated online registration for all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, vans, wagons, trucks, buses, and industrial and commercial vehicles.

Many barriers have been removed; you can now also verify a used vehicle’s information on the internet or identify whether the car you’re about to purchase is brand new or resold multiple times.

However, this online vehicle verification is currently available for three provinces in Pakistan: Sindh, Punjab, and KPK.

Let’s look at how to verify car ownership in Pakistan online, step by step:

  1. First, you must visit the website of your local area.
  2. The website will direct you to a form ‘Vehicle Identification or Registration Number’ that you have to fill out.
  3. After submitting, you will immediately get the following results:
  • Owner’s information
  • Further details on how to register online
  • Specifications of the vehicle
  • Chassis number
  • Engine identification number
  • Enrollment year
  • Company’s name
  • Vehicle model
  • Taxes payment information
  • Engine’s capability


How to Check Vehicle Registration in Pakistan through SMS

To assist residents who are not frequent internet users, the Excise Department has introduced an offline SMS vehicle verification service to encourage users to check their vehicle registration during the process of purchasing a new or used car.

The service charge for sending the text is only 50 paisa. However, the SMS automobile verification service is only available in Punjab and Islamabad.  

Send the vehicle number to 8785 to check Punjab vehicle registration.

Send the vehicle number to 8521 to check Islamabad vehicle registration.



Vehicle registration in Pakistan was once a very hectic and time-consuming process. However, it has gotten more straightforward and time-efficient lately. For more guides on related matters, you can follow Graana.com.


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